My zoo habitat project


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My zoo habitat project

  1. 1. Kyle Cavnar A.P.E.S. 7th period
  2. 2. Elephants The Elephant habitat is themed in a savanna type area. Common name: Asian Elephant Scientific name: Elephas MaximuS
  3. 3. Maintenance The habitat will have an area where the Elephants can go safely so that way employees will be able to clean up their exhibit. There will be fresh food and water supplied by the lovely staff given to the elephants through safe slots so the elephants can eat.
  4. 4. Medical Treatment If one of the elephants is injured in our Habitat, we will safely sedate them and carry them over to a facility in the zoo where they will be given proper care and treatment so the Elephants can heal correctly.
  5. 5. Is it safe for the public? The elephant exhibit will of course be surrounded by bullet proof glass walls that are 30 ft high. The glass is also mirrored so although you can see them, they cannot see you so they are not bothered by your presence. They will also be monitored daily for cracks and any other damages. So yes it is safe for the public.
  6. 6. What about handicapaccessibility? On all sides of the elephant exhibit are ramps.
  7. 7. What about severeweather? If there happens to be severe weather the Elephants will be rounded up and put into a safe shelter where they will not be harmed.
  8. 8. Ankole Cattle Habitat The Ankole Cattle will also be themed around a desert type region Common name: Ankole Cattle Scientific Name: taurus ankole
  9. 9. Maintenance The habitat will be maintenenced around the clock by zoo employees who will supply the animals with food and water. When it is time to clean the exhibit, the animals will be taken to a safe shelter where they will be taken care of while the employees clean the exhibit.
  10. 10. Medical Treatment If the case appears that an animal is injured, they will be safely sedated and taken to medical treatment center where they will be looked at by the finest vets in the city of Houston.
  11. 11. Is it safe for the public? The entire exhibit is surrounded by metal bars, along with 10 feet of breathing room and another bar that surrounds the entire exhibit.
  12. 12. Handicap Accessibility The entire exhibit is wheel chair friendly considering that everything is at an even level.
  13. 13. Severe Weather If sever weather happens to occur, the animals will safely be put into one of the many safe shelters throughout the entire park for all outdoor exhibits.