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Translating Customer Engagement From Strategy To Action

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Translating Customer Engagement From Strategy To Action

  1. 1. … from strategy to action By Marcus R. Tewksbury Analyst
  2. 2. … from strategy to action … cycle, goals, stages, and revenue 3 … initiate a conversation 8 … solve a problem 9 … marketing through delivery 10 … extend the relationship 11 … enliven engagement in your daily exchanges 13 … drive incremental improvement through consistent measurement 19 … 3 keys to successfully engaging your customers 21 … who is Marcus Tewksbury? 22 Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 2
  3. 3. … is driven by the changing form and manner of communication quot;Today, the customer is in charge, and whoever is best at putting the customer in charge makes all the money.quot; And: For the last couple of years pundits and thought leaders have quot;Allow consumers to help you shape the brand experience. . . . Content is no been trumpeting the demise of traditional marketing longer something you push out. Content techniques. It’s been pretty universal, spanning numerous is an invitation to engage.quot; verticals that prospects and customers are no longer as … Belmont receptive to broadcast messaging… … and while most everyone agrees at a strategic level and can Today we need to make more material, offer metaphors and platitudes as to what to do about it, very make it more quickly and in more rapidly changing formats. We need to distribute it few have offered actionable direction. in more channels, measure infinitely greater and more timely data streams, negotiate with more partners for different Enter Customer Engagement Marketing (CEM). CEM offers kinds of inventory, and support all that with an ever growing arsenal of marketers and integrated approach for employing strategic, technology and talent. A failure in any part engagement best practices and translating those into specific of the ecosystem will crash the entire process executable and measurable campaigns and activities. …Gotlieb In order to better understand consumer behavior, researchers must look at both digital and non-digital social networks. Agencies must Many of the clients that I'm talking continue to innovate track a single consumer's right now to are struggling with the behavior across channels or a holistic solution realization that marketing is now a that displays all marketing in one place, along dialogue. with actionable insights. …Friedman …Talbot …Godin Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 3
  4. 4. … establish a framework of understanding and a platform for dialog While many have advanced definitions of a customer lifecycle, from highly regarded pundits like Jim Sterne to lesser known's like Claudia Imhoff (to whom I owe a a Churn tip of the cap), at the core they Discovery need to convey two fundamental points: Extension 1. The customer, or lead needs to be Education central to everything you do. Value most be constantly framed in terms Maintenance and dialogs relative to the customer. Evaluation 2. All customers will mature Competition (hopefully!) through a number of stages during their engagement. Verification And messages appropriate at one Purchase stage may not be for another. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 4
  5. 5. … there are no short cuts to systematically growing relationships A well articulated engagement strategy will address moving customers clockwise around the cycle… Churn Discovery Extension Education … where a Maintenance traditional one will Evaluation frequently seek to Competition convert with every Verification interaction regardless of stage Purchase Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 5
  6. 6. … develop strategies that mature relationships through their life stages Churn Discovery Retention Awareness Extension Education Maintenance Evaluation Competition Verification Performance Acquisition Purchase Operationalize this process by breaking the cycle into distinct quadrants where by each quadrant is symbolic of a higher order marketing program. The intent is to break the relationship down into its component parts that enable focus on actionable goals as opposed to dependent down stream outcomes – like revenue or sales meetings. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 6
  7. 7. … engagement is directly correlated to revenue performance Each program plays a fundamental role in generating revenue and its thus possible to attribute revenue Awareness to all levels of the funnel. Acquisition Performance Awareness Retention Acquisition Overtime as retention (and the customer Performance pool) grows so does the cross, up, and renewal revenues. Retention over time is key for compounding returns. Retention Time N N+1 …. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 7
  8. 8. … attract attention, make a connection, and initiate dialog The main goal of the Awareness phase is to leverage both brand and interactive advertising to initiate a dialog with a Awareness customer. Acquisition … and a few general rules of thumb: Performance Awareness • Branding is critical. As you seek to engage with someone it is critical they understand Retention Acquisition with whom they are speaking. Performance • Conversation starters. While building Awareness It can’t be iterated enough how key it is to be speaking in terms relative to Retention the customer. The goal is simply to get them listening. Sample Activities: • Set content free. Your customers are going to spend a majority of their time at properties you don’t own. You can either pay (advertising) to reach them, or find ways to engage with the community by becoming a contributing member. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 8
