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Espire mag


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Third annual Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts magazine.

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Espire mag

  1. 1. non-Profit organization U.s. Postage PaiDErnEstinE M. raclin school of thE arts south Bend, inP.o. Box 7111 // south Bend, in 46634-7111 Permit no. 540school: 574.520.4134Box officE: 574.520.4203 ErnEstinE M. raclin school of thE arts // 2011E-Mail: artsiusb@iusb.eduWEBsitE: born to be aMong thE BEst communication studies // Music // new Media // theatre & Dance // Visual arts Visit to sign up for our e-newsletter.
  2. 2. letter Aspire is published annually by the Ernestine M. raclin school of the arts, indiana University south Bend, for our alumni, students, friends, faculty, and staff. DEan Marvin V. curtis, Ed.D. from the dean EDitor Michele Morgan-Dufour coPY EDitor Kathy Borlik// Mission statEMEnt DEsignEr tiffany goehringthe iUsB arts foundation supports the Ernestine M.raclin school of the arts at iU south Bend by sponsoring PhotograPhY Michael Banksor providing funds for special events and community WritErsoutreach programs, with particular emphasis on educating, Juliet Barrettentertaining, and involving young people. tabetha coburn-McDonald Marvin v. curtis anthony cotto sara curtis// iusB arts foundation, inc. Jessie Emmons Wow! What a year – the return of shakespeare, Jorge theatre students obtained internships for the summer at carolynn hine-Johnson Muniz’s world premiere of Requiem for the Innocent, theaters in new York, indiana, and Michigan. others spentDavid Kibbe, president Kitty gunty alec hosterman alexander toradze’s Emmy award, adolphus hailstork’s the summer studying photography in florence, while severalJune Edwards, vice president chris Kelly rebecca hovan stacie Jensen Done Made My Vow, the indigenous contemporary dance received graduate assistantships to further their education.Joe Mancini, treasurer alice a. Martin* ensemble Dancing Earth, the 14-foot red sculpture in front our pride swelled when one our graduates, Jason cytaki, alan larkinBeth north, secretary sharon Mcleod Matthew leech of the library, opera in chicago, choirs in Plymouth and completed his M.f.a. and accepted a full-time assistantlinda Bancroft cyndi Miller tami Martinez north carolina, and a host of visiting artists and lecturers professorship at the University of oklahoma.cheryl Barker sara Miller Kathleen Mcallister Brigid Mcauliffe from around the country.Pam Beam carmi Murphy* our visibility is in your hands. Aspire is just one of the Jane WangDurleen Braasch ned north Marianne Weesner let’s add to the list the largest graduating class in history many instruments that we now use to let everyone knowsondra J. Byrnes fred nwanganga alexandra Wheaton with the largest number of students receiving degrees with who we are. there are weekly e-mails and monthly e-blasts.Marvin V. curtis, ex-officio Ernestine M. raclin* Jennifer Wimble distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction. let’s our faculty presented papers at conferences, servedrobert W. Demaree Jr.* randolph rampola Jillian Woodrick also mention that 144 students made the dean’s list in the on academic and learning society committees aroundfrederick B. Ettl Valerie sabo // ProDUction notEs spring of 2010 and 156 made it in the fall of 2010. the country, and exhibited in a variety of galleries androbert frank stephanie schurz performance spaces. We updated our surroundings with aJudy ferrara Peggy soderberg PaPEr it was a year that increased our visibility through billboards, $100,000 facelift of the Upstage theater and are makingleslie gitlin Janet thompson* cover pages printed on ris 80 lb. radio spots, newspaper articles, and television underwriting. plans to renovate the recital hall. Value gloss cover. Body pages printed the year ended with our second national Endowment for on ris 70 lb. Value gloss text. the arts grant in three years, two music students accepted More than 18,000 people attended our programs in theatre, notE: ris is a forest stewardship*Emeritus Member council (fsc) certified vendor and for study the new Paltz Piano festival in new York, and visual arts, communication, new media, and music this past supplies paper from renewable sources. three vocalists accepted for study at the prestigious Ezio year. We have become a leader for arts programming while Pinza council for american singers of opera program in serving on arts organizational boards throughout the city. Printing odrezo, italy. our visibility has led to an increase in enrollment becausethe Ernestine M. raclin school of the arts would like to thank the iUsB arts four color process with satin aqueousfoundation for their long standing service and support to the school. their coating and spot UV coating on cover. of new concentrations in our music degrees and increasedefforts make it possible for us to present special events including the 20th You hold in your hands the third issue of Aspire. it was offerings in dance, communication studies, new media, andanniversary celebration, toradze Piano institute and showcase of the arts, tYPograPhY started to bring to life the three things i spoke about when i soon art education.among many other projects. Baskerville regular, italic, semibold; became dean of the Ernestine M. raclin school of the arts trade gothic lt std regular, Bold, in august of 2008: Vision, Visibility, and leadership. three the future is bright. We will host the indiana governor’s artsif you are interested in working with the arts foundation on future projects Bold no.2, oblique, light, light years later we are working our way to making good on all awards festivities, open the theater season with a productionplease contact the Ernestine M. raclin school of the arts office at oblique; Wingdings regular three pledges. of A Raisin in the Sun, and close the year with the operetta574.520.4314 for more information. H.M.S. Pinafore. our music program is preparing for an Within these pages you will see our vision to create a vibrant accreditation visit by the national association of school offront coVEr artistic school, built on academics, talent, and artistic Music in february of 2012. We aspire to educate and serveMorris Performing arts center copyright 2011 Ernestine M. raclin excellence. read about our students and faculty and their school of the arts, iU south Bend our community and invite you to come and see what we do.photograph by Peter ringenberg many accomplishments. You will be as impressed, as i am, Join us for another fabulous year! with their perseverance. from their hard work, many of our
  3. 3. FloReNce At NIgHt,photographs by susan Moore // faculty inside // coMMunication studiEs // nEw MEdia 6 rock the house with glee 34 images of Equality 8 how twitter changed the Way i teach 70 telling Memories of cardamom comics and graphic novels: 63 the art of Work 18 More than Meets the Eye // visual arts 54 interview with Judi lykowski 16 curating a Museum Exhibit 68 iUsB forum 21 “look!” scholarship art sale // Music 22 Printmaking conferences 14 composers flourish at iU south Bend 26 art therapy with Jennifer Kukla 36 flute festival is for all ages 66 art appreciation: an alumni appraisal 40 Requiem for the Innocent // school of thE arts 44 iU south Bend Music Ensembles Dean’s Welcome 50 toradze Documentary Wins Emmy awards 24 Upstage theater renovations complete 52 gospel choir Performs in north carolina 25 recital hall renovation 53 arts students aid Japan relief 28 celebrating Excellence 58 Done Made My Vow 30 governor’s arts awards 60 interview with luis Vargas 32 20th anniversary celebration Kicks off in style // thEatrE & dancE 64 new talent 4 A Midsummer Night’s Dream 70 “crescendo” closes 20th anniversary season 10 Amahl and the Night Visitors travels to chicago 76 news 12 Animal Farm 38 the leaps and Bounds of Dance 74 Wind in the Willows
