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Monitoring options for SAP BusinessObjects


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The presentations goes thru on different monitoring options for SAP BusinessObjects XI and 4.0.

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Monitoring options for SAP BusinessObjects

  1. 1. BO Monitoring Basics Tamas Foldi –
  2. 2. AgendaStarschema Monitoring Tool SAP Monitoring for BO XIr3.x SAP Monitoring for BO 4.0 Using the JMX ConnectorsQ&A
  3. 3. Who we are? DWHDevelopment / OperationTechnology Partners Products
  4. 4. Starschema BOXI MonitoringOriginally developed for XI, XIr2 Support XIr2, XIr3, XI3.1 BO4.0 not, and never be supportedVersions and features  Free Version • Logon probe • Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence Probes  Commercial Version • History check – checks the job server functionalities as well
  5. 5. Business Objects Enterprise Monitoring“Almost” Official SAP Monitoring  Released as a “labs” product  Works with XI 3.x and XI R2  Able to detect potential stability and performance issues  Access information by running queries in the CMS database  Provided by SAP SDN (SAP Developer Network). Not supported officially by SAP.Base of the BO40 Monitoring application
  6. 6. Business Objects Enterprise MonitoringJava based, integrated add-on  The monitoring probes are JAVA based, operating system independent. The solution is very flexible so you may stage the implementation.Flexible output  The result from the monitoring probes are in XSLT format so they can be consumed in a market monitoring tool where rules, alerts and actions can be defined and implemented.Easily extendable  By default it is not able to monitor server status, Starschema has its own, proven test probe which is able to provide this information. It is deployed and in-use in many of our customers infrastructure.
  7. 7. Business Objects Enterprise MonitoringProvides the following test probes  CMS Logon Logoff  Crystal Reports service through Page and Cache Server  Crystal Reports service through Report Application Server  Desktop Intelligence Service  Web Intelligence Service  CMS ping  CMS cache  CMS database connection  Starschema server status
  8. 8. Business Objects Enterprise Monitoring
  9. 9. Business Objects Enterprise MonitoringMore information can be found at: center?rid=/webcontent/uuid/b08e88db- 7a98-2b10-8bbd-a699b7bd0290
  10. 10. Monitoring in BO40New application in BO40Features Both live and historical data Performance, KPI, availability, response times, peak loads Monitoring dashboard Inbuilt workflows, email alerting JMX and other 3rd party connectors Historical database (for external reporting)
  11. 11. Monitoring TermsMetrics / Derived Metrics Performance, availability and host metrics User can create his own (like No. sessions / CPU)Watches “If server enabled and server status is not running then send warning email to”Probes Simulates the different functionalities (user logon, database logon)Alerts Special watches, where alert is enabled
  12. 12. ArchitectureRuns in APS (and AJS)Supports cluster/failover (active-passive)It is advised to put it on a separate APS serverProbes can be written in Java using SDK
  13. 13. Architecture
  14. 14. 3rd Party connectionJMX = Java Management Extensions Access from external application Refresh metrics Poll and subscribe model Supported by all monitoring toolsDedicated connectors IBM Tivoli SAP Solution Manager
  15. 15. Historical DatabaseDerby database Universe can “see” it Ability to create custom reports for SLA reporting
  16. 16. Thank youTamas Foldi –