Asbestos	  –	  A	  Prac>cal	  Guide	  to	  Your	  Responsibili>es	  Under	  New	  Work	  Health	  &	  Safety	  Laws       ...
Asbestos	  –	  A	  Prac>cal	  Guide	  to	  Your	  Responsibili>es	  Under	  New	  Work	  Health	  &	  Safety	  Laws	      ...
What	  Do	  Strata	  Bodies	  and	  James	        Hardie	  Industries	  Have	  in	  Common?       	  •  From	  1	  January...
Asbestos	  Cases	  Are	  on	  the	  Rise	                                                                                 ...
Your	  Insurance	  Does	  Not	  Cover	  This	  Risk	     ©	  Copyright	  2012	  Teys	  Lawyers   	     	     	     	     	...
Strata	  Bodies	  Have	  Unlimited	  Liability	                                                    	                      ...
Damages	  Awards	  Can	  Exceed	  $2M	  ©	  Copyright	  2012	  Teys	  Lawyers   	     	     	     	     	     	     	  	  ...
In	  Addi>on	  There	  May	  Be	  Fines	  &	  Jail	  	                                                                    ...
New	  WHS	  Laws	  at	  a	  Glance	          Effec>ve	  1	  January	  2012	  in	  QLD,	  NSW,	  ACT	  &	  NT	              ...
Person	  Carrying	  on	  a	  Business	  or	  Undertaking	                                                                 ...
“Strata	  Title	  Bodies	  Corporate	  Responsible	  for	  Common	   Areas	  Used	  Only	  for	  Residen>al	  Purposes	  a...
Primary	  Du>es	  of	  a	  PCBU	                                                                                 Safe	  Wo...
The	  Latest	  From	  the	  High	  Court	  on	                         Safe	  Systems   	  •  Amputee	  slipped	  on	  chi...
A	  Strata	  Body’s	  General	  Du>es	  About	  Asbestos                                                             	    ...
Reasonably	  Prac>cable	  Depends	  on	  ……	      Likelihood	  of	  risk	      Degree	  of	  harm	      Actual	  or	  impu...
All	  Asbestos	  Must	  Be	  Iden>fied	  •  There	  is	  a	  presump>on	  in	     favour	  of	  asbestos	  exis>ng	  •  If	...
Accessible	  Asbestos	  Registers                                               	                                         ...
Asbestos	  Management	  Plans                                              	  	  	  	  	  	  	  Management	  Plan	        ...
When	  Repairing	  and	  Maintaining	                     Common	  Property    	  1.  Review	  the	  register	  and	  revi...
Du>es	  of	  an	  Officer	  of	  a	  PCBU	                                                                                 “...
But	  the	  Defence	  for	  Personal	  Liability	  is	  Clearer	     1.  Keep	  up	  to	  date	     2.  Understand	  opera...
We	  Can	  Help	  You	  Develop	  a	  Systema>c	          Approach	  to	  Due	  Diligence	                                ...
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Asbestos A Practical Guide to Your Responsibilities Under New Work Health & Safety Laws


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Asbestos A Practical Guide to Your Responsibilities Under New Work Health & Safety Laws

  1. 1. Asbestos  –  A  Prac>cal  Guide  to  Your  Responsibili>es  Under  New  Work  Health  &  Safety  Laws  Webinar  13  March  2012   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  2. 2. Asbestos  –  A  Prac>cal  Guide  to  Your  Responsibili>es  Under  New  Work  Health  &  Safety  Laws   About the webinar presenter - Michael Teys is the Founder and Principal Lawyer of TEYS Lawyers. He has a Bachelor of Laws and practices exclusively in the area of strata title law. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers. He was formerly an Adjunct Lecturer with Charles Sturt University. He appears weekly on SKY News Business Channels Property Success with Margaret Lomas and is a regular panellist for the property edition of Your Money, Your Call for the same channel. You can read Michael’s blog at and follow him on Twitter at @MichaelTeys.comTeys Lawyers practice nationally in strata title law representing owners corporations, bodiescorporate and apartment owners. The firm’s practice groups include building defects, stratacommunity disputes, strata titles property law, by-laws and levy collection.Subscribe for their free e-newsletter StrataSpace and find out more about them ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  3. 3. What  Do  Strata  Bodies  and  James   Hardie  Industries  Have  in  Common?  •  From  1  January  2012  strata   bodies  are  liable  for   asbestos  hazards  and  risks  at   work  •  There  is  personal  liability   and  jail  >me  for  recklessness   by  commiWees  and   managers  •  There  are  fines  for  breaches   of  the  regula>ons   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  4. 4. Asbestos  Cases  Are  on  the  Rise   “600  new  cases  are   developing  a  year  due   to  lag  >me  between   exposure  and   manifesta>on”   “Another  25,000    +   Australians  will  die   over  the  next  40  years”      Source:  www.asbestos-­‐   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  5. 5. Your  Insurance  Does  Not  Cover  This  Risk   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  6. 6. Strata  Bodies  Have  Unlimited  Liability     •  An  uninsured  owners   corpora>on  or  body  corporate   must  s>ll  pay  a  damages  award   •  Unlike  shareholders  and  club   members,  lot  owners  do  not   have  limited  liability   •  An  administrator  will  be   appointed  to  strike  a  levy  to   cover  damages  and  costs   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  7. 7. Damages  Awards  Can  Exceed  $2M  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  8. 