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e'spire magazine


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2nd edition, of annual Art Magazine for Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at Indiana University South Bend.

Distributed internally and externally to faculty, staff, and alumni. Also used to promote school and programs to community. Doubled in length from inaugural issue.

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e'spire magazine

  1. 1. Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts South Bend, IN P.O. Box 7111 // South Bend, IN 46634-7111 Permit No. 540 School: 574.520.4134 Box Office: 574.520.4203 ErnEstinE M. raclin school of thE arts // 2010 E-Mail: Web site: Return Service Requested born to be AMONg thE BESt Communication Studies // Music // New Media // theatre & Dance // Visual Arts Visit to sign up for our e-newsletter.
  2. 2. // AUgUSt 2010 Aspire is published annually by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, A Message from Indiana University South Bend, for our alumni, students, friends, faculty, and staff. the Dean DEAN the past year has been much like the Marvin V. Curtis, Ed.D. final line from the musical Camelot. EDItORIAl tEAM Kenneth Baierl King arthur encounters a young man Marvin V. Curtis Moira Dyczko who wants to be a knight and after a Michele Morgan-Dufour conversation sends him on his way to COPy EDItOR Kathy Borlik tell the story of the mythical kingdom. on seeing the boy run, arthur’s friend DESIgNER tiffany goehring King Pellinore inquires who the young PhOtOgRAPhy man is. arthur replies, “one of what we Michael Banks are all…less than a drop in the great blue WRItERS Karen Ackoff motion of the sunlit seas, but some of the Julie Allee Marlon Burnley drops sparkle, some do sparkle.” Jameson Cooper Kevin M. gillen Mike gonzales Crystal hill the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts has been Next academic year will have a touch more sparkle as Alec R. hosterman sparkling lately. Our year contained many innovative, the school celebrates its 20th anniversary. Along with Jacob Murphy exciting, and sparkling events from a reconstituted and an array of special guests, there will be new academic Alicia Purcell Andrea Rusnock winning debate team to trips to Washington, D.C. and concentrations in jazz studies and music technology. New Jack Walton New york City. It has been eventful. majors in dance and arts education will be created, as well as a minor in arts management. // PRODUCtION NOtES Academically, the dance minor was implemented along with the Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Renovations for the Upstage and Recital hall are in PAPER RIS 70 lb. Value Silk Arts in Music degrees. the planning stage as we look to update those venues NOtE: RIS is a Forest Stewardship for coming decades. One of the first events will be the Council (FSC) certified vendor the Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visitors was premier of Requiem for the Innocent by Jorge Muñiz and supplies paper from performed on the campus for the first time since 1987 renewable sources. on October 2 in collaboration with the South Bend as a collaboration between music and theatre. the IUSB Symphony Orchestra. PRINtINg theatre Company also presented West Side Story and Four color printing with Alice in Wonderland. As the proud dean of the Ernestine M. Raclin School of Silk Aqueous Coating. the Arts, I invite you to join us as we move forward. Our the art gallery presented five well known artists from tyPOgRAPhy students are reaching for higher heights and our faculty Cavier Dreams Regular, times New the Midwest including the illustrator C.F. Payne. Scott are leading the way as we all aspire to be those drops in Roman Regular, trade gothic Regular, McCloud discussed the changing world of cartooning the sunlit sea…and yes, some of them do sparkle. light, light Oblique, Oblique, and the media. Wingdings Regular Sincerely, Musically, the Euclid Quartet took the public schools by FRONt COVER West Side Story photograph storm with their National Endowment for the Arts grant MARVIN V. CURtIS // DEAN by Michael Banks // student program, Alexander toradze performed with the london ERNEStINE M. RAClIN SChOOl OF thE ARtS Philharmonic at lincoln Center in New york City and the South Bend Symphonic Choir sang a 90-minute Christmas concert at the White house. Copyright 2010 Ernestine M. Raclin AbAndonment School of the Arts, IU South Bend photograph by Michael Banks // student
  3. 3. 4 the Value of internships 5 arts@20.celebrate! 6 Amahl and the night Visitors 9 celebrating our achievements 9 after school arts Program // MISSION StAtEMENt 10 interview with cassandra E. nwokah the IUSB Arts Foundation supports the Ernestine 12 record Enrollment in the arts M. Raclin School of the Arts at IU South Bend by 14 ...A trip down the Rabbit Hole sponsoring or providing funds for special events and community outreach programs, with particular 16 Gallery shows Midwestern artists emphasis on educating, entertaining, and involving 17 c.f. Payne: an american illustrator young people. 18 new Dance Minor added // IUSB ARtS FOUNDAtION, INC. 19 artstor Digital image library Valerie Sabo, president June h. Edwards, vice president 20 summer in florence Joe Mancini, treasurer Beth North, secretary 22 new Music Degrees approved linda Bancroft ERNEStINE M. RAClIN SChOOl OF thE ARtS // IU SOUth BEND 22 flute festival Durleen Braasch Sondra J. Byrnes 25 lift Every Voice Marvin V. Curtis, ex-officio Robert W. Demaree Jr.