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Expedia Inteview


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Expedia Inteview

  1. 1. John Quinn <br />Expedia<br />Interview June 12, 2009<br />
  2. 2. Qualifications<br />Your Requirements<br />Highly Organized & Detail oriented<br />Strong written, verbal, & group presentations<br />Strong interpersonal skills<br />Teamwork & networking skills<br />Independently driven/drive for results<br />Exp. In high volume environment<br />Strong knowledge of Salesforce, Expert, AS400<br />Flexibility – Ability to multitask<br />Strong classroom presence & control<br />My Skills<br />11 years of hotel management experience. Strong involvement with group sales<br />16 years of office manager experience. 2 years concentrated training experience.<br />Emotionally intelligent. Experience in evaluating skills of peers. Self motivated.<br />Created teams/locations that exceeded expectations. Awarded most improved area 3 out of 5 quarters.<br />Multiple awards in sales, contests, and training. Goal driven. Perfectionist in most areas.<br />16 years experience in hotel/car rental industry. Strong skills in multi-tasking, achieving results.<br />Experienced in salesforce and AS400.<br />Willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Understand the importance to be flexible.<br />Require class participation with emphasis on creating a fun and learning environment. <br />
  3. 3. Summary of experience<br />Strengths<br />Customer Service<br /> <br />I understand the 3 Dimensions of Customer Service<br /> <br />Human Dimension – ( personal concern – happy, upset)<br />Business Dimension – (keep the financial burden on company)<br />Hidden Dimension – (question to determine underlying concern)<br /> <br />Emotionally Intelligent<br /> <br />Self-awareness – recognize and understand my emotions/how they effect others<br />Self regulation – control impulses – think before acting<br />Motivation - a passion for work<br />Empathy – understand the emotional makeup of others<br />Social skills- proficient in managing others<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
  4. 4. Summary of Experience (cont)<br />Leadership style<br /> <br />Servant Leader<br /> <br />I believe the best way to lead is to insure that you engage everyone in the decision process. I know by <br />creating a strong team, the company will achieve better results. It’s important to show them that you are willing to <br />take time to know them and use positive reinforcement when small accomplishments are met. <br /> <br />Management Style<br /> <br />To empower others – take ownership<br />Delegate responsibilities<br />Set goals for the office and individually<br />Staff Development – look for coaching opportunity<br />Provide quick feedback to questions<br />Promote creativity in the department<br />Provide clear expectations<br />Recognize positive results – avoid negative motivation<br />Conduct Weekly/Monthly meetings<br />