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HTML5 WebSockets in Python/Django

How to use HTML5 WebSockets in Django through, tornado/tornadio2, Backbone, and ioSync/ioBind.

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HTML5 WebSockets in Python/Django

  1. 1. inWebSockets in Python through Tornado/TornadIO2 Tony Abou-Assaleh
  2. 2. Options• Django  Redis  Node.js• gevent/gevent-socketio• Tornado/TornadIO2
  3. 3. The StackClient Server Dispatcher TornadIO2
  4. 4. The FlowSender Client Server Recipient Client Django Django RenderUser Action Model Saved post_save changes Backbone Django Django signal BackboneModel Saved Handler handler handler ioSync TornadIO2 TorandIO2 ioBind Dispatcher Broadcast
  5. 5. What’s next?•• Offline mode• Sync after reconnect• Asynchronous processing
  6. 6. Tony Abou-Assaleh Twitter: @tony_aa