* 27 Quartet scene investigators Frederick B. Ettl Judy Ferrara 29 telling Visual stories leslie gitlin Kitty gunty 32 new names & faces arts@20.celebrate Marlene hunt 36 Virginia Morrow retires Chris Kelly Alice A. Martin* 37 renovation abounds Sharon Mcleod Sara Miller 38 the art of collaboration Ernestine M. Raclin 40 West Side Story Celebrate 20 years of the arts at IU South Bend with guest artists Randolph Rompola Stephanie Schurz 42 speech night presenting concerts, lectures, workshops, critiques, and master- Peggy Soderberg Joyce F. Stifel 44 a Bite out of the Big apple classes in addition to our extensive performance schedule featuring Janet thompson* 48 christmas at the White house our talented students and faculty. *Emeritus Member the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts would like to thank the 50 David Barton retires IUSB Arts Foundation for their long standing service and support 52 new team speaks out to the school. their efforts make it possible for us to present contact us for an event schedule >> 574.520.4203 // special events including the 20th Anniversary Celebration, 54 Your friend, Jerry toradze Piano Institute and Showcase of the Arts, among many other projects. 55 Grant to renovate theaters If you are interested in working with the Arts Foundation on future 56 Manuscript arts & illumination projects please contact the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts office at 574.520.4314 for more information. 58 Documented star 62 alumni, student, and faculty news
  4. 4. The Value arts@20.celebrate! By Moira Dyczko of Internships the 2010-11 academic year marks the 20th anniversary of and performances, our students will gain a broader perspective of their of our society for the salvation and eternal rest of all the victims of the joining of arts programs at IU chosen field of study. these guests, terrorist acts. ...” the work joins By Mike Gonzales South Bend. In 1990 the Division along with our traditional line-up of texts in Arabic, English, greek, of Arts was created by merging the student and faculty presentations, hebrew, latin, and Spanish through “A professor once told me, ‘If you’re a Meagan thompson, who completed my internship ended and a month Communication Studies, Music, will bring our celebration full circle. the oratorio in a display of unity. 4.0 student with no experience, and internships with the South Bend before graduation. It was such a great theatre and Visual Arts programs. Collaborations will take place within Muñiz says, “It is for me an honor there’s a 3.0 student with experience, Tribune and IU South Bend’s feeling knowing that after graduation I Over the years the Division of Arts the school through productions to provide the music for the opening I’m going to go with the experience newspaper, The Preface, agrees. wouldn’t have to worry about searching grew into a School of the Arts and including A Midsummer Night’s of the 2010-11 season of the South every time,’” says Crystal hill, a former “With both of these experiences, the for a job.” in 2002 the school was named to Dream as well as within the Bend Symphony, celebrating the intern of the South Bend Tribune honor Ernestine M. Raclin. Most larger community. 20th anniversary of the Ernestine and Aspire magazine. the professor recently the Ernestine M. Raclin M. Raclin School of the Arts, as to whom she refers is Ken Klimek, “It was such a great feeling knowing that after graduation School of the Arts opened a new the feature collaboration in the well as the 45th anniversary of the associate faculty member at IU South I wouldn’t have to worry about searching for a job.” program of study - New Media. upcoming year is the world premiere music program at Indiana University Bend and former assistant managing of Requiem for the Innocent South Bend. I hope that it can bring editor of the South Bend Tribune. the arts at IU South Bend has composed by Coordinator of Music together the diverse communities most valuable thing has been that “I was in the right place at the right grown from a one faculty member Jorge Muñiz and performed by the in Northern Indiana in a celebration Outside of the classroom, one of I’ve made contacts with people inside time to become a full-time employee,” music program in 1965, to five South Bend Symphony Orchestra of life.” the best ways for students to gain my industry.” says Ernsberger. “My predecessor areas of study (Communication under the direction of Maestro experience in a career is to get an resigned at the end of July, near the Studies & Art history, Music, New tsung yeh. the piece will be Requiem for the Innocent was internship. Recent communication lacey hahn used connections made conclusion of my internship. I was Media, theatre & Dance, and Visual featured in the opening concert partially supported by Indiana studies interns say those internships during her internship to get a full-time asked to be the interim promotions Arts) that include more than 30 of the symphony’s season and will University’s New Frontiers in the are not particularly difficult to job after her internship ended. She director as they searched for a new full-time faculty members and three include baritone Ivan griffin, the Arts & humanities Program, funded find. Some students find their interned at Power 95.7, a local hip- one. Knowing that the only bad thing times that in part-time faculty. South Bend Symphonic Choir, by the Office of the President and own, while others rely on Julie hop radio station, and afterwards she that could come out of applying Indiana University South Bend administered by the Office of the Allee, the internship coordinator graduated and moved to Indianapolis. would be them telling me no, I We embark on the celebration of Chorale, South Bend Chamber Vice Provost for Research, a faculty for communication studies, to find She had little luck finding anything applied. luckily, after a long search our 20th anniversary with a special Singers, Singers from the Notre research grant by the Office of internship opportunities. in Indianapolis, but one day, while of candidates from this area, all the season of events scheduled. From Dame glee Club, and Shout for Joy the Vice Chancellor of Academic visiting Power’s website, noticed that way from Florida to D.C., I was offered guest artists who will work with our Children’s