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  • This session will cover how to find newspaper articles through a range of sources. Over the past ten years researching newspapers has changed dramatically. in recent years there have been developments which make finding content in newspapers a lot easier. And while you can now search a newspaper or across newspapers in the same way you might do a web search it is still important to realise is that there isn’t a single place to search for newspaper articles, sometimes you might need to search a source in a number of ways, sometimes you might need to search multiple sources and sometimes you might even need to look at the microform or the original newspaper itself.The most notable of these developments is the NLA project to digitise Australian newspapers, available via the search service Trove. We’ll spend a fair bit of this session looking at Trove today and other digitised historical newspaper services that the National Library subscribes to including the British Newspaper Archive, gale news vault and the Irish Newspaper Archives.we will spend some time on new news as well by looking at Library Press Display and Factiva Of All of the subscription services that I have just mentioned only the BNA archive ca not be accessed outside the building. Factiva, Library press Display, Gale News Vault and the Irish Newspaper archives can all be accessed from home by registered readers of the NLA – i’ll show you how as we go through.Lastly, if time permits give you a quick overview some Newspaper resources in print and microform and how you can access these
  •  Introduction What is Trove?A search serviceFind and GetMore than 250 million items Includes records from 1000 orgs in Australia describing their collections (books, pictures, journals etc.)Article records from vendorsHistoric Newspapers HomepageHighlight helpView statsNews from blogDifferent areas are called zones 
  • How to do a search across trove – highlighting newspaper resultsHow to navigate to Newspaper ZoneDemo 1 SearchSelect SMH 14/3/1913 Explain ‘Refine by’Refine by illustratedRefine by decade Refine by year - 1913Select fourth article SMH 14/3/1913 Explain ‘coming soon’1st article Text correction to fix the OCR – anyone can do itSearch results are based on AND – Use quotations to search for phrases – Accuracy of OCR’d electronic textAs well as articles coming soon there is a listing of newspapers in the pipeline to be digitisedAbout – Coverage – Titles coming soonSignup/login Go to homepage, click signup Step through form, email link required to validate accountLogin as you, Explain preferences, My Libraries, show your own tags, comments etcExplain lists featureTotal ranking for newspapers text correctionsDemo 2 Browse By Newspaper By Date By State Browse papers (click logo at top then click zone)First Newspaper SydGaz 1803Questions
  • The British Newspaper Archive contains news articles, family notices, letters to the editor, obituaries and advertisements from historical newspapers published throughout the UK including Scotland Wales and northern Ireland. The British Library is working in partnership with brightsolid online publishing over the next 10 years to digitise up to 40 million newspaper pages from the British Library's vast collection. The first stage of this project focuses on newspaper runs published before 1900 and will include titles from cities such as Birmingham, Derby, Manchester, Nottingham, Norwich, Leeds and York, along with county newspapers and local titles from London boroughs.
  • Explain that to access the BNA in the NLA that you must first register online with the archive while you are here at the NLA[show where to do this]The reason for this is the access model requires personal Logons – once logged on as you (while in the NLA) you will be able to access the NLA subscription to BNA[make sure everyone understands this – really important]Access is only available whilst in the NLA – ignore information about credits as that relates to individual subscriptions not our NLA subscriptionSearch exampleLogon onClick on search tab to explain that you can browse by date or titleExplain filters are similar to trove but here you can filter before your searchLimit by date to 1913Type the following search founding of CanberraSelect 1st articleShow Article textDownloadNote that the whole page is an output – not the articleNote My researchMy Research is your personal area to store and organise your research and favourite articles:See all the articles you have viewed on the site in your Viewed Articles tab Bookmark your articles into foldersAssign the folders names to organise your research and favourite articlesAdd your thoughts and comments about your bookmarked articles with My NotesSee a list of all your searches in your Search History tabReturn to front pageGo to advanced searchSelect front page onlySearchThen select illustratedShow how to browse from search screenWhen on a page show full screenQuestions???
  • This service allows cross-searching of the Gale range of historical newspaper collections. Users can simultaneously search or browse across the Times Digital Archive, the 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection, the Financial Times Historical Archive, the 19th Century British Library Newspapers, the 19th Century UK Periodicals, and the Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Irish Newspaper Archives is the largest online database of Irish newspapers in the world. The archive dates from 1763 to the present and includes a mix of out of print titles and current titles, providing word-searchable access to articles or full pages. Irish Newspaper Archive contains over 6 million pages in over 500,000 issues.Can be accessed from home by registered National Library ReadersTitles include the Irish Independent (1905 - current), The Freeman's Journal (1763-1924), the Connacht Tribune (1909-2007), the Leitrim Observer (1924- Jan 1976), the Meath Chronicle (1897- April 2005) and the Southern Star (1892-2006)We wont do example Same search style as GNV
  • Library PressDisplay provides access to over 1000 newspapers in 40 languages from more than 80 countries, displaying them in their original format, layout and original language on the date of publication.
