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Tips for Dental School Admissions Success


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Tips for Dental School Admissions Success

  1. QUALITIES SOUGHT Self-Awareness Character and integrity Self-discipline *Good judgment Compassion and empathy  Motivation and Intellectual curiosity persistence and enthusiasm  Reliability, dependability, and resilience  Leadership skills and accountability  Maturity  Cultural competency
  2. COMPETITIVE APPLICANTSEverything from the previous slide plus: Strong GPAs: both Science & Overall Solid DAT Scores Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills Knowledge of and Experience in the Field  Volunteering, Shadowing  Reading current events, Listen to guest speakers Ability to articulate why this is the right career for you Leadership Recommendations from Faculty and Mentors
  3. APPLICATION TIMELINE Fall Spring Summer Take the DAT Work on PS Finish up PS Apply early – ID Faculty for Submit in June Letters of Eval Manage Ltrs of Eval Prepare for Intvs! Notifications Interview continue Notification: Dec 1
  4. TIPS FOR YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENTDo… Don’t… Create a solid opening line  Overuse “I” Use logical order and provide a conclusion  Re-state your application Use active voice and  Use most of essay positive language describing your initial Be concise and be specific inspiration Use your own vocabulary  Insult the profession you Check spelling, grammar, want to join and punctuation Write about yourself  Exaggerate  Dwell on suffering Attend the PS Workshop November 9 1:00 – 2:30 WEL 1.316
  5. LETTERS OF EVALUATION Identify potential letter writers have more evaluators in mind than you actually need  Casting the net wide (and early) allows you to replace anyone who is not willing or able to write you a letter Select appropriate evaluators based on requirements  Academic: Relationship in an Academic Context, Preferably Letter Grade/Course Credit  Dentist: Someone you have shadowed
  6. PREPARING FOR THE REQUEST Always ask for a letter of evaluation/recommendation in person. Make your request early (at least one month before the date needed)  For dent school apps, ask earlier! (Lots of competition for faculty letters – allow contingency time) Request an appointment Be on time for the appointment Look nice (you don’t have to wear a suit, but give the appt the respect it deserves!)
  7. WHAT TO ACTUALLY SAY Tell them the purpose of the letter you are requesting. Personalize the request. Ask if they will consider writing a letter on your behalf. If no, thank them for their consideration and depart – quickly! If yes,  Set date of completion  Ask what would be helpful for them in writing the letter  Commit to a date to get the supplemental materials to them  Ask if they have worked with the Interfolio system before
  8. SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS Cover Sheet – thank them again, list the completion date you agreed upon and your contact information Possible items to submit  Personal Statement – Rough draft is okay  Current Resume  Transcript  DAT Scores (if available)  More detailed instructions for how to submit the letter  Photo  Professional looking head shot
  9. GENTLE REMINDER & GRATITUDE! About three weeks before the completion date, touch base with your writer  Allows contingency if they are unable to write the letter Send a thank you note as soon as you know it’s submitted and another one when you get admitted!  If you are not admitted – send a thank you note with plans going forward
  10. INTERVIEW TIPS Know the School  What do you want in your dental school experience?  Ask high quality questions! Know the Profession  Current Issues in the Field  Personal experience through shadowing Know Yourself  Go over application materials  Explain why you are a good fit for the profession!
  11. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF & “NEGATIVE” ?S Icebreaker (Tell me about yourself)  Hobbies  Interesting facts  Family / Hometown / Major “Negative”: Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.  Integrity/Responsibility  What did you learn?  Are you resilient? “Negative”: What is one of your weaknesses?  Self Awareness  What effect does it have on you? On others?  How are you monitoring?
  12. APPROPRIATE ATTIRE Dress professionally Wear a traditional, conservative business suit Hair should be nicely groomed Scents should be very subtle Minimal/conservative jewelry Shoes should be clean and in good repair
  13. NEXT STEPSCareer Design Center & the Health Professions Office Meet with a Health Professions Coach Attend Workshop on Personal Statements in November Identify potential letter writers and ask early! Get your application in by the end of June Do a mock interview or use Interview Stream