Choir. Affairs, Indiana University South IU South Bend students and alumni they were hiring. She called her former the position.” students in the classroom as well Bend, and the South Bend Amy Conroy, Corey Boyd, Crystal hill, internship supervisor for an interview, as present public performances to Muñiz wrote this piece for the Symphony Orchestra. Julia Easton, Kayla Ernsberger, lacy and she got the job. She now works in Ernsberger is now the promotions collaborations within the school and victims of terrorism by working with hahn, and Meagen thompson recently the sales department as the account director at Federated Media, where community, our 20th anniversary texts from the largest monotheistic Moira Dyczko is the production completed internships, and all agreed manager for the station. her duties include working with celebration will be focused on the religions. About the piece, Muñiz coordinator for the Ernestine M. that they gained invaluable experience current interns. growth of our talented students. says, “… this work is about belief, Raclin School of the Arts. that helped prepare them for their Some companies offer full-time through working closely with guest a common quality of mankind future careers. work to their most talented interns. “My internship proved to be really artists in workshops, masterclasses throughout history. It is a prayer like hahn, Amy Conroy, and Kayla invaluable,” she says. “It has gotten Corey Boyd, a former WNDU intern, Ernsberger also received offers for full- me where I am at today and landed me believes that his internship provided my dream career.” a better learning experience than the time positions where they interned. Mike Gonzales was the Spring 2010 Guests Barbara Degenevie, photographer chair of photography, School of the Kevin Rudynski, printmaker chair of dept. of art & design, classroom. “I feel that I learned more “As my internship came to an end, Art Institute of Chicago Anderson University with my internship than I had learned I was hoping I would receive an Aspire intern. He hopes to write for a Austin I. Collins, C.S.C., sculptor with anything here at IUSB,” says official full-time job offer from ttg tattoo magazine after graduation. professor of sculpture, University Warren Jones, pianist/vocal coach Joe Segura, printmaker Boyd. “there are many ‘real world’ (the troyer group),” says Conroy, of Notre Dame “Collaborative Pianist of the year” timerand Master Printer and head things that came up that would not be marketing assistant with the firm. “I 2010 by Musical America of Segura Publishing Company mentioned in a text book.” had spoken to the CEO a few times DAyStAR Dance Co., and he commended me on the work I Native American dance Paul Katz, cellist In addition to the real world experience was doing and had hinted that a full- Presenting “No home but the heart” professor of violincello and chamber that interns gain, networking is another time offer would come soon. I received music, New England Conservatory valuable benefit. the offer letter about a month before 4 5
  5. 5. AMAhl And The nIGhT VIsITors taking the Show on the Road By Mike Gonzales Photography by Michael Banks // student “Everyone knows the story of the Magi who follow the Eastern star that leads them to the christ child,” said alicia Purcell in her director’s note in the program for Amahl and the night Visitors. “they bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. composer Gian carlo Menotti used the painting the Adoration of the magi by hieronymus Bosch as the inspiration for the story of his opera. above all, Amahl and the night Visitors is about a miracle.” little did she know that to some members of this community, the the December 2009 performances a month of searching, Purcell found After two public performances on performance would be the miracle. of Amahl and the Night Visitors Michael Ferlic and Mikey Nolan, two December 5 at IU South Bend, the first marked the first fully staged opera 11-year-olds who had never performed of the three road performances took and the first traveling production for before, but fit the part. place at the Center for the homeless. the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts in many years. More than the cast rehearsed for eight weeks. When approached by Outreach 2,000 audience members attended For the two Amahls, this was Manager Michele Morgan-Dufour, the five performances of Amahl and especially helpful. Peter lombardo with the Center for the the Night Visitors. the cast first gave homeless was excited about bringing “the more they rehearsed,” says Purcell, the opera there. performances at IU South Bend, “the more it became second nature.” followed by free performances at the “this was a great opportunity for 200 Center for the homeless and Navarre Since this was a traveling production people to see something they’ve never and Brown Intermediate Centers. for the school, the next obstacle was seen in their lives,” he says. “Poor to figure out travel arrangements. people, homeless people, they don’t the project started with Dean Marvin twenty five people had to be have the money to come to campus. I Curtis, who chose the production. transported to each venue, as well couldn’t turn it down.” Curtis received a grant from the as sets, props, costumes, lights, and Indiana Arts Commission with the sound equipment. When it came time for the performance, agreement that there would be free lombardo was apprehensive. “I sat and public performances of this “It was quite an ordeal to get in back and looked around, scared to production. everything there,” says Purcell. death. I thought, ‘What if they don’t lecturer in Voice Alicia Purcell like it?’” he says. directed the production. “As an opera “this was a true As soon as Amahl’s mother came out singer,” she says, “I had many famous directors, so I used what I’d learned opportunity for our on stage and sang, calling her son, he looked around. “the people were from them.” students to be exposed to just enthralled,” he says, mimicking this was also a new experience for the the fine arts at its best.” the excited faces that he saw in the cast, as this was the first opera many crowd, eyes wide and a look of pure joy in his face. of them had participated in. the most // Joseph somers, difficult part of casting was finding a boy for the lead role, Amahl. After principal at Brown 6 intermediate center 77