  • This resource can be accessed from home by registered national library readersExplain how
  • NOTE: This slide will need to be updated for each session and the search will be different for each session - it is important that the presenter is familiar with LPD before the sessionExample of a paper and the browse functionExplain it can be keyword searchedRemind 60 day archive only and there are some embargos on Australian content DemoBrowse to UKShow listingBrowse through toThe Guardian Weekly (U.K)Back to home pageBrowse to AustraliaShow SMH embargoShow Daily TelegraphShow NT NewsPrint a page - option to email article
  • is an interdisciplinary news, current affairs and research database providing access to nearly 8000 publications, including local and international newspapers, newswires, magazines and journal sources. Extensive company information is provided, including financial data for more than 42,500 worldwide companies (from Reuters Investor) as well as access to historical market data and interactive charting. Can be accessed from home by registered national library readersDoesn't display like Library pressdisplayOnly text content, not as it appeared in the newspaperDue to copyright graphical information, pictures etc, and opinion pieces not includedNo personal noticesCoverage varies from title to titleCanberra times3 September 1996 – todayQueanbeyan Age 4 September 2009 – todaySMH1 September 1986 – Today
  • ExplainSources – information on & excludingDemonstrate Search ‘Canberra AND Centenary’ Need to use AND OR NOT to separate words or phrase search is used automaticallyModify searchSpecify DatesSources(Explain other limiters but don’t use)Show results displayedNews pagesCan browse the last two weeks of news on a specific topic or newspaper titleExplaincompanies ( very briefly)
  • Sydney morning Herald Archive 1955 to 1995 – onsite access onlyPapers Past 1839 – 1932 - freely available Chronicling America 1836-1922 – freely available
  • Finding newspaper articles 2013

    1. 1. Finding newspaper articles Make the most of the National Library's Newspaper Collection
    2. 2. Session Content • Newspaper’s in the Library – Print & microform newspapers • Digitised Historical Newspapers – Trove – British Newspaper Archive – Gale News Vault • Online Current Newspapers – Library Press Display – Factiva • Other Newspaper resources – More online resources
    3. 3. Newspapers held at the NLA • 8000 titles in the collection • 400 current Australian papers  Capital city and regional  Special interest groups  Published in languages other than English • 250 current overseas newspapers
    4. 4. Accessing Newspaper Collections Open access in NMRR– no call slip required • Current issues of Australian capital city dailies and selected overseas titles • Latest three months of Australian capital city dailies available in print • Over 50 Australian titles on microfilm – all issues Closed access • Stored in the closed stack • E-call slip required Request by e-callslip • Some stored offsite
    5. 5. Trove • Freely available from NLA website • Includes many Australian newspaper titles from 1803 to 1954 • Keyword searching to find articles • Browse individual issues • Also includes the Australian Women’s Weekly from 1932 to 1982
    6. 6. British Library Newspaper Archive • The British Newspaper Archive is a partnership between the British Library and brightsolid online publishing • Aims to digitise up to 40 million newspaper pages from the British Library's vast collection over the next 10 years. • Current content focus on pre 1900
    7. 7. Gale NewsVault • Gale NewsVault; - Times Digital Archive - 19th Century British Library Newspapers - Illustrated London News • Can be accessed from home by registered National Library Readers
    8. 8. • 4243
    9. 9. Irish Newspaper Archives • Irish Independent (1905 - current) • The Freeman's Journal (1763-1924) • The Connacht Tribune (1909-2007) • The Leitrim Observer (1924- Jan 1976) • The Meath Chronicle (1897- April 2005) • The Southern Star (1892-2006)
    10. 10. Library PressDisplay • Library PressDisplay provides access to over 1000 newspapers in 40 languages from more than 80 countries. • Displays in original format. • Titles are archived for 60 days only. • Can be accessed from home by registered National Library Readers
    11. 11. 4307
    12. 12. Factiva • Content from Australian and Overseas Newspapers • Today or yesterday latest content • Coverage dates vary • Text of articles only – no pictures • No personal notices
    13. 13. More Online Newspapers • Sydney Morning Herald Archive 1955 -1995 • Papers Past (New Zealand) 1839 - 1932 • Chronicling America 1836-1922 • Look in eResources
    14. 14. Questions? “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte