7th general body meeting v2


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7th general body meeting v2

  1. 1. + 7th General Body Meeting Adria Galloway and Bryant Johnson
  2. 2. + NSBE MISSION Our mission is “To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.” Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  3. 3. + Safety Moment  Lack of sleep can cause  Accidents  Learning Deficiencies  Serious Health Problems  Depression  Weight Gain  Impairs Judgment  Higher Risk of Death Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  4. 4. + Safety Moment  Therecommended amount of sleep for young adults is 7 to 9 hours a day.  For sleep deprived adults, aka STUDENTS, the amount of sleep increases. Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  5. 5. +Announcements Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  6. 6. + Presented by EOE, Pi Sigma Pi, NSBE, and SHPE on January 25-26, 2012Registration will open by mid December and will close on Jan. 22 (T) @ 11:59pmWork with Corporate Recruiters for 2 consecutive days Day 1 - Jan. 25 (F) 5-9pm, Union Santa Rita Suite 3.502 Day 2 - Jan. 26 (S) 9am-4:30pm, UTC 2.102Industry Super Bowl will: Challenge you to work w/ recruiters & engineering students in a fun and relaxed environment Sharpen your competitive edge w/ career planning workshops Help you get an engineering internship or full-time position Teach you the inside scoop about the recruitment process Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  7. 7. + Join the CEB!! Doyou want to become a student leader? Vacant Position:  Publications Chair Role:  Update Social Networks  Create/Post Meeting Flyers  Update Glass Exhibit Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  8. 8. + Freshman Action Team First Meeting of the Semester  When: January 30, 2013  Where: ECJ 10th Floor Small Conference Room  Time: 7pm – 8pm See you then  Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  9. 9. Hand Down. Man Down.Love to Ball? Love NSBE? Competitive? Come Join the NSBE Basketball Team! + First Game: January 27th at 4:00 pm Contact Chelsea Bryant For More Information cmbryant@utexas.edu 214-205-3367 Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  10. 10. + NSBE 39th Annual Convention Location: Indianapolis, Indiana  Look forward to:  Various programs and workshops in Date: Wednesday, March 27th – place to benefit Sunday, March 31st collegiate, graduate, technical professional, and international NSBE Registration Rates: members  Pre-Registration:  Showcasing of NSBE culture, membership  Collegiate Members $155 achievements, local and national  Collegiate (APEx) $125 talent, and black-owned businesses in the Indianapolis area.  Deadline: Feb 15, 11:59 PM  One of the largest career fairs in the nation! Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  11. 11. + Academic Excellence  PNS Study Nights  Every Monday 6pm - 8pm  Starts Monday, Jan 28th 2013  Pi study room, ECJ 1.216  Free tutors and snacks Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  12. 12. + Scholarships!!!  NSBE National Scholarships Visit: https://www.nsbe.org/  Cockrell School Scholarships Visit:http://www.engr.utexas.edu/undergraduat e/scholarships/current Lots of scholarships including:  EOE FIG SCHOLARSHIP:  Deadline: February 1st Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  13. 13. + NSBE Sweaters  It’s ONLY $$$$????  Order NOW to get your sweater by the next meeting! Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  14. 14. + Spring EXPO  Date: Friday, February 1st  Time: 10am-4pm  Where: Frank Erwin Center  Why: Opportunities for Employment  NOTE: Update Your Resume Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  15. 15. Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  16. 16. + NSBE Week (February 1st-6th)  Friday, Feb. 1st: NSBE Social  Saturday, Feb.2nd: NSBE & PSP Community Service  Monday, Feb. 4th: F.A.T. Donut Sale  Tuesday, Feb. 5th : NSBE General Meeting  Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Major Myx Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  17. 17. + NSBE Social When: Friday, February 1st Time: 7 pm Where: Playland Skating Center 8822 McCann Drive Price: $8 Join Us & Have Fun! Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  18. 18. + Community Service  What: Park Clean up with PSP!  When: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013  Time: 9A-12PM (Meet at ECJ Loading dock by 8:45 AM to carpool)  Where: Brentwood Park (6710 Arroyo Seco, 78757) Sign up through the survey in the Weekly Announcements Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  19. 19. + FAT Donut Sale!  When: Monday, February 4th from 9am– 12pm  Where: West Mall  What: FAT will be selling Shipley’s Donuts! Come out and support NSBE FAT! Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  20. 20. + NSBE 8th General Meeting  When: Tuesday, February 5th  Where: CPE 2.214  Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm (Food Served at 6:15pm)  Corporate Sponsor: Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  21. 21. 2+ 1 Major Myx  MajorMyx III  Brace yourselves!!! It’s coming up soon.  February 6th, 2013  Venue and Time TBD  "TheNew" Major Myx Accountability  Survey asking for members to write down goals for semester  Added to Major Myx accountability spreadsheet  Updated every week  The person with most kept goals wins! Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  22. 22. + Evaluate and Correct Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  23. 23. + ICEBREAKER: M&M Challenge  When the clock starts, player may use only his or her mouth to pick up the flexible straw out of the bowl of candies, and suck up 1 candy at a time onto the straw. Player may then attempt to transfer and balance the candy on 1 of the 4 upright flexible straws.  If a candy falls off a straw, its out of play.  To complete the game, 1 candy must rest atop each of the 4 flexible straws concurrently within the 60- second time limit, and must remain that way for 3 consecutive seconds. Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  24. 24. + Success Story  Name: Charles Douglas III  Year & Major: 4th Year EE  NSBE Involvement  2012-2013 FRC Chair  Spring ‘12 Vice President  Fall ‘11 Secretary  2010-2011 Publications Chair  Other Involvement  Study Abroad in Turkey  BEGlobal Internship to Shangai  Research on Photovoltaic Solar Array Basics Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  25. 25. + Situation #1: Correct What Evaluate Adrianna was used to taking less demanding Last semesterhorrific study habits carriednot classes. Her Adrianna Buttersworth was over very successful. She finishedway she studied in into the next semester. The with a 1.8 and was taking all upper division classes. The semester Happened?!! one semester did not work for the other. before that needs to taking all lower division Adrianna she was revise her study habits classes and earnedclasses she is taking. depending on the a 3.6. Last Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  26. 26. + Situation #2 Correct Evaluate WhatWhensemester Tyrone Jones has been working in This Tyrone was in the study groups, he reliedtoo much on his group to complete the homework study groups on the homework assignments. Heassignments. Tyrone shouldhomework on the has been getting A’s on the have worked Happened?!!assignments before meeting withto the test he has assignments, but when it comes the group andthen compared answersconfused the group. been been failing. Tyrone is while in why he has failing the test. Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  27. 27. + Situation #3 Correct Evaluate What Brian spent too muchextremely fit student. He Brian Johanson is an time studying and never left room in his schedule for social activities. He always attended his classes, completed his was lonely because he neverhis first semester. homework and earned a 4.0 went out or joined Happened?!! any organizations. Brian gained weight often and However, he found himself lonely quite because he never planned rarely left histime. While and depressed. Brian any exercise dorm room getting 15 pounds in is important, it is still good gained good grades one semester. to balance your life to get the full college experience. Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE
  28. 28. + Sandia National Laboratory Corporate Sponsor Follow US! @UTNSBE @TEXASNSBE