  6. 6. Celebrating our Achievements By Michele Morgan-Dufour the close of the 2009-10 academic year brought with it the annual Arts Excellence Awards and Commencement, two important celebrations of academic achievement and excellence for the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts students and faculty. More than one third of students majoring in the arts were honored during the annual Arts Excellence Awards presentation on April 28. Dean Marvin Curtis gave certificates to 217 students who attained the Dean’s list by earning “the Center for the homeless was really performance of Amahl and the Night attentive, listening and watching as inspiring for the cast because the story Visitors. the performers captivated the performance took place.” a 3.0 grade point average for at least one semester during 2009. Scholarships in music, visual arts, communication After-school Arts Program Wins State award is about a destitute mother and child,” our students.” “later that day,” says Dennie, “we studies, and theatre were awarded to 42 students. says Purcell. “the audience just loved it, they were very attentive.” After the performance, Somers asked heard students in the hall singing in the most prestigious awards of the evening, the Arts his students what they thought of the their best opera voices, mimicking Excellence Awards, recognize students chosen by the faculty By Michele Morgan-Dufour After the performance, the cast and performance throughout the rest of the what they had heard. they weren’t for their superior scholarship, performance, or exhibition. crew talked with the center’s guests school day. making fun of it, but enjoying it. One Arts Excellence Awards were presented to Nikita Abrosimov, and let them feel the costumes and teacher e-mailed me later in the day “Every student said they enjoyed it and music; Katie Brenneman, design; Michael Bubelenyi, Students and faculty are taking the arts off campus check out the props. to tell me that her students were couldn’t wait for another performance studio practice; Jan heeren, music; Mindy hill, mass to a new generation of young musicians, actors, singing their questions to her. they “the cast and crew were very of something,” says Somers. communication; Stephanie hoops, studio practice; Joseph and artists at the Charles Black and Martin luther really understood that the story was all welcoming,” says lombardo. “they Jackmovich, writing; Scott Myers, speech communication; King Recreation Centers. During the fall and spring presented through songs.” were nice and friendly, and so happy “this was a true opportunity for our toni Raimann, visual arts; Meagen thompson, mass semesters the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the to show off the simple set and props Brown students to be exposed to the the students at Navarre weren’t the communication; Ryan Wantland, theatre; and Joseph Arts provided 10 weeks of free after-school arts they used. the guests really had a fine arts at its best,” he says. “I hope only ones that enjoyed the performance. Zapata, new media. classes to primary and intermediate school children wonderful time.” it’s the beginning of many future at both centers. programs with the university.” “the staff was really excited to have the Edward Dams Photography Prize was given to Paul “Part of the reason I like [IU South this production as well,” says Dennie. guillaume by Dams’ widow, Jeanne. Emeritus Professor the program, Campus Connection, received the 2010 Bend],” says lombardo, “is that it Just like Brown, Navarre Intermediate “they not only enjoyed watching the Robert W. Demaree Jr. funded the award in remembrance Outstanding Program Award from the Indiana Parks really works hard to make itself part of Center hosted their first opera with production, but were excited to see our of photographer Edward Dams. his 1957 photograph of a and Recreation Association at their annual meeting. the community.” Amahl. Dorene Dennie, choir director students exposed to something new tornado and its disastrous aftermath won the Pulitzer Prize. at the school, says, “this is the first the collaboration between South Bend Parks and different.” Dean Marvin Curtis presented the Dean’s Special Award and Recreation Department and the school is the “the production ended up changing to debate team coach Julie Allee in recognition of her effort brainchild of City Councilman henry Davis and “the entire student body enjoyed this performance the way these students felt about in re-establishing the school’s debate team and coaching Dean Marvin Curtis. “Councilman Davis and I talked them through a successful first season. Debate team about how the school could help in his district,” of Amahl and the night Visitors. the performers opera,” says Dennie. “It couldn't have happened without the generosity member Angela Santos received the Debate team Novice said Curtis. “the school faculty and the recreation captivated our students.” of IUSB!” Competitor Award. centers’ staff designed a program to meet the children’s needs.” lombardo offers a sentiment that On May 11 IU South Bend celebrated commencement. seems mutual among the hosts of Excitement was high as students and their families arrived Children at the two centers enjoyed singing in the next two performances were held time a local university has treated us the performance. at the Joyce Center on the University of Notre Dame campus. children’s choirs and classes in mural painting, at Brown and Navarre Intermediate to a performance of their