Mosio's Text a Librarian Dominican University


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Mosio's Text a Librarian presentation to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University. Presented by Jamieson Chandler.

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Mosio's Text a Librarian Dominican University

  1. 1. Jamieson Chandler
  2. 2. Martin Cooper He invented the cell phone!
  3. 3. The father of text messaging! Friedhelm Hillebrand
  4. 4. In the News…In the News… ““Text messaging taking off, smashing records, says VeriSign”Text messaging taking off, smashing records, says VeriSign” “Ford Backs Ban on Text Messaging by Drivers” “They’re Old Enough to Text. Now What?” “Text messaging more than just child's play” “Crime Stoppers launches text tip program in San Luis Obispo County” “Text-message tips the latest crime-fighting tool” “When the Cellphone Teaches Sex Education” “Let Them Eat Tweets” “You’ve Got Voice Mail, but Do You Care?” “Wallet of the future? Your mobile phone” “Texting behind wheel? Prepare to be ticketed” “Answers just a text message away” “Ministry to Introduce text message facility” “Text messaging isn't just for 'LOLZ' anymore” “Testing begins on 999 text service for deaf” “Are Consumers Paying Too Much for Text- Messaging?” “Twitter, texting could help families in disasters” “Police: Missing child found via text message” "Sexting" Shockingly Common Among Teens “Text Messaging While Driving can be Deadly”
  5. 5. ► 3.5 Billion Text Messages per Day in 2008 – CTIA Wireless ► Americans now send twice as many text messages as they make phone calls – Nielsen Mobile ► 68% of people 18-34 use text messaging (76% of people 18-24 and 50% overall) – MMA, 2007 ► U.S. Teens (ages 13-17) sent and received an average of 1,742 text messages per month in Q2 2008 – Nielsen Mobile) Facts & Figures of Text Messaging in theFacts & Figures of Text Messaging in the U.S.U.S.
  6. 6. About Mosio: ► Mosio is a play on the word “Mociology”, a mash up of “mobile" and “sociology”, which is defined as: the study of human behavior in a mobile world and the study of mobile device/phone lifestyles. Mociology was coined in 2005 by Ralph Simon, a leading mobile content expert. ► Launched August 2007 ► Info-on-the-go via text messaging ► People powered search ► Members ask, members answer. “While so much technology is made to be automated, we truly wanted to create something in the mobile space that continued to bring people closer together.”
  7. 7. SMS: Social Mobile SearchSMS: Social Mobile Search
  8. 8. Mosio Awards & RecognitionMosio Awards & Recognition
  9. 9. Where do we go from here?Where do we go from here? The opportunities… ► Monthly subscriptions to Mosio ► Mobile advertising ► SaaS model
  10. 10. Advantages of Software as a ServiceAdvantages of Software as a Service For Businesses & Organizations ► Affordable ► No hardware or software to purchase or install ► Flexible & Scalable ► Easy to implement ► Greater uptime ► Always evolving: Upgrades & added features ► Lower commitment
  11. 11. Why libraries?Why libraries?
  12. 12. ””The dissemination of knowledge is one of the cornerstones ofThe dissemination of knowledge is one of the cornerstones of civilization.” - John F. Buddcivilization.” - John F. Budd ► Prolific Mosio members who are librarians ► Provide access to information & resources ► Reference Services already doing this  In-person, Phone, Email, IM & Text Messaging ► Share information & technology openly
  13. 13. About Text a Librarian: ► Private beta October 2008 ► Official launch in January 2009 ► Built for libraries from feedback and conversations with library professionals ► Web Based Interface ► Mobile Carrier certification ► Easy to implement, learn, use and market to patrons
  14. 14. Text a Librarian enables libraries to: ► Connect with patrons anywhere ► Extend library outreach ► Expand the walls of the library
  15. 15. Feedback during development of Text a Librarian • Security • Privacy • Cost • Implementation • Features • Reporting • Patron Marketing • Ease of Use / Functionality • Dedicated Technical Support • Collaboration Amongst Librarians
  16. 16. The MicroboardThe Microboard
  17. 17. Microboard Features: ► Private & Anonymous Patron Experience ► Live, Searchable Archive ► Multi-modal Notification: Email, IM, SMS, Online ► Customizable Auto-Responders ► Answer Templates ► Collaborative Features ► 800 Term Text-Speak Translator ► Reporting ► SMS Footer ► Marketing Collateral
  18. 18. Patron ID Search
  19. 19. NotificationsNotifications
  20. 20. Answer Text Box Templates
  21. 21. SMS Preview Window
  22. 22. Reporting
  23. 23. CollaborationCollaboration Internal Commenting “I Got It” Permalink
  24. 24. Click here! Text Speak TranslatorText Speak Translator
  25. 25. Text Speak Translated!Text Speak Translated!
  26. 26. Patron MarketingPatron Marketing
  27. 27. What else is there?What else is there?
  28. 28. • Virtual Reference - Email, IM, SMS • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr • “Enhanced” Search: WorldCat, The Library of Congress, Librarian’s Internet Index, Google, Bing, Twitter One-click access to your favorite reference search tools, Web 2.0 sites and social networks. Adding features based on more feedback…Adding features based on more feedback…
  29. 29. Start PagesStart Pages iGoogle | Pageflakes | Netvibes
  30. 30. The ToolbarThe Toolbar
  31. 31. Marketing the serviceMarketing the service
  32. 32. Marketing to LibrariesMarketing to Libraries
  33. 33. Interact & EngageInteract & Engage
  34. 34. LinkedIn Twitter FacebookFlickr Slideshare
  35. 35. What’s next for Text a Librarian?What’s next for Text a Librarian? ► Email IntegrationEmail Integration ► Twitter IntegrationTwitter Integration ► Mobile “Microsites”Mobile “Microsites”
  36. 36. Because all respectable presentations…Because all respectable presentations…
  37. 37. Thank You!Thank You! Questions, comments, feedback?Questions, comments, feedback? e: jamieson@textalibrarian.come: t: f: txt:txt: asktalasktal ++ your messageyour message toto 6674666746