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  • This is just a sampling of our partners. We have over 750 nationwide.
  • PHFE WIC - which reaches 326,000 individuals/month – trained staff with a scriptHealth Net – one of first health plans to sign on as a text4baby Outreach PartnerL.A. Care Health Plan - the nation’s largest public health plan - serves more than 850,000 Los Angeles County residents through four free or low-cost health insurance programsAdditionally, members learn about text4baby through the plan’s 11 Regional Community Advisory Committees (RCACs)
  • Started an advertising campaign with Metro Transit (which is the bus service for the Twin Cities Metro area). This campaign was about $9000 and was funded through money set aside for text4baby promotion through a federal Pregnancy Assistance Fund grant through the Office of Adolescent Health.  This grant has funded 11 student parent support centers for student parents in higher education institutions (tribal colleges, 2-year & technical colleges, and 4-year institutions). We intentionally choose several bus routes that service all four of our metro area grantees.  The campaign started on September 2nd and will run for 4 weeks. We were excited about the timing of this campaign because it coincided with the Minnesota State Fair as well as the beginning of the school year. The $9000 included design and production of the ads and a 4-week campaign on 35 (or more) buses that service the metro area on a daily basis.  
  • And we know from our data that these billboards made a huge difference in enrollment numbers. On the screen now is a map of Virginia. As you can see, Martinsville has some of the highest enrollment in Virginia.
  • Kane County Health Department issued a Press Release on May 25th, 2010 highlighting the HD’s partnership with text4babyChildCare Links in Hartford County, Maryland included text4baby in their summer newsletter. You can also use social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter: Here is a sample message in both English and Spanish that you can share with your twitter & facebook followers.
  • Immunize Nevada’s social media outlets and local mom blog sites - request for “pregnant women and/or moms of babies under the age of 1 to participate in a secret project that promotes maternal and child health and safety”Quickly went viral and they received more than 40 inquiries about our secret project.Once we secured the dancing moms we provided a YouTube video of the dance, which gave step by step instructions and then a run-through of the entire dance.Two “dress rehearsals” for the moms, which allowed them to ask any questions, see the venue and get to know one another.Participants received a gift certificate to the local mall and two tickets to the June 24 Aces baseball game. In addition, participants were required to sign-up for Text4Baby (which a handful of them already were).A total of 17 women who participated in the flash mob.The crowd who witnessed the flash mob consisted of more than a couple hundred people.We provided bright pink Text4Baby t-shirts for the mothers to wear, and just as the music came on the ladies revealed the Text4Baby t-shirts and started the choreographed dance.To get the attention of the people who surrounded the dancers we started with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and then the music changed into the very recognizable Justin Bieber “Baby” song.The flash mob was held at the Reno Aces (a D league team for the Diamondbacks) baseball stadium in downtown Reno, Nevada Friday, June 24. Game time was set for 7 p.m. and the flash mob took place right outside of the stadium at 6:30 p.m. near the main ticket entrance. The ballpark is surrounded by “The FreightHouse District,” which is crowded with men, women and families of all ages.As part of our partnership with the Reno Aces, we received 7 big screen ads at the 7 games leading up to the “Friday, flash mob” game, video of the flash mob and then a playback of the flash mob during the “Friday, flash mob” game.We secured media coverage for the Text4Baby program through the local NBC news station. However due to a tragic train accident, the story has been postponed. We will be following up with them today.
  • Text4baby New Partner Slides

    1. 1. An Introduction toText4babyPartnership
    2. 2. What is text4baby? A free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health. An educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB). A service that provides pregnant women and new moms with information to help them care for their health and give their babies the best possible start in life. The largest national mobile health initiative to date.
    3. 3. How Text4babyHow Text4baby Works Works User registration via text or website: Text BABY/BEBE to 511411 User gives zip and due date/DOB If pregnant, user gets a starter-pack of 6 key messages (over 2wks) User gets free tips 3x/week Ends if user texts STOP or on the baby’s 1st b-day
    4. 4. National PartnershipNational Partnership
    5. 5. Diverse Partners in Health EcosystemFederal Agencies 50 State Health & 96 Health Plans Medicaid AgenciesMajor Health Assns. Hospital Networks Media Partners >50 State & Local Coalitions
    6. 6. Meet Your Account Manager! Meet your Account Manager!Alaska – Kathleen Michigan - KathleenAlabama – Luisa Minnesota - LindsayArizona – Luisa Mississippi – Luisa Tennessee – LuisaArkansas – Luisa Missouri – Kathleen Texas - LuisaCalifornia – Kathleen Montana – Lindsay U.S. Territories – LuisaColorado – Luisa Nebraska – Kathleen Utah - LindsayConnecticut – Lindsay Nevada – Lindsay Vermont - KathleenDelaware – Lindsay New Hampshire – Lindsay Virginia - LuisaFlorida – Luisa New Jersey – Kathleen Washington - LindsayGeorgia – Lindsay New Mexico – Luisa Washington D.C. - LuisaHawaii – Luisa New York – Kathleen Wisconsin - KathleenIdaho – Lindsay North Carolina – Lindsay West Virginia - LindsayIllinois – Kathleen North Dakota – Lindsay Wyoming – KathleenIndiana – Lindsay Oklahoma - KathleenIowa – Luisa Ohio - Lindsay  Lindsay Handelsman:Kansas – Lindsay Oregon - Kathleen lhandelsman@hmhb.orgKentucky - Kathleen Pennsylvania – Luisa  Kathleen Murphy:Louisiana – Kathleen Puerto Rico – Luisa kmurphy@hmhb.orgMaine – Kathleen Rhode Island - Lindsay  Luisa Soaterna-Castaneda:Maryland – Kathleen South Carolina - Luisa luisa@hmhb.orgMassachusetts – Luisa South Dakota – Lindsay Please contact Emilia Guasconi at eguasconi@text4baby.org if you are a health plan. Ifyou are a national organization, please email partners@text4baby.org , and we will directyou to your appropriate account manager.