production… Coordinator of Student Services tamea Rector and assistant dance, and theatre improvisation. the Charles Centers. Joseph Somers, the principal especially for free!” “I’m very appreciative of what [IU trisha Miller were on hand to help students and faculty with Black children’s choir performed at the city of at Brown Intermediate Center, said that “When I first heard that the production South Bend] did,” says lombardo of their regalia and keep the event running smoothly. Retiring South Bend’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at this was a first for his school, just as it was an operetta, I was very excited,” the event. “If they’re willing to do this music professor David Barton led more than 40 arts graduates the College Football hall of Fame. the 12-by-8 foot was for the Center for the homeless. says Dennie. “I also knew my work was again, we’d love it.” into commencement where they received their diplomas. mural painted by the children at the Martin luther “Our students, who have had very cut out for me. My students did not King Center was displayed at IU South Bend. The school will reprise Amahl and the Afterwards the new graduates enjoyed cake and celebrated little experience and opportunities to have an appreciation for opera because Night Visitors at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. with faculty, family, and friends. Each graduate received a Curtis is proud of what the program accomplished witness opera,” says Somers, “were they had never experienced it.” Saturday, December 4, 2010, at IU portfolio from the school in recognition of their achievement. in its first year. “Cultivating a love of the arts in amazed by this performance. the “Our students sat spellbound,” says South Bend’s Campus Auditorium. During the 2009-10 academic year 73 students received young people is an important part of what we do,” entire student body enjoyed this Dennie. “they were very quiet and their degree or special diploma. he said. 8 9
  7. 7. Interview with CaSSanDRa nWokah By Marvin Curtis Photograph by Michael Banks // student CASSANDRA E. NWOKAh was the MC: you are now an award winning before. I don’t know why I did it, MC: Who are your greatest influences? actress. how has this changed you? but I thought that getting up on a 2009 winner of the Indiana Community CN: My mother is, for sure. She is just the stage and auditioning in front of theatre league award for Best CN: that sounds so weird. If strangers would be a good test of most beautiful example of womanhood Performance by a leading Actress for anything, I am now more secure in my new store of false coolness. So, that I have ever encountered. She is grace what I want for my future and I’m my freshman year I auditioned for personified. I hope to be like her someday. her role as Esther Mills in the play driving towards it with gusto. the one play and it took me on a journey My sisters and my closest friends are also Intimate Apparel produced by the South experience with the entire group of important to me. I enjoy watching their that continues to surprise me today. Bend Civic theatre. the production actors and crew in this production the play was Crazy for You and it stories play out. In terms of celebrities, traveled to tacoma, Wash., where she was just such a perfect collaborative was my first musical. I got a part there are so many that I admire – it’s situation. I want to create art with as one of the follies girls and I was difficult to list - Dorothy Dandridge, Judy performed the role as part of the American people who are as passionate. there hooked. Some of my castmates from garland, and Ella Fitzgerald. there is Association of Community theatres were six actors in the cast and four also a load of classic and modern film that show became great friends and Festival and she won best actress. She in the crew. they were all amazing. we’re still close today. actors that I really respect. I admire is a 2009 graduate of Indiana University Everyone had a passion for the Angela Bassett, Rachel Weisz, Morgan Freeman, Judy Dench, Ian McKellan, Cate South Bend with a B.A. degree in theatre. Blanchett, Kenneth Brannagh and his work bringing Shakespeare to the world. I am Nwokah came to South Bend from Nigeria “Being in a situation where such respect for impressed by Angelina Jolie’s work as a UN as a child. her father followed his brother the work and our job as storytellers trumped ambassador. So many actors influence me, here to get an education. he later brought that I’ll have to stop or write a book. the rest of the family for a chance at the everything, taught me more about theatre than MC: tell us about the role you American dream. She went to Catholic is possible to express.” played in Intimate Apparel. school from kindergarten through eighth CN: I played Esther Mills. She is a single grade and then to Mishawaka high School. 35-year-old African-American seamstress work and an understanding of the there was always music and fun living in 1905 New york and making her She recalls creativity, storytelling and dance importance of the story. We all threw in my childhood. My parents made way to her dreams. like all plays, the all being a large part of her childhood so much into honing the show to be sure we had fun. We had dance production is a snippet of time in which a fine reflection of the playwright’s parties at our house. It was just both at home and in school. One such we experience a journey that leads to work. Being in a situation where my siblings and I as contestants recollection finds her in her first play cast change. She is such a quiet person with such respect for the work and (sometimes a cousin would sneak an indomitable spirit. her character gives as a mother lioness in a grade school music our job as storytellers trumped in there). My dad was the official strength to all the people she interacts class production based on West African folk everything, taught me more about judge