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Case Study: The City of Keller’s Application for SWIFT Funds


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Presentation at the 2017 SWIFT Funding Workshop in Grapevine, Texas. Panel included:
William Moriarty P.E., Vice-President, King Engineering;
Keith Fisher, Director of Public Works, City of Keller;
Thomas Hoover, Thomas Hoover Engineering, LLC

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Case Study: The City of Keller’s Application for SWIFT Funds

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: The City of Keller’s Application for SWIFT Funds Grapevine, Texas June 23, 2016
  2. 2. Project Team King Engineering Associates Inc. In association with Thomas Hoover Engineering, LLC In collaboration with: Keith Fisher, PE, City of Keller
  3. 3. Keller, the Heart of Texas
  4. 4. Keller – the Heart of Texas • First non-native pioneers migrated from Missouri in 1840’s • Railroad allowed town to prosper • Population 47,000 • Aged water system • Almost 286 miles of water mains, pipes range from 2” to 42” • Consistently named one of the best cities to live, raise a family, and safest cities of its size
  5. 5. Keller – the Problem • Excessive Leakage in older, problem pipe categories • Aged, deteriorated water system • Polybutylene Services
  6. 6. Replacement Mains TYPE OF MAIN: LENGTH OF MAIN IN FEET: Asbestos Cement (AC) 47,095 Cast Iron 944 Thin Wall PVC (Class Pipe) 13,139 Galvanized Steel 1,068 Polybutylene Services 1,560 TOTAL 63,806
  7. 7. Pipes that need replacing
  8. 8. Enhanced water loss control program FROM THE MOST CURRENT STATE WATER PLAN: “An enhanced water loss control program may include comprehensive water loss audits, active leak detection and repair, pressure control, replacement of water mains that are a significant source of water loss, implementation/installation of automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, implementation/installation of an advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) system to significantly reduce water loss, or other measures deemed appropriate to prevent or reduce water loss.”
  9. 9. Advantages of SWIFT Funding • Fast Approval • Better Rules, no federal cross cutters • Flexible • The TWDB has professionals who are very helpful, responsive • TWDB willing to work closely with water systems
  10. 10. City of Keller Perspective • Bedford vs. Keller Application • Did not have to amend the State Water Plan • Application Process is now On-Line • Easy for various professionals to add their sections (Finance, Engineering)
  11. 11. Keller vs. Bedford Application KELLER: BEDFORD: Amount: $12.6 million $90 million Main Replacement: 12 miles 150 miles AMR: No Yes Design: Yes Yes Program Management: Yes No Planning: Yes Yes Incremental Loan Closings: Yes Yes Categorical Exclusion: Yes Yes
  12. 12. Loan application timeline • Abridged application, early February • If invited, full application by May • Closing in November
  13. 13. Savings Calculator On-Line Entity saves roughly 35% of Boards’ cost of funds • Visit: • Savings is roughly 10% in repayment costs • $10 million dollar 20 year SWIFT loan saves about $965,000 at today’s rates
  14. 14. Savings Calculator On-Line
  15. 15. Keep in mind • This program is only for water projects • Your project must be listed in the most current State Water Plan • TWDB reviews bidding documents • TWDB releases funds from your escrow account based upon milestones of the project
  16. 16. Questions?