  9. 9. … put out the fires while differentiating your offering Once you’ve begun a dialog, you then need to accomplish two things with your Acquisition program: Awareness 1. Offer Solutions. If you’d correctly Acquisition identified points of pain, customers are going to be very interested in how Performance Awareness you propose to solve them. Provide detailed explanations, but remember Retention Acquisition the goal is to sell, not educate. Of course, also make sure to document Performance your offering’s role in the solution. Retention 2. Differentiate. At some point during Acquisition the informed customer is going to become knowledgeable Sample Activities: about the competition. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 9
  10. 10. … empower customers to be internal champions The role of marketing does not end with the sale. One of the best ways to promote growth over time is to retain Awareness and expand the customer base. One way to accomplish this is to ensure your Acquisition customers aren’t just satisfied with their purchase, but that they are raving, Performance Awareness passionate fans. Retention Acquisition Some contemporary business strategies, namely Net Promoter Score (NPS), even Performance suggest you can run your entire business on a single metric driven from within a Performance Retention program. Sample Activities: Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 10
  11. 11. … extend the value proposition while identifying new pains Retention programs are all about finding ways to extend the relationship. Not just to makes additional touches, but to find Awareness ways to continue adding value with small, incremental messages. The goal is to do Acquisition just enough to be front of mind when the customer is ready to begin engaging with Performance Awareness their next burning issue. Retention Acquisition Performance Retention Sample Activities: Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 11
  12. 12. … by redefining your traditional marketing processes Audience Awareness Churn Retention Awareness Discovery Activity Extension Education Maintenance Acquisition Evaluation Competition Verification Performance Acquisition Purchase Performance Decision Points Retention Activity Activity Activity The culmination of laying out your engagement cycle and funnel is a customer focused End Decision understanding that will enable you to build effective State Points nurturing campaigns. Nurturing campaigns are the working end of Activity Activity engagement marketing. End State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 12
  13. 13. … simple steps for creating and optimizing your new campaigns Audience 4 Steps to Nurturing Campaigns Activity 1. Chose an Audience 2. Select a Theme Decision Points 3. Visualize Outcomes 4. Layout Plan Activity Activity Activity It can’t be iterated enough that you shouldn’t dive straight into End the campaigns themselves. Engagement marketing Decision State Points represents a philosophical change in approach and laying out effective nurturing campaigns is tied to the precursor strategic vision. Activity Activity End State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 13
  14. 14. … with whom you’d like to speak Identifying and selecting the right audience is critical to the success of any campaign. In so Audience doing there are three primary things to keep in mind: Activity 1. Strategic Fit. You need to understand the needs of specific vertical and horizontal Decision Points groups and the depth of industry experience to know where your products are a good fit. Activity Activity Activity 2. Robust Data. At the very core of customer understanding is a complete, multi-channel data set. You can’t possibly understand End Decision your customers if you don’t know them. State Points 3. Analytic Tools. One of the biggest Activity Activity problems today is breaking down all the available data into actionable insights. Strong tools are the key to making the data End useful. State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 14
  15. 15. … to use as a theme throughout the campaign The opening activity of the campaign is pivotal for establishing the central theme. It all needs Audience to be broad enough to capture interest while routing customers to their optimal end state. Activity Two possible ways to achieve this are to focus on a horizontal group… Decision Points Activity Activity Activity End Decision State Points Or a vertical one. Activity Activity End State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 15
  16. 16. … know where the campaign can take the relationship Given your audience, theme, and program life stage map out as many possible outcomes from Audience the engagement as you can. Question your assumptions and work through different Activity scenarios. What you want to do is understand a behavior before it happens. In the end, some responses will be positive, some negative, and Decision Points others neutral. Regardless, they should all give you valuable insight to the customer. Activity Activity Activity End Decision State Points Activity Activity End State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 16
