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Innovative Outreach for Education and H2O Conservation: Galveston Bay Water Brigade


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Presentation by Paula Paciorek and Lizzie Jespersen of the Texas Living Waters Project at the 2017 Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium.

Published in: Environment
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Innovative Outreach for Education and H2O Conservation: Galveston Bay Water Brigade

  1. 1. TheGalvestonBayWaterBrigade and TheWaterWiseBayCitiesChallenge Paula Paciorek TEXAS LIVINGWATERS PROJECT Lizzie Jespersen Water Conservation Outreach for Galveston Bay
  2. 2. Environment What Environment? Nature The physical world including all living things as well as the land and the seas (including us) All life is touched by water
  3. 3. Galveston Bay Facts The Bay has been around for a while  Created during the last Ice Age  First settlements: 5500 BCE  Most important bay inTexas  2nd most important in the U.S.  Watershed population: 12 million
  4. 4. Economics Commercial fishing: 25M/yr Tourism: $7.5B/yr Wetlands: $5.7B Oysters only: $25M/yr Recreational Fishing: 539M/yr Potential value of wetlands toWQ: $124M/yr
  5. 5. Freshwater and Galveston Bay Bay is at risk of losing its freshwater 2016 Galveston Bay Report Card: “C” for “Coastal Change” Threats:  Rapid population growth  Associated water demand increase  Conversion from ground to surface water  Permitted water rights without environmental conditions  Inadequate protection for the San Jacinto andTrinity  Houston:The perception that we have more water
  6. 6. Water Conservation: ACost-Effective Solution Solution: Water Conservation for the Bay Campaign that provides a voice for the environment The Galveston BayWater Brigade  Water Conservation: As a proactive WMS  Goal: raise awareness about the connection between water conservation and increased freshwater inflows for the Bay.
  7. 7. Galveston BayWater Brigade Conservation messaging through calls of action Campaign that promotes water conservation as a means to protect the Galveston Bay’s health, overall productivity and the wildlife it sustains. What is it? Target audiences: Houston- area residents, young professionals Messaging encourages audiences to “pledge” to conserve water through microsite form
  8. 8. Promotional materials: 38 local restaurants Individuals: Social Media Outreach Mediums Business Pledge: 2016 HGOC
  9. 9. How does water conservation become a cultural norm? The first step is making these ideas common knowledge: 1. Conserving water can be easy 2. Conserving water saves you money 3. Conserving water helps protect the water features you love GBWB leverages social platforms to expose target audiences to importance and ease of water conservation. What’s the point?
  10. 10. Successes Facebook: 2 months; 17 posts:  Reached 77,700 Houston- Galveston residents.  Engagement ratio: 1/$0.25 spent. Estimated overall reach: + 630,000 (individuals newsletters, press coverage, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram).
  11. 11. Challenges Converting awareness into action No incentive to pledge Which brings us to...
  12. 12. WaterWise BayCitiesChallenge Leveraging incentives to convert awareness into action
  13. 13. WaterWise BayCitiesChallenge Friendly competition targeted at 20 bay-area cities  Feb. 23 - May 10  Residents pledge to conserve water on behalf of their cities What is it?
  14. 14. WaterWise BayCitiesChallengeit?  Three cities with most pledges win!  One pledge per household  One pledging resident from each “winning city” is randomly selected to win a prize:  Bay-related prizes  Winning cities and residents awarded at Bay Day Festival on May 13, 2017. How does it work?
  15. 15. WaterWise BayCitiesChallenge Target audience:  Total population: 719,942 in bay area  25-30%: single-family households  Homeowners that have yards, can replace fixtures Bay area is high density with steady growth  Strongest connection to Galveston Bay due to location; message most likely to resonate with these individuals Who will we reach?
  16. 16. City participation  All 20 cities in the Bay area can participate: How can cities participate? 11. City of La Marque 12 City of La Porte 13. City of League City 14. City of Nassau Bay 15 . City of Pasadena 16. City of Pearland 17. City of Santa Fe 18. City of Seabrook 19. City ofTexas City 20. City of Webster 1. City of Alvin 2. City of Baytown 3. Clear Lake Shores 4. City of Deer Park 5. City of Dickinson 6. City of El Lago 7. City of Friendswood 8. City of Galveston 9. City of Hitchcock 10. City of Kemah Others?Yes if in the Bay area! • Outside the Bay area: Let us know if you are interested in a similar Challenge. • How to participate? Simply request your Digital Social MediaToolkit and flyer!
  17. 17. City participation  Have influence  Can become a leader in forward-thinking water management by setting the tone for a conservation-minded culture shift  Help to create a sense of civic community around conservation goals  Create a positive brand by partnering with conservation efforts Why should cities participate?
  18. 18. Are you ready?
  19. 19. Thank you! Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Paula Paciorek 281-332-3381 ext. 218 Lizzie Jespersen 512-610-7756