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All Compass No Map


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From a 2011 talk to college students who were interested in exploring UX as a career and wanted to know how I had come to do the work I currently do.

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All Compass No Map

  1. 1. All Compass No MapSurvivalism For Knowledge Workers
  2. 2. Geoff BarnesDirector of User Experience - Elliance,Inc.@texburgher /
  3. 3. Director of User• User Research• Brand Positioning• Content Strategy & Big IA• Page-Level IA• Unlicensed Therapy
  4. 4. User ResearchUser PersonaOverstressed Mom "I wish I knew why my friends son reads so much better than mine."TheresaWorking MotherPersonal Background Demographics Tech Comforts NeedsTheresa works part-time, lives in public Age: 26 PC: Med • More timehousing with her three young sons, and Education: High School Web: High • Reliable source of quality activities for her kidsattends night school, where shes pursuing an Gear: Windows Vista & Phone: High • Entertaining, low-commitment parenting resourcesassociates degree in social work. DSL. Web-enabled HabitsShes wired at work, at school, and at home, camera phone. • Uses SMS/MMS constantlybut is relatively unaware of the vastness of XBOX, Wii, etc. • Avoids mobile web due to high plan costsonline offerings other than shopping and • Online via computer multiple times dailygaming sites. • Uses computer for information retrieval and shopping • Downloads games, prints activities sheets • Joins social sites, visits once, lets die • Uses television as ambient presence Goals and Motivations Scenarios Features Wants to find some activity or game • Uses search engine. • Doesnt filter results or attempt multiple searches.
  5. 5. Brand Positioning American Military Liberty Distinctive Walden Grand Canyon Ashford Westwood Everest The Pack Kaplan Phoenix DeVry Argosy Strayer Commodity
  6. 6. Content Strategy & Big IA“Organizing information takespriority over creating it.”Saul Wurman
  7. 7. Content Strategy & Big IA
  8. 8. Content Strategy & Big IA
  9. 9. Content Strategy & Big IA
  10. 10. Content Strategy & Big IA
  11. 11. Content Strategy & Big IA
  12. 12. Page-Level IA Contact Us Logo RJ Lee GroupIndustrial Forensics Systems Reliability Laboratory Services Litigation Services Industries Expertise About Us Services ServicesPersuasive summary headline/tagline Emotional appeal (regarding reassurance, confidence, safety, etc) supported by rational points (RJLG superior human judgment, endorsed by government & other trusted sources, complex world demands better thinking, etc) of distinction. (visual + rhetorical)
  13. 13. (visual + rhetorical)Page-Level IA Industrial Forensics Consulting & Litigation Laboratory Services Systems Reliability Services Services Services Publications Accreditations News & Events Clients Served (logos) Site Map | Terms of Use | © 2010 RJ Lee Group. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Unlicensed Therapy
  15. 15. Lagniappes
  16. 16. Lagniappes
  17. 17. Lagniappes
  18. 18. Lagniappes
  19. 19. Lagniappes
  20. 20. “Career Path” LOL NerdSchool
  21. 21. “Career Path” LOL NerdSchool Art School
  22. 22. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd SchoolSchool Art School
  23. 23. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd School PaintingSchool Art Professor School
  24. 24. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd School PaintingSchool Art Professor School Design Professor
  25. 25. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd School PaintingSchool Art Professor School Design Professor User Interface Designer
  26. 26. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd School PaintingSchool Art Professor School Design Professor Information Architect User Interface Designer
  27. 27. “Career Path” LOL Grad Nerd School PaintingSchool Art Professor School Design Professor Information Architect Director of User User Experience Interface Designer
  28. 28. How To Work a Compass
  29. 29. 1. Do What You LoveSuccess & happiness can’thelp but collide. You willalways do better at what youlove than at what you don’tlove.
  30. 30. 2. Play NiceEvery system, every game,every reality has rules.Whether written or unwritten,learn the rules and followthem.
  31. 31. 3. Listen Like It MattersMost people are bad listeners.Become a good one and you’llbe a rare asset in anyenvironment.
  32. 32. 4. Think FearlesslyCritical analysis is demandingand makes you vulnerable tojudgment.Nothing ventured, nothinggained.
  33. 33. 5. Stay CuriousKeep your creative spirit alive.You never know where thenext opportunity will comefrom.
  34. 34. 6. Embrace LossGrunt work, glory, misery,elation, praise, failure,success, and transitions - theyall pass with time.Be passionate; not attached.
  35. 35. 7. Keep Your Powder Dry“The best way to defeat yourenemy is to make him yourfriend.”Sun Tzu
  36. 36. Ask QuestionsNow Would Be a Good Time