    7. 7. Overview of Outreach Partner Benefits No cost to partners Resources available at www.text4baby.org including flyer art, tip sheets, boilerplate language, press release templates, and more. Bilingual promotional materials. Access to text4baby logo and Adobe InDesign art files for customization. Promotion in Text4baby Tuesday, a weekly e-mail alert providing program updates. Receive updates on campaign from national staff Recognition on the text4baby website & in select communications. Opportunity to be connected with your peers for collaboration. Access to zip code-level data to track local enrollment. Technical assistance through HMHB.
    8. 8. Steps for Making a Difference for Moms Coalition Building  Increasing capacity to reach more women  Ensuring communication and coordination Promotional Materials and Resources  Posters in health clinics/exam & waiting rooms  Distributing tear off pads and referral cards  Customizing Materials with your organization’s logo  Tip sheets, boilerplate language, press release templates Outreach and Communications  Mass emails to network  Staff trainings  Promotion at conferences  Events in community  Bus and Mall Kiosk Advertisements  “On-Hold” messages  Incorporating text4baby into intake process  Outreach to elected officials Enrollment Data Use for Outreach and Evaluation  Specific zip-code level data to assist in developing outreach and marketing strategies  Evaluating Success Media Outreach  Press Releases  E-newsletter or print newsletter  Radio and TV PSA distribution  Flash Mobs  Youtube  Facebook  Twitter  Website Promotion
    9. 9. Text4baby Coalition Building What is coalition building? Coalition building allows organizations to work together to accomplish change that no one group could have accomplished on its ownBuilding a state-wide or local coalition around text4babywill:  Help ensure communication and coordination between partners Increase the capacity to reach more women Allow organizations with similar goals to raise awareness about maternal and child health, and tools like text4baby, to a degree that may not be achieved aloneTo facilitate coalition-building we will provide you with alist of all of the partners in your state with contactinformation for the text4baby coordinator at thatorganizationStated simply: We believe that working together increases the potential forsuccess.
    10. 10. Building a Coalition: New Hampshire The New Hampshire Coalition, led by the New Hampshire Department of HealthWIC and Maternal and Child Health Divisions has had great success by building onexisting contacts and networks. Their coalition building efforts evolved in threephases: 1) Internal collaboration across the Department of Health to print materials, send email blasts, and bring text4baby materials to all outreach events. 2) Each program within the Department of Health reached out to their community partners and stakeholders to gain buy-in and raise awareness about text4baby. This included other state agencies, community action groups, and other social service programs. 3) Outreach to retail and private sector groups, public association websites, utilized existing partnerships and networks, promoted text4baby through publications/ local radio The New Hampshire Coalition convenes quarterly coalition meetings with partnersand also provides a quarterly update via email to all programs.The hard work and collaboration of the New Hampshire Coalition earned the state2nd place in the 2011 Text4baby State Enrollment Contest
    11. 11. Building a Coalition: Kansas The state lead organization is the Kansas Department of Health andEnvironment.State lead effectively communicates with partners across the stateand actively engages the coalition to promote the program  Bi-weekly emails to partners encouraging text4baby promotion and collaboration between organizations State lead often presents on text4baby, both formally at conferences and informally at brown bag lunch events at organizations wanting to learn more about text4baby  As part of state-wide collaborative efforts, the Kansas WIC program created billboards to promote text4baby
    12. 12. Promotional MaterialsPromotional Materials  Flyers Tear-off pads Bilingual Referral cards Access materials at http://www.text4baby.org or request Adobe InDesign files for these materials from your account manager.
    13. 13. Training Staff and Engaging Community: Los Angeles During a sharing session co-hosted by the Los Angeles County Department Public Health, partners shared current initiatives:  The Public Health Foundation Enterprise (PHFE) WIC  Trained staff to promote text4baby in their education programs and one-on-one appointments  First 5 LA  Engages their community coalitions in a prenatal campaign  Health Net  Promotes the service through commercial and state health plans  Information about text4baby on their website and in their newsletters.  L.A. Care Health Plan  Distributes co-branded flyers, posters and information at health fairs, health education classes, and at Family Resource Centers  Information also hung in provider offices or given to patients
    14. 14. Spreading the word: Palm Beach County Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County kick offwith local Wal-Mart Bilingual text4baby flyer in shopping bags Local radio promoted event and provided entertainment Local restaurants offered free food and drinks Raffle with gifts for new moms and babies
    15. 15. Minnesota Bus Advertisements Advertising campaign on busses that serve the Twin Cities Metro area. Campaign started on September 2nd and will run for 4 weeks on 35 (or more buses) that service the metro area on a daily basis. Total cost: $9000. This included design and production of the ads and the 4-week campaign. Campaign funded by a federal Pregnancy Assistance Fund grant through the Office of Adolescent Health.