so after a series of songs he with. through the course of the play you theatre than is possible to express. would award the winning dollar - it stories about Anasi the Spider. see life has been difficult for her. She loses was great! MC: how did you catch her parents and she leaves North Carolina Nwokah’s older brother and three younger the acting bug? MC: Why did you choose to start a new life. She is a survivor. No sisters have all been involved in theatre as IU South Bend? matter how she is taken advantage of, she CN: If I have to pinpoint a time, it always pulls through. I think that is really well. her mom was part of a dance troupe was probably while I was a student CN: I started at Purdue and I had to the main purpose of the show - to illustrate in Nigeria and her dad made forays into at Mishawka high School. I came come back home, but I didn’t want to that this woman who is brought down so entertainment in his younger years in radio from a Catholic school and I was stop my education. As I was exploring low can and does survive. the playwright, and television. there is a strong family very shy. I never would venture my options in the area I found that lynn Nottage, who won a Pulitzer for this to do anything different. In an Purdue had classes at IUSB and it play, has such incredible way to tell a story. history in performing. >> attempt to fool others about my made sense because I intended to go Our audiences related to the character. It’s self confidence, I faked it. I had back to Purdue but I stayed. a beautiful thing. heard about auditions the day (continued on page 12) 10 11
  8. 8. MC: What role would you most like to play and why? CN: there are several roles that I would love to 2009- 10 undertake. however, I would love most to play Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is such a challenging role, record enrollment in the aRtS the quintessential character. the tragedy of hamlet is arguably the pinnacle of character study and storytelling. While it is not a female role, I feel it could translate well (especially in modern society). It is such a powerful role and a little fun as well. By Crystal Hill A handful of women have had a go at it. I’d love to join them. MC: What are your plans? IU South Bend has attracted significantly more students over the past two years as economic pressures kept students CN: What plans? I am headed for California, but I closer to home and caused many adults to return to school. am also considering graduate programs outside of the campus had a greater than 9 percent enrollment increase the country. I love film; I would love to work in the during the spring 2010 semester over the previous year. independent film industry, yet I never want to give the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts student body up the stage. My interest and curiosity lie in film, grew by 21.5 percent, the greatest percentage increase in but stagework is in my heart. It’s where I began. undergraduate enrollment of any school on campus. MC: What advice do you have for students According to Jorge Muñiz, area coordinator of music, and Alec in theatre? hosterman, area coordinator for communication studies, the increase in students on campus has been evident. Muñiz noted CN: If this is truly where your passion lies, don’t let born to be DraMatic that the general education music courses reached enrollment it go and don’t give up. theatre exists everywhere limits, so they have opened new sections. “We have also in the world; it’s just a matter of getting involved. created new topics for the current courses, trying to increase Don’t let anyone discourage you. I thought I had the demand for music courses in non-majors,” said Muñiz. to make excuses for getting my degree in theatre, but there is so much power in not denying your the communication studies program has also expanded to passion. Just as a doctor would not give an excuse meet course demands. hosterman said, “We had to open a Prepare for the performance of a lifetime with hands-on creative for receiving a medical degree, don’t ever feel as few more public speaking sessions at the last minute.” Even experience and a faculty of practicing theatre and dance professionals. though an excuse is required for dedicating your though the public speaking course is part of the general energies to the arts. education requirements for 96 percent of all students at IU South Bend, the campus enrollment increase has affected MC: What challenges are there in being an actress the communication studies department more than just DEgREE PROgRAMS and in particular one of color? bringing new students to this class. Communication studies Bachelor of Arts in theatre 2010-11 SEASON CN: As an unknown actress, in general, there majors have multiplied. this has created “additional advising n Performance Animal Farm work for our faculty,” hosterman commented. “An increase in n Design/technical are already so many hurdles. One challenge is to Amahl and the Night Visitors the number of majors shows us that we are doing something n theatre Studies be taken seriously. Another is finding work. As The Wind in the Willows right in the classrooms and the word is getting out there.” a female actor of color, from proper makeup to Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre A Midsummer Night’s Dream limited exposure to misidentification - the difficulty the music area hired additional faculty to teach added n Performance is compounded. though strides have been made by actors and actresses of color, there is quite a sections of some courses, said Muñiz. “We just opened a n Design/technical AUDItION DAtES new piano lab with double the capacity of the previous one. 7pm Campus Auditorium, ways to go. In early film days, if you were of color Continuing this type of effort will allow us to accommodate Costume Design Northside hall and didn’t want to play the character, you didn’t an increase in the number of students, both majors