  4. 4. a MidsuMMEr night’s dream By Juliet Barrett the iUsB theatre company brought shakespeare to a consequently helped me with letting go of my insecurities accomplishments and stronger because of the challenges “My dress was special,” said actress amanda Benham. “i campus stage for the first time since 1999 with the spring when trying to delve into helena’s character,” said freshman they conquered in using the language to explore their had a lovely long train to work with, but i used a mock- production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by Kaylee ross. “once i understood what i was saying, it characters. up, practice skirt from the very beginning of rehearsals randy colborn, the centuries old classic was reinvented as became natural.” so that i could get a good feel of how i had to move with a traditional Bollywood production, flavored with Middle Beyond the challenges of shakespeare’s language, actors it.” Even down to the smallest detail, actors prepared the Eastern costumes and music. text coach scot shepley helped the actors develop were also given physical challenges to overcome as they best that they could in order to accommodate the beautiful confidence with the language. he attended many rehearsals worked with extensive makeup and conquered the difficult movement intended for each costume. audiences were transported to a time of wealth and luxury and worked with the actors outside of rehearsals. students task of working on a slanted surface -- as was tradition as actors danced across the stage in traditional turbans and took advantage of “his extensive knowledge of the text” and in the old English style of shakespearean stages. though not only did the costumes translate beautifully on stage, saris. the elaborate, labor intensive costumes featured rich appreciated him “pointing out moments that he knew were many of the actors anticipated a much steeper incline, the but the chemistry of the cast contributed to a spectacular material and vibrant colors, complemented by the actors’ intended to be emphasized,” said sophomore Jeremy Weyer. raked stage actually worked to the benefit of the characters. performance by all. sophomore Marlon Burnley captured unusual makeup and body paint. the angle of the stage allowed the actors to achieve a closer the essence of the production best. “it was a pretty great shakespearean language often utilizes iambic pentameter; level of intimacy with the audience and show off the lovely cast and we all worked well together. i’d definitely like to do there were many components of the show that originally A Midsummer Nights Dream was no exception. to express detailing of the costumes. more shakespeare in the future,” Burnley said. “Whether daunted actors as they entered into the production, the intended rhythm of his words, shakespeare also heavily it’s participating behind stage, as an audience member, or including news of the extensive body painting intended for utilized punctuation. it is because of this intentional use of rich silks and jingling bells added a sense of foreign luxury on stage, i think it’s important for everyone to experience the fairies, plans for a raked stage, and the anticipation of syllables that many people say that shakespeare wrote for as actors swept across the stage. the fairies’ costumes were shakespeare in some way.” seeing costume designer sass hanson’s elaborate indian the actor. senior stacie Jensen agreed that “shakespeare’s especially labor intensive because each actor was painted costumes come to fruition. characters say their thoughts, so in a way, the language head to toe in an individual shade of blue body paint. this, Juliet Barrett is double majoring in public relations and helps you to understand what your character is going combined with the fact that all the women wore jingling theatre studies. She had roles in each of the main stage But what many of the students underestimated was through, mentally and emotionally.” ankle bracelets as well as other forms of jewelry traditional productions at IU South Bend during the 2010-11 season. the challenge in exploring the traditional language of to the indian culture, created an atmosphere of pure royalty. shakespeare. “studying the text over and over again gave the production was a fantastic opportunity for growth; me confidence in my understanding of the language and many students came out of the show proud of their4 5
  5. 5. rock thE housE with glEE: craft, coMMunity fallEVEnts ErnEstinE M. raclin school of thE arts …and a bit of friendly competition! By tami K. Martinez september toraDzE Piano stUDio 7:30 PM friDaY, noVEMBEr 18 // ca  the last day of class is usually accompanied by Kelcie Banks added that the project “taught us how to work MUsic facUltY rEcital this multi-national touring ensemble, and students of anticipation—and angst—especially when a final with a non-profit organization.” 4 PM sUnDaY, sEPtEMBEr 18 // ca          Martin Endowed Professor in Piano alexander toradze, examination is on the docket. in addition to their final; Meet our talented music faculty through their solo will present some of the finest piano performances you however, the spring 2011 Public relations research and the four event proposals for habitat’s “rock the house and small ensemble performances as we begin the will experience in south Bend. Methodology students had an extra measure of anticipation student Build” included: a lock-in event; a Volleyball school year. as they waited expectantly for the results of their semester- tournament; “Pennies for Plywood” (change collection EUcliD QUartEt 4 PM sUnDaY, noVEMBEr 20 // ca         long project and in-class competition. fundraising and competition between area high schools for annual trophy rights); and, “rock the house with glee” october Witness for yourself what the Washington Post has During the semester, the class was divided into four (a three-phase program that includes a Pep rally, a Dollar said about the quartet, “an elegant mix of passion, iUsB thEatrE: A RAISIN IN tHe SUN competitive teams. these teams were assigned the task of Donation Week; and a silent auction that culminates in a ferocity and feathery delicacy.” 8 PM oct 13-15 4 PM oct 15 // 2 PM oct 16 // ca          creating a unique plan to enlist local high school students glee competition). featuring guest Director Walter allen Bennett Jr. to raise $12,500 for habitat for humanity of st. Joseph county’s annual “rock the house student Build” project. according to Williams, making the final decision proved whose credits include writer for the cosby Show, december to be difficult since all four proposals were viable. “it was producer for In the House and executive producer for according to Jim Williams, executive director for habitat, the Steve Harvey Show. iUsB thEatrE: “the south Bend community foundation of st. Joseph very hard to pick just one project because i know how much It’S A WoNDeRFUl lIFe, tHe RADIo PlAy county pledged a matching grant of $12,500 for the ‘rock students put into their work.” iUsB forUM 8 PM DEc 1-3 // 4 PM DEc 3 // 2 PM DEc 4 // UP                the house student Build.’ the objective for the public Ultimately, though, Williams selected the “rock the house 7:30 PM WEDnEsDaY, octoBEr 19 // rh           adapted from the frank capra film, be transported relations class was to develop a fundraising event that Join us for an in depth discussion by a guest presenter to a 1940’s radio studio for this classic tale, and be with glee” project for several reasons: 1) it had the capacity would enable students to raise at least $12,500 in order speaking about their field of research as it relates to treated to the tricks of the radio trade. to raise more money than the initial goal of $12,500; 2) to qualify for the matching grant.” it had the clear ability to capture the age group that they current events. sPEEch night finals one of the teams’ final assignments was to pitch were after through its association with the popular television 7 PM MonDaY, DEcEMBEr 5 // rh         their proposals to Williams, and present him with a program glee; 3) the musical format of the project provides november featuring the best students in s121, Public speaking comprehensive binder that included everything from the synergy with musical groups in the local high schools; at iU south Bend in a tradition that began in 1982. and 4) they saw this project as something that would be stUDiEs in DancE: timeline of the proposed event(s) down to a detailed budget. a lEctUrE DEMonstration “the students really surprised me; and, i was impressed repeatable. “We’re going to try it this year, see how it goes; “tEDDY BEar concErt” and build on it for the next year.” 7:30 PM friDaY, noVEMBEr 4 // ca       7:30 PM friDaY, DEcEMBEr 9 // ca         with the work of all four groups,” said Williams. “What Experience all the variety that our dance program has was intended to be an academic assignment turned into the south Bend symphonic choir, iU south Bend the “rock the house with glee” winning team members to offer in one evening. chorale, chamber choir, and gospel choir perform for something inspiring.” included public relations majors, lisa Birk, Danielle the benefit of the ronald McDonald house charities of fisher, alex nichols, Maria stanley, and team leader iUsB Jazz EnsEMBlE alec hosterman, senior lecturer and area coordinator for indiana – Michiana, inc. Jordan Wagner. Wagner, who graduated in May, has a 7:30 PM WEDnEsDaY, noVEMBEr 9 // ca         communication studies, is the mastermind behind this Presenting big band music and jazz combo service learning project. through this hands-on, semester- summer internship with habitat. Part of his focus will be implementing the “rock the house with glee” project. performances under the direction of Darrel tidaback. long, community-focused assignment, students learn about the craft of public relations and what it takes to research, for Williams, “it was a very enjoyable experience and i look scholarshiP art salE develop and present their ideas to a client. forward to continuing to stay in touch with the students and thUrsDaY, noVEMBEr 11-13 // El         implementing their projects.” Purchase artwork by iU south Bend students, faculty, student comments underscore hosterman’s learning and alumni while supporting scholarships and objectives. Public relations major alex nichols stated that tami Martinez is a lecturer in communication studies at the programs for iU south Bend Visual arts students. the project helped him build a set of skills that he can use ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts in any occupation, “(no matter where i work) i see myself using Pr because Pr is the face of any company.” ca = caMPUs aUDitoriUM, El = East loUngE, rh = rEcital hall, UP = UPstagE tickets $3-$12, free to students and children // tickets and schedule call 574.520.4203 or visit  6
  6. 6. hoW tWittEr changED thE WaY i tEach By Alec R. Hosterman in the fall of 2008 i taught a 400-level seminar course that Who UsEs tWittEr? focused on the communication tactics employed in political campaigns. singlehandedly that course changed the way i since i was a prolific twitter user – some may label me approached using technology in the classroom. actually, it “addicted” – i began to see patterns in tweets from my wasn’t so much the course per se, as an assignment using feed. three different users emerged, what i refer to as the twitter that became the foundation for the course. literalists, networkers, and the facilitators. for you to understand how the social networking tool literalists take the site’s charge literally: they tweet what twitter became part of the class in the first place, i need they are actually doing or thinking at any given moment. to first discuss what it is and who uses it. With that a commercial for a major cell phone provider pokes fun at established, i’ll come back and discuss and it changed the literalists. the parents of two teen siblings are sitting on their way i approached teaching. front porch, tweeting “sitting on the front porch” to their tEaching With tWittEr so did we. it was a remarkable experience to see this simple followers. Predictably, their children are rolling their eyes in media outlet become an integral component to our class. social MEDia anD tWittEr embarrassment from their parent’s lack of twitter protocol. in that 2008 seminar, i assigned the class to blog and use and students saw this too, noting how much different it think of literalists as taking a snapshot of their surroundings twitter. Most students were unfamiliar with these devices would have been if we didn’t have our twitter discussions. recently, phrases like “social media” and “social so i led them through tutorials and helped them set up or activities and sharing it with followers. networking” have been all the rage among media aficionados. their accounts. i told them to use twitter over the course that class showed me how important networkers and sites such as facebook and twitter gained popularity as the Networkers act as digital gatekeepers. these users are of the semester to share information they might find useful facilitators could be to the learning process. twitter was popular ways of connecting and communicating. face-to- typified by the rt phenomenon. rt, or re-tweet, identifies for members of the class. in other words, i wanted them much more than a literalist perspective. it was a digital face was out. Digital was in. Modes of communicating were a tweet that is not an original thought from that user, rather to be networkers. this was an experiment on my part, frontier i could capitalize on in future classes. and i have. changing – but they always do with every new technological they are simply passing along someone else’s tweet. rts are and they knew it. i hadn’t used twitter as a teaching tool device. rock gave way to papyrus to paper to typewriters to so there it is. twitter changed the way i approach teaching. akin to e-mail forwards. re-tweeting is usually an indicator of before so i thought this would be a perfect time given our word processors and finally to computers. But through this, my students showed me cyberculture is that person’s desire to share the wealth, so to speak. it is the rather strident in-class discussions of the presidential more than just pointless games, status updates, and text hope that the tweet will be seen by someone who can use it election between then-candidates sen. Barack obama and the popular social media website twitter is categorized messages. it can be harnessed for knowledge creation and to their advantage, solve a problem, or fill an information void sen. John Mccain and the local battle between house of as a micro blogging web application that allows users to transmission: communication in its truest form. for as of sorts. networkers are also about strengthening bonds and representatives incumbent Joe Donnelly and challenger connect to one another through tweets. tweets are short noted scholar Marshall Mcluhan famously once said: “the creating new relationships where ones did not exist prior. Jacquie Walorski. for me, this was the perfect storm. 