World Leaflet Template Shortest Version


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World Leaflet Template Shortest Version

  1. 1. more powerful the ‘group consciousness’ gets. DOCUMENTARIES – Search google videos This leaflet is NOT religious, NOT And group consciousness is the most powerful for ‘CENTRUY OF THE SELF’’ ‘POWER political and NOT designed to SELL force – this has been known for Millennia. OF NIGHTMARES’ , and ‘THE TRAP’ (3 anything. Its far more important So WE (those who are waking up to this game) separate films by Adam Curtis) than that ! need YOU to be more aware and most FILMS -‘EARTHLINGS’ (disturbing) , importantly, less fearful and more joyful !! ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM’ NOTHING can overcome the power of love. Websites PLEASE NOTE : The purpose of this message is NOT to get you to believe anything So the purpose of this leaflet is to invite you to For a most unusual and mind blowing look at or to buy anything including buying into any start playing the game more consciously and join the law/political/economic system , which sort of belief system. the millions of people world wide who are may have you falling off your chair, visit waking up to this. this and take a look at the John SO WHAT’S THE POINT ? It makes no difference whether you are black or Harris talks. It is quite stunning. The point is to gently inform people of a white, male or female, young or old, upper class different perspective on life – a perspective the Search google for the anti terrorist, Mary or working class, religious or secular or atheist, Elizabeth Croft and/or Robert Menard. mainstream media and those in power have kept highly educated or not, rich or poor, healthy or secret form the masses until the internet made it sick. All these distinctions were deliberately Book Recommendations more and more difficult to keep the secret ! created to keep you away from these secrets. If you are open to challenging your IN A NUTSHELL (Divide and conquer) None of these distinctions preconceptions, try Anastasia by Vladimir are real anyway. Megre. (part of the Ringing Cedars Series) Some would say that what is really going on is a war. It’s a war for our minds. The Films, books etc below will NOT take you The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle down a particular path of thinking or believing. The problem with calling it a war is that this email: And it is not always an easy path to ride. It may invokes the very same energy that is used to not be right for you at this time, in which case, BLOG : keep you under control. The energy of FEAR. please consider simply handing this leaflet to FEEDBACK I prefer to call it a GAME ! someone who you think may be interested. If you think you would like to produce similar And it really is an astonishing game. The most Otherwise, hold on tight and enjoy the ride…. leaflets, please feel free to copy anything and intriguing game ever devised. And YOU are part THE RIDE personalize it. There is absolutely no of the game whether you know it or not. Youtube videos : search for ‘cveitch’ or copyright on these ideas. (Who on earth Whether you like it or not. ‘everything is ok’ created the whole idea of copyright ?!) Just The wonderful thing about this game is that the visit the blog and copy what you wish and way to play it well, involves the healing, growth COMEDY: Search youtube for Bill Hicks and then create your own leaflet and website for and evolution of each of us as individuals. George Carlin. feedback.. There are some suggestions for Furthermore, the more people that wake up to POSITIVE FILMS: youtube – The Green guidelines on the blog. their own magnificence and power, the more Beautiful people that see through the fear mongering, the