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Texas Gulf Coast Online Overview

  1. 1. Texas Gulf Coast Why buy the The best value for oceanfront property www.texasgulfcoastonline.com
  2. 2. Presentation TexasGulfCoastOnline.com - the #1 and only regional real estate portal serving the Texas Gulf Coast Mission Statement Texas Gulf Coast TexasGulfCoastOnline.com Is it working? Future Plans
  3. 3. Introduction  Mission - To be the voice for the Texas Gulf Coast real estate market nationwide and generate leads for our local sales offices and our developers.
  4. 4. Why the Texas Gulf Coast? Strong Desirable Great Economic oceanfront climate and Future and improving Population Value Real Estate growth Products • The Texas Gulf Coast Promises to be the hottest real estate market for the next decade.
  5. 5. The Texas Gulf Coast • High Demand • Lower Prices • Steady Appreciation Value and Opportunity • Value
  6. 6. The Texas Gulf Coast ● Problem – there was no effective voice for the Texas Gulf Coast real estate market. • Solution – create a regional voice and market it nationwide Combine MLS’s Education New Developments Educate the public on Let the nation see Show all the new why the Texas coast is everything for sale developments, the best value for on the Texas coast products and resorts coastal real estate. Make our developers’ Influence buyers to Educate public on our projects standout our developer’s developers’ project projects advantages
  7. 7. TexasGulfCoastOnline.com Show all the properties for sale from the local MLS’s Show all the major new developments (not in the MLS’s) Show regional /local sales and demographics analysis A real estate news magazine for the Texas Gulf Coast integrate everything related to real estate on the Texas coast
  8. 8. How do people find us? Search Engines News Press links from links from local sites regional sites Local MLS’s “South Padre Island “Texas Gulf Coast Real Estate” Real Estate”
  9. 9. TexasGulfCoastOnline.com 1. All the coastal MLS’s 4. Researching are available from one and reporting on place local and regional real estate news News MLS 2. All the coastal new developments are available from one place New 5. Collecting and Developments analyzing local and regional sales and market Analysis conditions 3. Educating the public on coastal issues and new products Integrating the ability for users to Education comment-on and enhance all the content.
  10. 10. Types of users C A B Investors Buyers Sellers Buyers Sellers Investors Enjoy the ease of Enjoy the ability to Enjoy the detailed finding all the have their properties analysis and news property for sale exposed to the reporting across the region largest possible and area number of potential information buyers
  11. 11. TexasGulfCoastOnline.com CEO Operations Strategic Partners Developments Local Sales Offices Site Content Internet Our Broker Exclusive Research Analysis Marketing and and Agents Referrals Listings Reporting Multimedia Only
  12. 12. Is it working? • 2007 1st Year 4 million 6000 ¼ million Results pages Leads users Beyond our expectations We now have 1st page organic #1 search rankings for both regional (Texas Gulf Coast) and all local areas (city + real estate)
  13. 13. Future Plans TexasGulfCoastOnline.com Future Plans Grow and 1. 2. Monetize More Improve the the traffic strategic site and for our partners and Local sales increase only select offices and traffic and Developers developers leads per area
  14. 14. The Texas Gulf Coast The most affordable oceanfront property in the country is now showcased in one place: TexasGulfCoastOnline.com www.texasgulfcoastonline.com
  15. 15. Try it - Google “Texas Gulf Coast Real Estate” Go to TexasGulfCoastOnline.com