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Creating Chandler's IT Strategic Plan


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This is the plan to create the strategic plan for the City of Chandler, Arizona (as of Oct 18, 2018)

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Creating Chandler's IT Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Creating Chandler’s IT Strategic Plan DR. TYRONE GRANDISON
  2. 2. • Twenty-six years in Information Technology • CIO, CDO, CEO, COO, CTO for a decade. • Fortune 100, Startup, Federal Government, Nonprofit • Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Change Agent, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Smart City Pioneer. Quick Introduction *More at
  3. 3. Components of a Strategic Plan 1. Vision – Developing a clear understanding of our preferred future 2. Mission – Developing a sound statement about why we exist 3. Core Values and Beliefs – Describe behaviors and ideals that are important to your organization 4. Strategic Issues – The issues that create a gap between the ideal and reality 5. Operational Plans – How are we going to achieve your vision?
  4. 4. 1. People • IT Staff, City Departments, Chandler Residents, Chandler Businesses, Vendors, External Partners. 2. Products • Administration, Applications, Infrastructure. 3. Processes • Problem resolution, procurement, service delivery, collaboration. 1. Culture • Positive values and norms co- created by IT staff and aligned with partners, vendors, and leadership. 2. Customer • Focus on delivering delightful and excellent service that makes our users’ lives better. 3. Change • Always be improving, learning, and evolving. Critical Success Factors
  5. 5. Getting to the IT Strategic Plan •Where is IT in its development RIGHT now? •Assess the Internal and External Environments S St r e n g t h s W We a k n e s s e s Internal Environment O Op p o r t u n i t ie s T T h r e a t s External Environment
  6. 6. Step 1 – In the here and now… List all strengths that exist now. Then in turn, list all weaknesses that exist now. Step 2 – What might be… List all opportunities that exist in the future. Then in turn, list all threats that exist in the future. Step 3 – Plan of action… Review our SWOT matrix with a view to creating an action plan to address each area. Step 4 – Develop Operational Plans, Monitor Actions, Evaluate Progress, and Revise the Plan! SWOT Analysis
  7. 7. • Examine Vision. • Work with IT staff to define core beliefs and values. • Identify & refine IT’s mission. “ If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.” Co-Creation Mission Our purpose Vision The impact we intend to make
  8. 8. •Identify critical strategic issues. • Our barriers and risks •Develop goals and detailed action plans for each strategic issue. • How can you maximize the forces in favor and minimize forces against? Planning & Risk Management
  9. 9. • Monitor Action Plans we have developed in response to the critical issues. • Evaluate progress of achieving the outcomes. • Revise the plan as necessary. Monitor, Evaluate, Revise
  10. 10. THANK YOU