and also work. And many, if not all, of those parts were Scene Design around campus.” n tuesday, August 31, 2010 demeaning. Now people of color have a voice on lighting Design n Wednesday, September 1, 2010 stage and in film, but it still is not equal. today the increase in student enrollment may be temporary or technical Design n tuesday, January 11, 2011 there are various issues concerning race that still permanent, but each area is getting ready for upcoming n Wednesday, January 12, 2011 plague the entertainment industry. Advancements semesters as usual. OFFERINg MINORS IN have led to opportunities for us today that were n theatre impossible even a decade ago. Actors and actresses Currently, the increase is showing a positive impact. According to hosterman, higher enrollment “brings more money to the n Dance of color have the responsibility to help change things for those who come next. university which can help stimulate our local economy.” Senior Crystal Hill was the fall 2009 Aspire intern. She is ERNEStINE M. RAClIN SChOOl OF thE ARtS majoring in journalism. For more information about theatre & dance at IU South Bend, visit us on the web at 12
  9. 9. Children’s Theatre Takes book – for us to hold on to our inner child. he could. Anyone who can write lunch program attend the school performances at no charge. into Wonderland. “When Alice asks, ‘was it real or a dream?’ at the end of a Trip down the Rabbit hole this story has a lot of kid in him.” the play, they answered her,” he said, “Almost half the children attending are grinning in amazement. Children’s theatre is the largest part of the scholarship program,” said outreach program at the Ernestine M. Outreach Manager Michele Morgan- One little girl from Mary Feeser By Mike Gonzales Raclin School of the Arts and IU South Dufour. “Many of the teachers tell us Elementary School, Elkhart, summed Photography by Michael Banks // student Bend. More than 8,000 children, that our liberal scholarship program up the overall reaction from the teachers, and parents attended Alice is what makes attending children’s children that attended the play. As the lights in the theatre dim and the audiences were exuberant at sounding like they were yelling. in Wonderland during two public and theatre possible for their school. she walked out of the auditorium and hundreds of children stop chattering every performance. “the kids laughed 12 school performances. It is also they are so grateful for the chance to back to her bus, she held her hands and lean forward in their seats. and enjoyed it,” said the Mad hatter, Kayla Dalton, who played Alice, a successful scholarship program, expose the children to live theatre.” up as if to signal a victory, leaned her Marlon Burnley, with the trademark faced a unique test of her acting raising funds to provide undergraduate head back and yelled, “that play was For the next 50 minutes, the children mad grin on his face, “which was the abilities. “the challenge of the scholarships to theatre and dance Jerry Sailor, who played the March so awesome.” are immersed in the world of Alice payoff for getting up early and having role is to remember everything is a students. In addition, children who hare, said the biggest kick he got out in Wonderland, the 2010 children’s no life.” surprise,” says Director Randy Colborn. qualify for the federal free and reduced of performing was seeing the kids buy theatre production from the IUSB “She had to rehearse to forget,” he theatre Company. they journey with A cast of 18 students portrayed 25 explained, “so that she could always Alice through her experiences in characters. Director Randy Colborn and be surprised.” Wonderland, laughing as she gives Assistant Director Michele Johnson chase to the white rabbit, cheering worked with the cast to prepare “Sounds like life,” said Colborn about as the characters knock toys into the them for not only the number of Alice’s constant state of wonder in this crowd during the croquet game, and performances, but also the challenge play. “Kids see everything with wonder; gasping as the Red Queen orders, “Off of being heard over the whispers and isn’t that what we should all do? that’s with their heads!” wiggling of 800 children without what Carroll wanted when he wrote the Creating “In three weeks, we squeezed in a he began the process with Director One Art Nouveau painting, Buyan the other half of creating Wonderland the stage. It was controlled by a month and a half of work,” said Andy Randy Colborn’s description of how he Island by Ivan Bilibin, motivated was designing and building the set, cable and motor, and it, along with Swisher, who works in the costume envisioned Wonderland. hickle had hickle so much that he used it as his a job placed in the hands of students the lighting and special effects, were Wonderland shop. the production crew had three complete freedom to create costumes color palette. “I enjoyed the colors in Kyle techentin and Michael Banks. As preprogrammed by the two, so that weeks to create the world of Alice in that fit that world. he began by it. they’re very muted and striking, he did with hickle, Colborn gave them the push of a button would operate it Wonderland, from costumes for 25 researching visual art to inspire him and it has a full range of colors, which his vision of Wonderland as an idea to during each performance. By Mike Gonzales characters to a stage design that and find something that would fit his is good with Alice in Wonderland start from, and from there, they were would support one continuous ideas for design. because you need the colors,” he said. free to develop the scene. In just three weeks, Wonderland came 50-minute scene. “there was a lot alive. Unlike Alice, who found it by of work in a very short amount of “Art Nouveau was the period that While designing the costumes, hickle this set was one of the biggest and falling through a rabbit hole, the time,” said Swisher. inspired me for Alice in Wonderland,” played with altering shapes and sizes most intricate sets that IU South production teams created Wonderland hickle said. Art Nouveau included a of characters and their dress, including Bend’s theatre shop has created, with hard work and cooperation. Zack hickle, a junior at IU South lot of poster art from the post-Victorian the Mad hatter’s over-sized hat and according to Banks and techentin. Bend, designed the costumes for the period, just before and after the turn of the pannier under the Queen of heart’s the crew constructed a 25-foot production. this was the first time the 20th century. skirt that created dimension on her turntable, which made it possible to he had taken on this task alone. sides, but not her front or back. change scenes without Alice vacating 14 15
