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Mla format

  1. 1. MLA FORMAT
  2. 2. Heading - __________ Alligned - Include__________, ____________, and ___________in that order.
  3. 3. Heading - Left Alligned - Include name, date, and period inthat order.
  4. 4. DATE- The _____ of the month comesfirst, then the ________, then the_______.The month must be ________________.
  5. 5. DATE- The day of the month comes first, then the month , then the year.The month must be spelled out.
  6. 6. Font- Font refers to the __________ of thelettering.- EVERYTHING must be _____ pointfont, ________ _____ _______.
  7. 7. Font- Font refers to the style of the lettering.- EVERYTHING must be 12 point font, Times New Roman.
  8. 8. Spacing- EVERYTHING from your name to the title tothe last sentence of your paper must be doublespaced.
  9. 9. Margins- All margins must be one inch.- You can set the margins by going to pagelayout.
  10. 10. Title• The title must be center aligned.• You must capitalize all words in the title• Do not bold or underline the title.• Do not change the font of the title.
  11. 11. Headers- You must include a your last name and pagenumber in the Header.The easiest way to do this is to go to insert, andchoose Page #. Make sure it is in the top rightcorner. Then click on the page by the pagenumber and add your last name.