Tourism revision lesson1


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Revision Tourism AQA Geography A

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Tourism revision lesson1

  1. 1. Command words tell you exactly what type of information the examiner wants. Compare: Write Justify: You could bewhat is similar and Explain/give reasons: You are asked to justify a decision different between now being asked to say why you have made. Explain two pieces of something you have already your choices in terms of information. Use described is happening. Use why they are better thanthe word ‘whereas’ ‘because’ to help you answer other options open to you. to help you these questions. There are often compare. two marks awarded for giving just one reason. Where this happens you will be expected to give a simple statement and its Measure: You may be elaboration. asked to measure on a Suggest: This is map or graph. Don’tsimilar to explain but guess – measure tells you that you accurately using the scale are expected to provided. bring in ideas andunderstanding of our own and is not What is meant by?: You are provided on the being asked to give a paper. definition of a geographical Describe: Just write term. You must know the what you see. You may main terms for each of the be asked to describe four Units. When asked for a what you see on a photo, definition, giving an example graph or map. Do not is not enough. explain if you are only asked to describe.
  2. 2. But I don’t know how to revise! Here are some strategies you could use…• Flashcards: On small cards, summarise a case study into one (or both) sides of the cards and refer to itregularly. Make sure that you include key facts and number as you condense the case study to fit the card.• Colour coding: colour code large pieces of text into sections. For example, it could be the social,economic and environmental impacts of the London Docklands Redevelopment• Memory tests: You could look at an important diagram (erg the cross section of a meander) for 20seconds, then cover it over and draw what you remember. Then give yourself another 20 seconds to seewhat you missed and add it in. Eventually, you will be able to draw the sketch without looking at a copy.• Key words test: You could ask someone to read out 10 definitions and you have to say what the key wordis. Then you could try it the other way around which is harder with someone giving you a key word to define.• Spider diagrams (mind maps): Write a key theme in the centre of an A3 piece of paper. Write the sub-themes around it with important ideas and case studies to back them up. Look at the example of migrationon the next page to help you. Stick your finished spider diagram somewhere visible where you will be ableto refer to it often (e.g. fridge door, bedroom ceiling ).• Practice exam questions: Look at the examples of past case study questions. Practice writing responsesto these questions using the flashcards or colour coded case studies you have created.• Summarising: Condense a section of text into a set number of bullet points.• Reading aloud: Read a case study summary aloud, then try to say aloud all the facts and figures youremember without the summary. You could also read your keyword lists aloud.• Repeated writing: Copy out pieces of information more than one time (five times would be appropriate).The repetition will help you to fix the facts in your memory.
  3. 3. Write a definition of each of the following terms: Package holiday Ecotourism Mass Tourism External factors Extreme Environment Adventure Holidays Conservation Stewardship Tourist area/resort life cycle model
  4. 4. Describe the growth in Global tourism shown by thegraph (4)Explain the reasons behind the growth in tourism. (4)
  5. 5. Working with a partner complete the star diagram below The importance of Tourism
  6. 6. Look at the example below, can you add any more to your diagram
  7. 7. Using the diagramto help youcomplete the tableat the bottom ofthe page
  8. 8. Tourism in the UK Working with a partner , copy the table below discuss your answers and complete.4 factors why people visit the UK 4 Factors that influence the number of visitors to the UK
  9. 9. Choose either a National Park or a coastalresort in the UKDescribe one or more strategies that yourchosen area has used to maintain a successfultourist industry.
  10. 10. With a partner read through the two exam question answers and with a highlighter, highlight the 3 strategies indicated below. National Parks UK Coastal Resort• Farms offering tourist • Building conference attractions centres• Managing the effects • Concentrating on the of footpath erosion luxury end of the market• Zoning the areas in • Developing a wider honeypots and wider range of attractions more remote areas including those indoors
  11. 11. Coastal Resort:- Newquay CornwallNewquay is promoted as the surf and sex capital ofCornwall, surfing has drawn alot of the youth market, sonew policing arrangements have been introduced to makethe town safer.Their plan for a ‘Ring of steel’ around the resort is tointercept drugs and alcohol carried by underage drinkersheading for the resort at the end of term Year 11.Officers will target unruly arrivals at the airport, will patroltrains in plain clothes and will monitor cars using numberplate recognition.As surfing is important to Newquay bringing in over £40million to the local economy, Newquay is planning to buildan artificial reef to ensure good surfing conditions, theseare important if it is to host the British leg of the surfingworld tour and continue to attract over 100,000 visitors tothe event.
  12. 12. Time forreflection ! •Working with a partner talk for one minute about the content of todays lesson What went well? Where you need to revise in more depth. Be honest with your self