  10. 10. Nubian Girl, acrylic on canvas by James C. Palmore Gallery C.F Payne . Shows Midwestern artists By Moira Dyczko the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts gallery has concluded its final season in its current location. With Arch, fabricated steel rods by Albert laVergne the upcoming renovation to the Associates Building, the gallery will be closed until the new Education and Arts Building opens. the 2009-10 exhibition season was full of artwork that represents our local and regional talent. there were multiple shows featuring student and faculty work along with an engaging selection of guest artists all hailing from the Midwest. In October 2009 “Images of Processes” opened, featuring Do Kids Have Too Much Power, Time magazine All Politics Loco, New York Times Sunday Magazine Barack FDR, Time magazine the large scale steel sculpture of Albert laVergne and the An American Illustrator mixed media paintings of James C. Palmore. laVergne and Palmore are both prominent artists in the Southwest Michigan region. they are self proclaimed explorers; constantly searching for ways to remind themselves of their connectedness to social and political interactions. By Moira Dyczko the exhibition was remarkable not only through the beauty of the art displayed but also through the sheer quantity Nationally renowned illustrator C.F. hughes noted that this exhibition, the Norman Rockwell Museum in Detail of Harmonizer, gypsom by Justin Poole of work. the gallery was bursting with a warm energy that Payne presented an exhibition at including preliminary drawing, Massachusetts, having juried and enveloped the viewer in work that spoke volumes about the Ernestine M. Raclin School of finished illustrations, and copies of lectured extensively, and having created the artists’ views on subjects of religion, race, culture, and the Arts gallery in February 2010. his published works, may be the most a 95-foot wide mural for Cincinnati environmental issues. “C.F. Payne: An American Illustrator” comprehensive of Payne’s career. Playhouse in the Park. For more than In January we welcomed Kirill Novikov and Justin Poole to featured a collection of more than 50 20 years he has taught at the college works created over a 20 year period of the exhibition allowed students and the level, currently at Columbus College of the gallery for the “two Visions Exhibition.” While this was Payne’s career. While some may not larger community the rare opportunity Art and Design where he serves as chair another painter/sculptor duo, this show was the definition know the name C.F. Payne, most have to view a substantial body of work by of the illustration department. he has of contrast to “Images of Processes.” “two Visions” was seen his work at one time or another. one of the country’s top illustrators. the also illustrated numerous children’s minimalist and expressed a more contemplative aesthetic Payne’s artwork has been featured on illustrations ranged from satirical looks books including True Heart, Brave through Novikov’s abstractions and impressionistic the covers of the Readers Digest, Time at politics, sports, and hollywood to Harriet, and Mighty Jackie written by landscapes and Poole’s delicately balanced sculpture made magazine, The New York Times Book illustrations from children’s books and Marissa Moss, The Remarkable Farkle of gypsum. Reinforcing the contemplative nature of the Review, Sports Illustrated, U.S. News covers for magazines. “A lot of my work McBride, and Micawber, written by exhibition is Poole’s focus on allowing the viewers to and World Report, Boys’ Life, MAD is inspired by current events,” Payne actor John lithgow, and Phil Bildner’s create their own narratives for his art through their magazine, and der Spiegel.   said, which is made evident by his Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy, and The Many Lands, oil on canvas by Kirill Novikov individual perspectives. political illustrations, such as Barack Shot Heard ‘round the World.  Chris Payne followed that exhibition with “C.F. Payne: An In an interview with Andrew S. hughes FDR, which originally appeared in American Illustrator” in February. All three of the later of the South Bend Tribune on Feb. Time magazine and was featured in “C.F. Payne: An American Illustrator” artists live and work in Ohio. the Ernestine M. Raclin 14, 2010, Payne commented about the exhibition. was arranged by Ron Monsma, School of the Arts is pleased to be able to tap regional his solo exhibition at IU South Bend, assistant professor of visual arts, “there’s artwork in the show from 20 In addition to having his work grace painting and drawing, with funding talent to give our students a broader perspective through years ago to pretty recent. you’ll see magazine covers, his career highlights from the Ernestine M. Raclin School of access to such gifted artists. a real cross section and perhaps a include having displayed works at the Arts Endowment Fund. With eyes toward the future, we look forward to seeing what little of the evolution of an illustrator.” many well known galleries including great artists will exhibit in the new gallery when it opens. 16 17