140 character messages that are sent publicly to individuals medium is the message.” so very true. (commonly called followers), or privately via direct messages Facilitators are different than the other two in that they at first, students were cautious tweeting only bits and (much like e-mail). think of a tweet as a note that is posted Alec R. Hosterman is senior lecturer and the area use twitter as a tool to communicate directly between pieces. however, once class discussions became more onto a large public bulletin board for passersby to read. coordinator of communication studies. He teaches tweeters, as opposed to sending out random thoughts to involved, so did our twitter conversations. students began courses in visual communication, deception, new media, anyone listening or passing on information from another exchanging links to articles and videos on Youtube. twitter tweeters (those who send tweets) answer a simple question: and graphic novels. Hosterman’s twitter handle is party. facilitators use twitter as a means to both enrich became a conduit for learning and thinking outside of the “What’s happening?” some people post exactly what they’re @alechosterman. and augment their traditional face-to-face communications; traditional classroom. doing while some just listen in on interesting narratives. they ask and answer questions, provide links, argue, offer others, though, engage in conversations they find compelling this trend only became more apparent when my students commentary, follow up on statements, begin and add to or valuable. it is this latter group that intrigued me. i began began holding “twitter parties” during televised political conversations, and the like. for them, twitter becomes an asking my own simple question: “What kinds of users are debates. they conversed with one another and me as immersive tool that enables immediacy among vast virtual on twitter?” candidates exchanged facts or rebuttals. as they debated, networks of individuals and groups.8
  7. 7. AmAhl & the the iU south Bend cast and crew of Amahl and the Night thom Maxwell, the center director, said, “it is a short opera, the cast and crew received hugs and thanks from the Visitors traveled to chicago in December 2010 to perform so it kept their attention and they experienced something audience. several audience members commented on the opera for adults with disabilities at the ada s. McKinley they may not have been able to without iU south Bend.” how much they enjoyed the costumes and along with Night Visitors community services, inc. Amahl and the Night Visitors is one of the most popular the center typically serves 120 people. the center helps “all individuals accomplish the goals they have.” performance as a whole. Director of community outreach Michele Morgan-Dufour student Kasey clear commented, “it is a good opportunity said, “this is the second year Amahl and the Night Visitors cast travEls to chicago american operas by gian carlo Menotti. it is a timeless story of the power of faith and the meaning of love. the to introduce the audience to something they have not seen has been taken on the road and we’ve received an enormous one-act opera tells the story of amahl, a poor crippled before and see how they will respond to it.”  amount of positive feedback. our visit to ada s. McKinley By Marianne Weesner boy, who lives with his mother in a village somewhere on community services and a performance for the students at the road to Bethlehem. When the three Kings, following the performers and crew enjoyed the experience as much Washington high school were terrific experiences for the the star in the East, seek shelter for the night, the lives of as the audience members. tia Patrick, a student, said “it is audiences and our students. the spirit of the holidays really amahl and his mother are changed forever. a privilege to take something from iU to bring it here.”  was alive and well in all of us!” the opera was directed by lecturer in Voice alicia Purcell, stacie Jensen felt very humbled by the experience. Jensen Marianne Weesner graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in Mass and choreographed by assistant Professor in Dance carolyn said, “Knowing what you want to do has an impact on communications. She was an aspire intern and served as hine-Johnson. assistant Professor tim hanson served as them and makes them smile” is something that she enjoys the associate editor of our monthly e-newsletter. technical director, and assistant Professor inseung Park about doing these outreach programs for members of the was the set designer. community. “it is exciting to bring something new to an audience of people who have not had a chance to see or experience something like an opera,” said antwon Williams, who played one of the kings.10
  8. 8. animal farm By Alexandra Wheaton acting is never easy, but when the iUsB theatre company hanson also incorporated pieces from the Education & arts took to the stage with a musical version of george orwell’s Building, that is being remodeled, as part of the costumes. Animal Farm, the work was particularly difficult. Wearing commenting on the makeup hanson says, “it’s kind of a masks and movement restricting hooves, the actors’ had dark sort of surreal show. i wanted the makeup to reflect to work with limited facial expressions and hand gestures that.” the show was dark indeed. to convey their characters’ emotions. rising to meet those challenges, they brought their message, “four legs good, the makeup was very interesting; however, most of the two legs bad,” to life. actors were also wearing masks. “it is hard because you lose the ability to act with facial expressions,” says stacie george orwell wrote Animal Farm as an allegory of the Jensen of her experience. russian revolution. the animals rebel against the farmer who abuses them and begin to build their own society tia Patrick played the role of the farm cat. “it was easy for with hopes of a utopia. as the story unfolds the animals me to be a cat, because i love cats. the itchy mask was take on political characteristics leading the audience to well worth it.” recognize traits of Karl Marx, leon trotsky, and Joseph some actors did not get to wear masks, but a backpack stalin, along with the larger governments of Europe and the apparatus with a giant animal head attached to it. “they United states. the play reflects political corruption and the were