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Tamkeen capital investment model 2013


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Tamkeen capital investment model 2013,

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Tamkeen capital investment model 2013

  1. 1. “Certainty comes from the courage to follow uncertain paths”
  2. 2. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Tamkeen Mission and Philosophy 2 Tamkeen Capital is a venture ally firm aspiring for sustainable business of innovation. We exist to enable passionately dedicated, and maniacally focused entrepreneurs to build world-changing ventures
  3. 3. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Tamkeen Serving Fast Growing SMEs 3
  4. 4. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Seeding & Feeding 4 Seeding: • Target Equity (15% - 35%) • Balanced Term Sheet (win-win) • Preferred Shares through SPV establishment • Convertible Debt or Equity Structure Feeding (Cash flow Support): • Management loan • Convertible Option • Cash flow support through bridge financing on moderately higher valuation
  5. 5. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Sheltering 4 Productivity 5 Hard Sheltering: • Providing co-working space (optional) Soft Sheltering: • Culture Development • Structured Coaching • Conflict Resolution • Organization Design • Synergy Leverage
  6. 6. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Talent Placement 4 Sustainable Growth 6 Talent Allocation: • Recruiting Stars leveraging Tamkeen reach and reputation • Recruiting talented fresh graduates through university relations • Non-conventional recruitment channels (Hackathons, Training, e- lancer recruitment, competitions,…) Talent Sharing: • Shared pool of rare talents • Assigning and celebrating Tech Champions Talent Development: • Increasing self awareness • Enabling self learning • Discovering strengths • Building on strengths • Talent re-allocation if needed
  7. 7. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Non-Financial Support 7 Infrastructure Support Finance & Accounting Services Administration & Operations Support Legal Support & Government Relations Peer-Coaching Knowledge Sharing Group Procurement Performing Coaching
  8. 8. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Accelerated Business Development 8 Forming Consolidated Value Preposition & Consortiums Global Relations (MNCs, VCs and Growth Funds) Focused Account Management Support Effective Networking for expansion Forming experienced sounding Board for growth Media Coverage & Exposure
  9. 9. Tamkeen Capital Investment Model Contact Information Tarek Fahim Cell: +20 10 016 45 298 Email: Ihab ElFouly Cell: +20 10 078 36 663 Email: 9