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Whatlemondoesforyou 100208113515 Phpapp01

  1. 1. Vitaminize your channel
  2. 2. Recruiting, Developing and Managing Your Channel in EMEA and US
  3. 3. Large and Medium IT Companies SaaS & Cloud Computing Companies Small IT Companies & Start ups
  4. 4. Need to adapt your Channel Need to improve your Channel Capability Need to recruit resellers Need to optimize your sales organization
  5. 5. We don’t just tell you what works...we do it for you!
  6. 6. Business Identification Channel Framework Channel Recruitment Channel Ramp Up Channel Management Channel Recruitment and Management
  7. 7. Business Identification Quantitative Identification Internal Data, External Data Correlation, Extrapolation Qualitative Identification Analysts, Experts, Resellers, Customers Segments Prioritization Size, Accessibility, Sales forecast Recommended priorities Success Modelization Key factor of success, Recommended Sales & Mkt Recommended Channel/ Sales engagement Business Identification
  8. 8. Laurent Glaenzer Experience HP, Autodesk Specialty: Cloud/SaaS, General IT, Software Geography: EMEA Location: France Thierry Ghenassia Experience HP, 3Com, Siemens, startups Specialty: Telecom, Network, General IT, HPC , Cloud /Grid Computing Geography: EMEA Location: France Hans Gerke Experience Sun, Apple, Specialty: Cloud/SaaS, General IT, Software Geography: EMEA, Global Location: Germany Nathalie Monnaux Experience Sun, GE, Logic-IT Specialty: Network, Storage, General IT, Software Geography: EMEA, Global Location: France Xavier Olivella Experience HP, Autodesk, others Specialty: Software, General IT, Printing Geography: EMEA Location: Spain Gianni Graziani Experience Apple, Autodesk, others Specialty: Software, General IT Geography: EMEA, South Europe Location: Italy Philippe Romascano Experience HP - Verious entities Specialty: Software, General IT Geography: Middle-East, Africa, Eastern Countries Location: Switzerland Roland Adoflsson Experience Avaya, others Specialty: Telecom, General IT, software Geography: EMEA Location: UK Heather Margolis Experience Dell, Specialty: Cloud/SaaS, General IT, Social Networking, Web Geography: US Location: Boston US Eric Bessone Experience Autodesk, others Specialty: Software, Cloud/SaaS, General IT Geography: EMEA Location: France Amar Kabli Experience Orange, Autodesk Specialty: Software, Cloud/SaaS, General IT Geography: EMEA, North Africa Location: France, Algeria Thomas Baur Experience Xerox, Techdata,, Autdesk, Specialty: General IT, Software Geography: EMEA Location: Germany In Europe, In Africa, In the US ? Access to most countries immediately Channel Recruitment
  9. 9. Channel Management Free up your internal ressources : Turnkey channel management services that allow IT Companies to entirely or partially outsource the management of their channel partners
  10. 10. Channel Management Training Channel Performance Enhancement Channel Benchmarking Channel Business Coaching Channel Social Medi Senior Business Management Channel Account Managers
  11. 11. Our Contract You are always in control Constant visibility, reporting, review We stick to your tools and process Seamless integration Alignment with your strategy All identified opportunities should be in line with your bold strategy We never do what you can do better Regular benchmark in-source vs out-source
  12. 12. Benefits for you <ul><li>Immediate access to additional sustainable business </li></ul><ul><li>Immediate access to most European, Middle East and African countries </li></ul><ul><li>Immediate access to expertise </li></ul><ul><li>Freeing up internal resources </li></ul><ul><li>Flexible organization, easy to scale up and down at any time </li></ul><ul><li>Cost effective compared to internal hire or consulting companies </li></ul>
  13. 13. What if your Channel was passionate as you are about your business? Vitaminize your channel! [email_address]