uncomfortable, but we all dealt with them the best dehumanization of the ordinary person. we could,” says Megan Jerrils who played one of the cows. Director randy colborn notes, “it was orwell’s dedication When asked how she prepared to play a cow she replied to the truth that i find so compelling. i also marvel at what with, “i just looked up Youtube videos. Watched how they i find to be orwell’s hopefulness for humanity. he remained walked, ate, and behaved all together.” optimistic about our immense potential despite our equally the Animal Farm performances supported the 2010-11 immense ability to get distracted and fall short. his varied campus theme, “the Meaning of Work.” the cast was life experiences could have drummed that out of him. Yet, handed the communist Manifesto to read during the he retained an unusual objectivity while deeply immersing first few rehearsals. the show suited the theme since the himself in all he thought and all he did.” animals had to build and rebuild a windmill to make work Portraying animals planning to take over the farm run by easier for them on the farm. the animals quickly learned their abusive owner, the majority of the actors were not only what the meaning of work is, as did the actors. on legs made out of PVc pipe throughout the entire show, theatre major Alexandra Wheaton was one of the actors in but sweating under layers upon layers of thick costumes. animal farm. “tim Burton’s movie 9 was a big part of my inspiration; also the artwork of ralph steadman,” said makeup and costume designer sallie hanson. “We used found, recycled and reused objects for the costumes.” the costumes were made out of everyday items like boots or combs.12 9
  9. 9. flourish composers at iu south BEnd By Anthony cotto born to be draMatic the last few years have seen a lot of interesting advances “it’s based on fractals and the fibonacci sequence … for in the composition program here at iU south Bend. as a the past 10 years, i have always wanted to write a piece that, composition student myself, i have gotten to witness these once i had an algorithm set, i press go, i plug it in, and the changes unfolding. this semester, three students will be piece just ‘spits out’ so that i can explain every pitch.” graduating with degrees in composition. Despite their successes, neither of these two composers had Prepare for the performance of a lifetime with hands-on creative of all the things to be thankful for as a student here, i that career in mind when they started college. rusche wrote experience and a faculty of practicing theatre and dance professionals. think the teachers take the cake. as many already know, her first song while working on a political science major and our music program’s director, Jorge Muñiz, has received Mayrose was a guitar performance major. a great deal of attention due to his recent south Bend DEgrEE PrograMs symphony orchestra premiere of Requiem for the Innocent; one of the most challenging problems for young Dean Marvin curtis’ choral composition, “the city on composers is to find a voice or style that defines one’s Bachelor of arts in theatre 2011-12 sEason the hill,” was premiered at President clinton’s 1993 compositions. these professors have both done that in n Performance A Raisin in the Sun inauguration. What you may not know is that there are two their own works, and they have both taken unique paths. n Design/technical It’s a Wonderful life, the Radio Play other accomplished composers here on campus. they are While rusche considers herself a “contemporary classical n theatre studies Johnny Appleseed assistant Professor John Mayrose and adjunct assistant composer,” Mayrose is fond of minimalism techniques, and incorporating “rhythms and textures derived from Bachelor of fine arts in theatre H.M.S. Pinafore Professor Marjorie rusche, and, like many other teachers around iU south Bend, they are both active professionals indie rock.” n Performance aUDition DatEs in their field. n Design/technical 7pm campus auditorium, they both gave advice that, while very helpful as a northside hall Most recently, rusche returned from premieres of her works composer, i feel is applicable to most disciplines. costume Design in Denmark and England, where her piano solo eclipse and scene Design n tuesday, august 30, 2011 rusche: “When you are student, try many different n Wednesday, august 31, 2011 tone Poems for bassoon and piano were featured in the lighting Design methods, risk and experiment, even though you might not n tuesday, January 10, 2012 london new Music for Winds festival. be sure of what you’re doing at first.” technical Design n Wednesday, January 11, 2012 “i’m particularly proud of eclipse,” she said about this Mayrose: “as a composer, every piece is not going to be a offEring Minors in work, which was originally funded by the raclin school of great masterpiece. sometimes you have to make a mistake the arts, and which she hopes to turn into a piano concerto n theatre to get better.” in the future. “it’s a very dramatic, highly evocative work, n Dance and it had a great premiere last spring when Ketevan Anthony cotto is a class of 2011 graduate with a B.A. in Badridze performed it here.” composition. He hopes to write commercial jingles when he grows up. ErnEstinE M. raclin school of thE arts Mayrose also had a very successful composition in his award-winning piece liber Abaci. for more information about theatre & dance at iU south Bend, visit us on the web at
  10. 10. curating a MuseuM exhibit By Jennifer Wimble // photography by lucas eggers at the beginning of the 2010 fall semester associate nilsen carefully guided the class while they reviewed Professor Micheline nilsen told students in her “curating potential photographs for the exhibit, taking into an Exhibit” class that by the end of the course they consideration the photographs’ physical features, historical would know a great deal about 19th century landscape themes, and conditions or standards. after much debate, photography. Many of the students, who had never taken an the students and nilsen decided that the exhibit would art class, were skeptical. however, just as she predicted, show the transition of professional photographers from the they can now examine an early landscape photograph and portrait studios to open-air landscapes, a move often paired identify the photographer’s influences, techniques, and with government documentation. the topic decided on was style. furthermore, they are now experienced in curating a 19th century landscape Photographers of the Americas: museum exhibition. Artists, Journeymen, or entrepreneurs? this ambitious course was an original experiment Each student wrote an article about one of the photographs brainstormed by nilsen, who combined the topic of 19th for a Wolfson Press catalogue, published in february 2011. century landscape photography with the nuts-and-bolts of By examining each photograph in relation to past artistic curating a museum exhibit. graduate liberal studies and movements and research, the students concentrated on undergraduate art majors participated in the course. whether the government, tourist, and corporate utilitarian landscape photographers of the 19th century were primarily after an intensive introduction into the history of landscape artists or documentarians. the students also wrote shorter art and the basics of designing a museum