8. In  Addi>on  There  May  Be  Fines  &  Jail     •  Recklessness  /  risk   –  OC  /  BC  $3million   –  CommiWee  $600,000  /  5  years  jail   –  SM  $300,000  /  5  years  jail   •  Breach  /  risk   –  OC  /  BC  $1.5  million   –  CommiWee    $300,000   –  SM  $150,000   •  Breach   –  OC  /  BC  $500,000   –  CommiWee  $100,000   –  SM  $50,000   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  9. 9. New  WHS  Laws  at  a  Glance   Effec>ve  1  January  2012  in  QLD,  NSW,  ACT  &  NT   No  ‘grace  period’  for  compliance  (limited  asbestos  register  transi>on  30/6/13  for   buildings  1  Jan  ’90  –  31  Dec  ’03)   OC  /  BC  =  Person  carrying  on  a  business  or  undertaking   Residen>al  strata  exemp>on  confusing  &  virtually  useless   Reverse  onus  removed  -­‐  prosecu>on  must  prove  breach  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  10. 10. Person  Carrying  on  a  Business  or  Undertaking   Business   Volunteer  associa>on   exemp>on  –  strata  fails   community  purpose  test   Profit     PCBU   Non-­‐profit   Residen>al  purposes  only   exemp>on  –  applies  only   to  occupants  doing   domes>c  work   Undertaking   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  11. 11. “Strata  Title  Bodies  Corporate  Responsible  for  Common   Areas  Used  Only  for  Residen>al  Purposes  are  Exempt”   Exemp>on  will  not  apply  where:   •  OC  /  BC  employees   •  Common  property  with   commercial  lots   •  On-­‐site  lepng  agent   •  Lots  used  as  home  businesses   •  Nannies  employed  in  lots   •  Lots  for  short  term   accommoda>on   •  Communica>on  towers  /   satellite  dish  /  adver>sing  signs   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  12. 12. Primary  Du>es  of  a  PCBU   Safe  Work   Environment   Condi>ons  &   Health   Safe  Plant  &   Structures   Monitoring   PCBU   Primary   Duty  of   Adequate   Welfare   Care   Safe  Work   Systems   Facili>es   Info,   Training,   Safe  Use   Handling  &   Instruc>on,   Storage   Supervision  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  13. 13. The  Latest  From  the  High  Court  on   Safe  Systems  •  Amputee  slipped  on  chip  •  “Reasonable  care  requires   the  inspec>on  and   removal  of  slipping   hazards  at  intervals  not   greater  than  20  minutes”  •  Damages  awarded   $580,299.12  +  costs  Strong  v  Woolworths  [2012]  HCA  5,  7  March  2012       ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  14. 14. A  Strata  Body’s  General  Du>es  About  Asbestos   •  To  ensure  that  exposure   to  airborne  asbestos  is   eliminated  or  minimised   so  far  as  reasonably   prac>cal   •  To  ensure  that  exposure   standards  for  asbestos  are   not  exceeded     s.420  WHS  Regula>ons  2011   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  15. 15. Reasonably  Prac>cable  Depends  on  ……   Likelihood  of  risk   Degree  of  harm   Actual  or  imputed  knowledge   Op>ons  to  eliminate  &  minimise  risk   Cost  v  risk  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  16. 16. All  Asbestos  Must  Be  Iden>fied  •  There  is  a  presump>on  in   favour  of  asbestos  exis>ng  •  If  inaccessible  it  is   assumed  to  be  present  •  Samples  may  be  tested  at   an  approved  laboratory  •  Asbestos  must  be   iden>fied  with  labels  and   signage   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  17. 17. Accessible  Asbestos  Registers   •  Asbestos  registers  must   be  readily  accessible  to   employees  or  contractors   •  Copies  must  be  provided   and  should  be  provided   with  the  work  order   •  Outgoing  strata  managers   must  pass  on  registers  to   new  managers  (reg  428   max  fine  $18k)  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                            
  18. 18. Asbestos  Management  Plans              Management  Plan                Management  Plan  Review   Asbestos  iden>fica>on   Asbestos  register  is  reviewed   Management  decisions  and  reasons   Asbestos  is  moved   Incident  and  emergency  procedures   Plan  becomes  outdated   Worker’s  informa>on   WHS  representa>ve  requests  review   Made  available  to  all  workers   At  least  once  every  5  years   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  19. 19. When  Repairing  and  Maintaining   Common  Property  1.  Review  the  register  and  revise  2.  Provide  employee  contractor   with  copies  3.  Iden>fy  and  remove  asbestos   prior  to  demoli>on  or  repair  4.  Develop  procedure  for  limi>ng   exposure  to  workers  and   others  5.  Determine  what  is  minor  or   rou>ne  work  and  therefore   excluded   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  20. 20. Du>es  of  an  Officer  of  a  PCBU   “An  officer  of  a  PCBU   must  exercise  due   diligence  to  ensure  that   the  PCBU  complies  with   its  du>es  and  obliga>ons”       S.27  WHS  Act  2011  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  21. 21. But  the  Defence  for  Personal  Liability  is  Clearer   1.  Keep  up  to  date   2.  Understand  opera>ons   3.  Eliminate  or  minimise  risks   4.  Process  informa>on   5.  Supply  resources  and   processes     6.  Verify  provision  and  use  of   resources  and  processes   (Due  diligence  defence  S.27(5)   WHS  2011)   ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers                                                                                          
  22. 22. We  Can  Help  You  Develop  a  Systema>c   Approach  to  Due  Diligence   Seven   Personalised   essen>al  WHS   leWer  of  advice   forms,   to  send  to  your   precedents  &   FAQ’s  for  your   checklists   staff,  website   schemes   &  client   Porwolio  risk   handouts   assessment   workshop   Gap   analysis  of   Call  now  on  02  9562  6500  or  email  us  at   your                                                 current   process   for  your  fixed  fee  proposal  ©  Copyright  2012  Teys  Lawyers