    16. 16. Mall Signs in Solano County, CA First 5 Solano worked with the local mall to display text4baby posters in kiosks where over 8 million shoppers pass through each year!
    17. 17. Using Data to track promotional efforts text4baby Enrollment by Zip Code Virginia Feb-Aug 2010Smart Beginnings ofMartinsville-HenryCounty inMartinsville, VAplaced six text4baby Six text4baby billboardsbillboards in areas went up in Martinsvillewith high traffic.
    18. 18. Using Data to track promotional efforts Alabama Text4baby Enrollment by Date 2/2/10 - 8/17/11 Aug. 17/18: News 180 release & media Number of New Unique Users 160 coverage 140 Promo to AL 120 chapters of MMAs 100 80 60 40 20 0 WOM promo to DSPs Date August press release included quote from State Health Officer and commitment toenroll 60,000 users by end of 2011.On 8/18/11, 17% of the day’s new users came from Alabama (128 out of 771). In the weeks leading up to news release, the AL DOH attended numerous healthfairs, conferences, and other activities to increase providers’ knowledge of text4baby. In April 2010, ADPH promoted text4baby at the conferences of the Alabama Chaptersof the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Congress of Obstetricians andGynecologists, as well as to the State Perinatal Advisory Council, health careproviders, and WIC clinics.
    19. 19. Gain Access to Data: Text4babyEnrollment Dashboard  Partners can sign a Data Use Agreement to gain access to zip-code specific enrollment data  DUA grants access to specific data fields to assist in developing outreach and marketing strategies and evaluating success  Completed DUAs can be filled out and returned to Research Manager, Jessica Bushar at jbushar@hmhb.org, or faxed to her attention at 703-684- 5968
    20. 20. Media: Celebrating Success Baby on the way? New mom? #text4baby is a free servicethat texts mom health tips & info onfree services. text BABY to 511411.¿Bebé en camino? ¿Nueva mamá?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v#text4baby un servicio de SMS gratis =BQ0RFUlphu4ofrece consejos de salud/info de  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =NSAUQXm8vFI&feature=relatedservicios para mamás EnviéBEBE al 511411
    21. 21. What media strategies/tactics work to get moms to enroll in text4baby? North Carolina PSAs launch 7/26/11 Number of Radio PSAs New Unique Users Date (January 1, 2011 through August 11, 2011) NC moved from 28th place in the State Contest on 7/19 to 1 st on 8/29 In the week from 7/26 to 8/2, 451 people in NC enrolled; for the week between 7/19 and7/26, only 110 people enrolled in NC. This is an increase of 400%. Enrollment spikes were concentrated around specific times, corresponding with whenthe PSAs were being shown. The PSA is running throughout the month of August onpopular television channels and in movie theatres. In April 2011, 525 text4baby radio spots ran on 8 stations in 3 markets.
    22. 22. Best Practices: Nevada Flash Mob
    23. 23. Connecting Kids to Coverage & Text4baby 4 million births each year; almost half are to beneficiaries of Medicaid February 28, 2012 Secretary Sebelius and Surgeon General announce partnership between Connecting Kids to Coverage, administered by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and text4baby “Text-messaging is a part of the culture in terms of how we communicate. Using text-messaging to help conduct outreach to families about health coverage for their children is just one more way that the appropriate use of technology is enhancing how we make sure pregnant women and children get the health care they need.” – Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General
    24. 24. 2012 State Enrollment Contest Contest Period: May 17, 2012- October 22, 2012 National Organizations that are supporting the Contest :  American Public Health Association  Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP)  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  CityMatCH  National Healthy Start Association (NHSA)  March of Dimes  National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)  National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy  National WIC Association  Southern Governors’ Association State Rankings:  Based on new users who enroll during contest period as a percentage of eligible moms (based on CDC live birth data)  Three groups of states/territories with similar numbers of estimated new pregnancies and new infants competing against each other Prize:  Announcement of winners and national recognition at American Public Health Association Conference on October 29, 2012 in San Francisco, CA
    25. 25. Have your outreach featuredTuesday! inText4baby Tuesday
    26. 26. Q&AContact Instructions and Information:Your account manager will be able to provide you with:Adobe InDesign Files and the text4baby logo for promotionalmaterialsLink to sign up for Text4baby Tuesday e-newsletterContact information for other partners in your stateAny other technical assistance you may needPlease contact your account manager for any of the aboveresources or if you have any questions!Lindsay: lhandelsman@hmhb.orgKathleen: kmurphy@hmhb.orgLuisa: luisa@hmhb.orgEmilia: eguasconi@text4baby.org