exhibit, students catalog entries and labels for the exhibit, as well as press visited and reviewed two photography exhibits displayed at releases. the snite Museum of art at notre Dame. after months of preparation, the exhibit opened at the next, they heard experts in the field of 19th century snite Museum of art in february, 2011. the photographs photography at a two-day symposium, “Documenting themselves are part of the permanent collection of the history, charting Progress, Exploring the World: 19th snite Museum and include some of the most prominent century Photographs of architecture” arranged by nilsen photographers of the late 19th century, such as Eadweard and sponsored jointly by indiana University south Bend Muybridge, frank Jay haynes, george Barnard, timothy and the University of notre Dame. the symposium included o’sullivan, and William henry Jackson. discussions on diverse topics such as the early history of the photogravure in working-class scotland and “the “curating an Exhibit,” created by nilsen, was an incredible Barricades of 1871: a challenge to the architecture of journey for art and liberal studies students alike. Paris?” as presented by leading experts in the field of early photography. Jennifer Wimble is a graduate student in liberal Studies.16
  11. 11. comicsnovEls & graPhic More than Meets the eye by Alec R. Hosterman comic books are big business. and they should be; were popular among consumers: Batman, the Dark they’re everywhere in the cultural milieu. We see comic Knight Returns by frank Miller and Watchmen by books at the local booksellers and in the hands of kids alan Moore and Dave gibbons. Both of these seminal wishing they could be the superheroes they see on the works deconstructed the prototypical superhero genre, page: boys dream of being Batman or superman, while showing the fallibility of the heroic and villainous girls typically dream of being Wonder Woman or Elektra. characters. With this, publishers saw the genre as these dreams have taken on a life beyond the page, being more than just entertainment for kids. rather, manifesting in highly popular computer gaming systems they saw its potential as an expressive visual form with and on the silver screen (with the Marvel franchise the means to communicate issues relevant to many regularly dominating ticket sales). comics are our different cultures. culture. like many forms of media, scholars saw comics’ But there is more to the comic book than just potential as an expressive medium of communication, superheroes. comics are important, complex visual one that bridged image with text, a contemporary artifacts that both reflect and refract the era in which experiment in semiotic analysis. semiotics – the study they were created. and science of signs (objects that stand for something else) – is part of understanding our visual culture. since the birth of the golden age of comics in the late Movement, speech, expression, thought, and other 1930s, publishers have capitalized on the themes that communicative actions have to be interpreted by the are prevalent in other mediums: drama, western, horror, reader. and all of these are manifested in visual form. science fiction, action, and comedy. But the superhero Much like a telephone conversation one has with their seemed to prevail in the 1950s, even after criticism best friend, the artist and writer encode a message by psychologist frederic Wertham of the comic book and the reader decodes it. as Dr. Matthew J. smith, for its violent imagery. But comics survived. they associate Professor of communication at Wittenberg always do. University and co-author of the Power of comics, notes: During the Modern age of comics in the 1980s, a comics combine words and pictures, but the highly popular form of the medium emerged: the synthesis results in a sharing of meaning that is graphic novel. the early graphic novels were serials more than the sum of its parts. take, for instance, packaged in book form. two works in particular the results of the 9/11 Report: A graphic Adaptation18
  12. 12. LooK! by sid Jacobson and Ernie colon. these storytellers middle-aged collectors like comic Book guy on the were able to take a rather daunting phone book-sized Simpsons. Yes, there are comic books published for government report and make its substance accessible those who like superheroes or archie’s adventures at to a wider audience than might have ever picked up the the Malt shop. But if you look beyond that, you will government’s original report. the power of the imagery begin to see complex narratives that bring you closer scholarship art sale combined with the details of the story make for an to people and events of our culture. incredibly reader-friendly text. after all, we live in a visual culture. Why not use the capitalizing on this unique medium, colleges and universities like iU south Bend are creating curricula and teaching individual courses in comics studies. visual to tell its story? Senior lecturer in communication Studies gets a fresh new start topics include understanding the superhero, comics Alec R. Hosterman is finishing writing his dissertation By Kathleen McAllister and tabetha coburn-McDonald and american culture, manga, alternative comics, on the role of hyperreality in graphic novels. underground comix, writing comic books, and the long a staple of the fall events calendar, the 2010 “the art sale represents an amazing opportunity for relationship of comics to film. scholarship art sale debuted with a fresh name, a new students such as i to not only gain a primary knowledge as a professor in communication studies, i have had the location, and a smart young management team. Members of show preparation but also the opportunity to sell art chance to teach several seminar-based comics courses. in of the art history club and the Visual arts league joined for the first time,” said student Becca schafer. “Working them, i challenge the ways students see comics and help forces to sponsor the sale with the Ernestine M. raclin the art sale was an unexpected pleasure and i found great them understand how they can communicate meaning in rEcoMMEndEd rEading school of the arts. appreciation for the experience of hanging work, preparing visual form. and rather than focus on just the prototypical each piece for individual sale, and interacting with artists interested in reading graphic novels but “this was the first time that students have taken full and art consumers.” comic book, i have students read graphic novels like Fun don’t know where to start? here are a few responsibility for planning and organizing the sale, and they Home: A Family tragicomedy (about the author’s struggle suggestions that are for sale at your local did a fabulous job!” said Michele Morgan-Dufour, director “i think it is important to be involved in student shows like to find her own sexual identity alongside understanding bookseller, comic book shop, or favorite of community outreach. While student groups have co- the scholarship sale,” said christy hatfield. “it gives us a the complex relationship she had with her father); cancer on-line retailer. sponsored the sale in the past, the 2010 committee took chance to get our work out to the general public and figure Vixen (a funny and poignant memoir chronicling the ownership of the project and filled the role of professional out what kind of pricing is fair and