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  1. 1. By Alexandra Roach
  2. 2. Contents 1 what is over fishing 2 what is causing over fishing 3 Why over fishing is a problem 4 fishing down the food chain 5 what you can do to help
  3. 3. WHAT IS OVERFISHING <ul><li>Overfishing can be said in a number of ways. although everything comes down to one point. Catching to much fish. Overfishing is a non-sustainable use of the oceans. </li></ul><ul><li>If you catch to much fish then the fish don’t have time to breed. So there become fewer and fewer fish in the ocean till they all die out. </li></ul>
  4. 4. what is causing over fishing World wide fishing is now two to three times bigger than as needed. to take present days, catches of fish and other marine species and as what our oceans can sustainable support. Over the world wide scale we have enough fisherman to cover 4 earths. That’s a lot of fisherman!
  5. 5. Why over fishing’s a problem Did you know that 52% of fish stocks are fully exploited 20% are moderately exploited 17% are overexploited 7% are depleted and 1% is recovering from depletion Above shows that at least 25% of the worlds fish stock are either overexploited or depleted. Another 52% is fully exploited, these are in big danger.
  6. 6. Fishing down the food chain Its not only the fish that are affected to over fishing because we are fishing down the food chain. There are less fish in the ocean but it’s not just fish it also marine mammals like sharks, sea birds and non commercially. Here is what a scientist says( with explains it all) “The big fish, the bill fish, the groupers, the big thing will be gone. It is happening now. If thing get unchecked, we’ll have the sea full of little horrible things that nobody wants to eat. We might end up with a marine junkyard dominated by plankton”
  7. 7. What can you do to help The effects of overfishing are still reversible, if we act now and act strongly. If we want to have have freezing cold sushi at the nicest restaurants. Then were going to have to stop overfishing. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU EAT. If you eat fish make sure you know what you eat, and pick the ones with the lowest impact. Look out for guide to good fish guides for some good tips on eating good fish. SPREAD THE WORD I know its all kind of obvious, but have your say and spread the word. Tell people to stop overfishing and watch what fish you eat.
  8. 8. Who poses the biggest threat to fish stocks? Out of all the courtiers, Japan has the greatest threat to the extension of fish. Japan is the worlds biggest consumer of fish and is under pressure. Australian bluefin tuna is expected to make up to $ 15,000 each. These massive prices involve Japanese fisher people.