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Chief Data Officers At Work


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Describes the work of the CDO at the Department of Commerce.

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Chief Data Officers At Work

  1. 1. The Chief Data Office at the Department of Commerce Presenter: Dr Tyrone Grandison
  2. 2. The CDO Evolution Data - shielded, hidden, unappreciated Mid-80s/Early 90s, CIO created Over the last 5 years, CDO created Gartner: 25% of large global orgs will have CDO by year end 65% of all CDOs are working in the US 50% of all companies in regulated industries will have a CDO by 2017 Experian 61% of CIOs want to hire CDOs in the next year
  3. 3. Why the Need? Data Managed as an Asset Lower Costs of Consuming and Using Data Increase Value of Data/Compe titive Advantage
  4. 4. Focus on Data CDO identifies ways in which data can be harnessed. CDO brings insight into how innovation can transform the company’s business. CDO identifies potential business opportunities.
  5. 5. The Many Hats of the CDO Steward Adviser Technologist Data Strategist Policy Manager Evangelist Business Manager Compliance Manager Risk Manager Senior Executive
  6. 6. – Anonymous “How exactly is this relevant for the Department of Commerce?”
  7. 7. America’s Data Agency 1.NOAA 2.PTO 3.CENSUS 4.BEA 5.NIST 6.ESA 7.MBDA 8.EDA 9.NTIA 10.NTIS 11.ITA 12.BIS
  8. 8. Mission of DOC CDO To empower people and business through Open Data and Transparency; both within and outside the DOC. To fundamentally change the way people and businesses interact with the DOC. To super-charge the data initiatives in the DOC's bureaus.
  9. 9. What the DOC CDO team does • we Deliver • we Consult • we Train • we Partner • we Procure
  10. 10. Data Product & Service Development & Delivery Data Consulting Data Infrastructure Guidance Opening Data, Creating APIs, Testing & Optimizing Use Data Integration, Analysis, Utilization & Visualization Client Engagement Tech Transfer and Open Sourcing What I spend my days doing