accepted by buyers. i author’s battle with breast cancer); and Shooting War 08: A graphic Diary of the campaign gallery staff. “the students learned a lot about the business just think it is really good exposure.” (a satire of contemporary journalism, war, and politics). trail recounts the history-making 2008 aspects of an artist’s career by making the sale their own,” Each semester i have students tell me how they now see presidential campaign of Barack obama, like a professional gallery or sale, looK! retained added Morgan-Dufour. comics as a valuable form of visual communication. John Mccain and hillary clinton a commission on every piece sold. a portion of the tabetha coburn-McDonald, Kathleen Mcallister, and Dean commission earned was used to provide scholarships for apart from my courses, other professors are using A.D.: New orleans After the Deluge Kizer headed the committee, organizing every aspect of the three students, coburn-McDonald, Katie swiental, and graphic novels to teach a variety of subjects, from explores how people coped in new orleans sale with guidance from Morgan-Dufour. the group began Bradley Davenport. the remaining commission amount social movements to world events. for instance, artist post-Katrina by renaming the sale looK! to emphasize the opportunity helped the Visual arts league and art history club Marjane satrapi’s Persepolis: the Story of a childhood epileptic tells the story of author for the community to explore and purchase art created by fund field trips for students to attend art museums and illustrates her early years growing up and taking part in David B.’s struggle understanding the students, faculty, and alumni of the Ernestine M. raclin participate in events. the cultural revolution in 1970s iran. another iconic his brother’s epilepsy school of the arts. piece is art spiegelman’s Maus, A Survivor’s tale. the “Participating in the scholarship art show was a great book is a heartfelt and critically acclaimed graphic novel holding a successful art sale took hard work and diligence experience, for learning tricks of the trade and just in Still I Rise: A graphic History of African that recounts the struggles of art’s father’s life living by the students. the committee began recruiting iU south general. i have participated twice and sold work both Americans tells the story of african through the holocaust. spiegelman uses visual metaphors Bend artists to participate in the sale. then they rounded times,” said senior Danielle Wilborn. “the second time i americans in the United states from 1619 throughout the tale, depicting Jews as mice that are up student volunteers to promote the event, install artwork, put in a lot more time and effort, and definitely got a lot through to the election of Barack obama pursued by germans as cats. a powerful and moving and work shifts during the sale. back in return. not only is it a way to get your work seen story, Maus is more than just biography – it’s living if biographies pique your interest, and sold, it’s a great way to connect to and interact with history. then these graphic memoires are since the school of the arts gallery is closed while the future buyers and even fellow students.” perfect for you: Education & arts Building is renovated, the sale was held finally, J.P. stassen’s Deogratias: A tale of Rwanda is at the newly-remodeled East lounge in northside hall. “i always love to be a part of the art events happening at a somber and eye-opening look at the aftermath of the Anne Frank: the Anne Frank House gallery director randall clark guided the students through iUsB and this was such a great opportunity for me, other 1994 genocide in rwanda. stassen weaves together an Authorized graphic Biography the installation process. the space was challenging since it students and faculty to show their support for iUsB and the account of the massacre using the both tutsi and hutu does not have as much wall space as the gallery; however, excellent art program that we are a so privileged to be a part characters and the way the events of that fateful time Pedro and Me: Friendship, loss and the students made creative use of the wide windowsills to of here in our town,” swiental said. impacted the world. What I learned help compensate. so there you have it. a brief but hopefully eye-opening Satchel Paige: Striking out Jim crow the students learned how to price their work and talk to argument that shows comics are not just for kids or patrons with professionalism, which provided insight into their future as artists outside of college.20
  13. 13. students attending the Minneapolis event were clearly delighted to discover processes more highly suited to their own ideas about image making than the usual straight ahead techniques that you see on the street. student rebecca schafer became so fascinated with the lithographic reduction technique of northern illinois University’s Michael Barnes that she came home and tried it for herself. We caught sight printmaking of her later in the day practicing the use of the electric engraver in the product fair booths. Erin Bluhm purchased some special inks used conferences to make exquisite wash patterns that could be photographically exposed into silkscreens. later she produced a series of elegant color prints using them. she is also very excited about the possibility By Alan larkin // photography by erin Bluhm of making large scale silkscreen prints hand- colored with oil-tinted cold wax medium, a process demonstrated in st. louis by Dennis o’neal from thanks in part to grants secured from the charmichael processes was that not only did they offer some pretty the corcoran college of art and Design. fund, this year two small groups of students attended cool ways of making art but there were many ways to the october 2010 Mid america Print council use them with the newest art technologies. in fact, the We spent an afternoon watching a demonstration conference held at the University of Minnesota and the printmaking studio is considered by many of south of photopolymer plate printing on an old fashioned March 2011 southern graphics council conference Bend’s elite art cognoscenti to be the place where all letter press in the giant type studio at Washington at Washington University in st. louis. media come to meet. University, but also wandered in and out of several fascinating papermaking demonstrations. the printmaking students, being a hardy band of rugged the symposia themselves are essentially large individualists, have discovered the aesthetic allure of printmaking studios surrounded by lots of prints. here People who investigate the print arts realize that the old fashioned print processes, ones whose names you find old letterpress hacks sharing triple espresso the skills they already know are easily translated your average college student doesn’t have on the tip of macchiatos with graduate school mezzotinters talking into printed media. Drawer-painters can make his tongue. While things may have been different when, about the merits of Japanese washi versus paper made etchings and lithographs. Photographers and let’s say, the dean and i were still going to school, these with unbleached abaca. You might also find among the media wizards can directly transfer their images days if you asked someone to come upstairs and look pizza eaters on the late night gallery crawls an artist into silkscreens or relief prints. We learned that at your etchings they would probably give you a blank who makes art using only a computer and an Epson scale, color, and photographic realism are all stare or else call 911. printer talking to someone who does all of their work possible, as are the most delicate renderings. with a wooden gouge and a spoon. and some of these at the end of the experience, exhausted, armed Printmaking, while definitely not a rocket science, people are taking it to the bank. with new information and filled with brand new appears at first to be a rarified skill. it often involves ideas, everyone piled into their cars and headed the mediation of interesting looking machines that are We were surprised in Minneapolis, for instance, to for home. made up of steel and weigh a lot. While most people encounter a group of successful graphic designers are used to making their art strokes using a brush, a executing their designs using powerful Macintosh Associate Professor of Fine Arts Alan larkin camera or even a mouse, printmakers have learned to computers and printing them by hand with silkscreens. teaches printmaking and drawing. make their art on such old timey surfaces as copper plates and lithographic stones. so at first blush there in st. louis we met another set of these strange would appear to be no relevance to the modern age. You entrepreneurs who executed all of their computer can’t twitter on a Vandercook proof press. designed posters on hand-carved woodblocks. their studio, gallery and place of business had its walls lined the discovery that students made this year in attending with stacks of printed blocks. conferences devoted entirely to various esoteric print22
  14. 14. rEcital hall rEnovation Plans UPstagE Progress renoVations By Marvin curtis a $150,000 matching grant from the community coMPlEtED foundation of st. Joseph county was the catalyst for a planned renovation of northside’s recital hall as well as the recently completed renovation of the Upstage theater. since the grant was awarded in June 2010, more than By Marianne Weesner $138,000 has been raised. contributions have come from Ernestine M. raclin, Wells fargo Wealth Management, and the recent “crescendo” event sponsored by the iUsB arts iU south Bend’s Upstage theater was in dire need of the floor was painted black and the new black box theatre foundation. the campus provided an additional $36,000 remodeling. the carpet installed in 1982 was stained and began to take shape. for new seating in recital hall. the projected cost of the torn. the curtains were ripped and dry rotted. the Upstage “Before the renovation there was no sound system for renovation is $1.2 million. looked more like a construction site than a place where students rehearsed and had class. the room,” hanson said. this meant whenever the room During the past year architects, faculty, and was used they had to piece together a system from old administrators developed plans for a renovated recital tim hanson, area coordinator and assistant professor of equipment. hall. the room, which was originally built as a lecture theatre, saw a need to remodel the space. “We wanted it the lighting was a hindrance, because “before we had a hall in the 1970s, has multi-colored seating for 281. to be a place the faculty and students could be proud of,” large cable that ran through a hole in the wall from the today, the once comfortable seats are stained and torn. hanson said. main auditorium and used circuits from there. We couldn’t the steps of the hall are steep and lack handrails. the funding to renovate the Upstage and northside’s recital use the two systems at the same time,” hanson said. hall’s acoustics are poor, the stage is wide but shallow, hall began with a matching grant from the community and there is little room backstage. the oddly located foundation of st. Joseph county, a generous gift from now for the first time, the Upstage had its own power ticket booth and a nondescript lobby make finding the Ernestine M. raclin, and contributions from iU south Bend. source and lighting system so performances can take place hall difficult. concurrently on the main stage and in the black box theater. in remodeling the upstage the most practical thing to do Working with iU architect Jerry stuff, Jackie was to make it into a black box theater. a black box theater the renovated theater has a new control room with hilderbrandt, president of MPa architects, and her team “does not have to have anything but the basics of what a dedicated lighting and sound equipment, making the of sound and lighting designers, met with music faculty theater absolutely needs, which is a place for the audience facility perfect not just for performances, but also as a and students to discuss improving the facility. in the and a place for the action,” explained hanson. classroom for lighting and sound classes. spring, a design was presented to the music faculty and the iU south Bend administration. the interior is all black, “so black boxes lose their old new risers and audience seating arrived during the spring identity and become a neutral space,” hanson said. it has semester, so student began sitting on stable seating for the new facility will have 250 new seats with the stage often been considered a place where theatre in its simplest the first time in years. new black curtains were installed extended an additional 12 feet, taking the place of the form can take place. along the windows and walls, and a handicapped ramp first three rows of seats. this will provide for wing space was installed. for the first time. there will be a new backstage green Work began during the summer of 2010 with students room, lighting and sound system, and new wall and floor contributing their labor. students wanted a space they the remodeling of the Upstage theater made it a versatile finishes to provide for better acoustics. could be proud of and wanted to be a part of making that space for performance and teaching. the theater will be dream a reality. host to plays, dance recitals, and small concerts. the black the seats will be reconfigured to stadium seating with box theater adaptability is appealing to all, because it aisles on the side with handrails, and a special open after the old carpet was removed theatre student Marlon allows for a variety of staging styles. With this adaptability seating area on the side of the hall that can be used for Brunley spent a good part of his summer painting the hanson hopes, “dance recitals and classes will be able to antiphonal musical creations or special seating. included ceiling, walls, and fixtures black. be hosted in this newly remodeled space.” in the plans is a new box office and lobby which make it easy to identify the hall as a performance space. During the beginning of the fall semester, one of the biggest “i really am proud of the space and all the work that went jobs involved theatre students and faculty. four thousand into making it what it is now, which is a place where many a fundraising campaign will be underway during the pounds of sprung dance floor arrived in several crates. students will learn to grow as actors and actresses,” said 2011-12 academic year. it is hoped that construction the students gathered around hanson and in a single day theatre student allie Wheaton. can begin during 2012. the new floor, which can be used for dance, was installed.24