  17. 17. … with a sequence of steps aimed at a specific end state The key to laying out any campaign, nurturing or otherwise, is to be flexible and open minded. Audience However, you need to do so in a very specific, scientific manner. Activity At each step in your campaign flow you need to be able to measure how each activity is Decision Points performing. The goal is always to add relative value to the customer with each step and if a specific activity is underperforming it needs to Activity Activity Activity be swapped out. In this way, the campaign should be very organic. End Decision State Points Measure all of your activities. Deliverability, Opens, Clicks, etc. All of the cross channel interactions then need to be mapped back to the Activity Activity customer. There is a difference between knowledge and understanding. End State Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 17
  18. 18. … delivering many of the same messages, just taking a different path Same How: The channels of execution, and the tools used to activate a message will remain largely unchanged. Email SFA Change Who: At the core your target audience Website Webinars will most likely stay the same, but you will begin grouping them in new ways. What: Data driven content can optimize … Events message delivery as well as spur the development of a new wave of customer centric content. Search Ads When: Sequencing of messages represents the most dramatic changes. No message is delivered in isolation and delivered value can hinge on timing. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 18
  19. 19. … objectives should be actionable and specific to stage Buzz, impressions, opens, clicks, link backs, referrals, Awareness digg, tweets, registrations, etc. Meetings, deals, duration, Acquisition cost per X, revenue, etc. Surveys, benchmarks, NPS, ROI, deployment Performance days, etc. Retention Actives, cross-sell penetration, referrals, etc. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 19
  20. 20. … what marketing can learn from operations Another import aspect of the frameworks is that they provide a stable basis for measuring and evaluating the performance of your activities. A key element to engagement marketing is the ability to measure the impact of virtually everything you do and the ability to make multiple micro adjustments to messages, sequence, and cadence. Audience Activity Awareness Churn Retention Awareness Discovery Decis ion Points Extension Education Maintenance Acquisition Evaluation Activity Activity Activity Competition Performance Verification Acquisition Purchase Performance End State Decis ion Points Retention Activity Activity End State Successful engagement marketing is driven by the ability to continually improve. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 20
  21. 21. … will accelerate your demand generation and optimize your return on marketing investment (ROMI) Customer Engagement Marketing represents an evolution of traditional marketing processes engendered by the ascent of bi-directional digital channels and the greater depth and breadth of addressable customer data. Where traditional campaigns have failed to deliver meaningful exchanges, engagement marketing supports two-way dyadic communication flow needed to cultivate meaningful relationships. At the times the strategy can certainly sound like mumbo-jumbo, but when you start breaking it down you can make significant impact on the performance of your marketing dollar by: 1. Customer Engagement Cycle. You have to start thinking in terms of the target audience. What is relevant and valuable to your audience and how can you advance them through their needs stages? These questions should guide you in crafting every message and laying out your campaigns. 2. Measurement Framework. To improve something you need to be able to measure it. This is critical to building engagement as you constantly need to be evaluating your actions at the message, campaign, and program level. 3. Nurturing Campaigns. Enliven the strategy with sequenced messages. Employ scientific rigor to an organic, creative process to guide rapid, micro adjustments to your overall course. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 21
  22. 22. … who is Marcus Tewksbury? He is a respected author, speaker, and thought leader on optimizing marketing organizations to most efficiently, and effectively create value added experiences for high worth customers; a process that he has termed Customer Relationship Marketing, or CRM(arketing). This approach to CRM, is not new, but rather a throwback to its roots when it was about strategically structuring the marketing organization to maximize the likelihood of a positive customer experience and analyzing their life cycle to determine the lowest friction, and highest return activities as opposed to the call centers and data aggregation, research efforts it is now commonly associated with. Largely, the credit for his thoughts and approaches are owed to the numerous clients whose problems Marcus has helped solve over the years. Some of whom, include: Coach, Baxter Healthcare, JP Morgan, Hot Topic, Hallmark, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Tower Records, and KAO Campgrounds. Tewk’s highly referenced, and often visited blog, serves the dual purpose of providing a comprehensive, unbiased listing of firms and services relevant to the marketing organization, and also as a forum for interacting with senior marketers about game changing strategic innovations. You can visit the blog at Over the years, a number of Marcus’ thought leadership pieces have been cited or presented in mainstream or industry events and articles, specifically with the likes of DWI Review, NCDM, CRM World, DMA Monthly, and The Economist. Marcus has also lectured at the Purdue’s Krannert Graduate School of Management, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and at Loyola University. With roots in the DC and Boston areas, he currently resides with his wife in Chicago, IL. Translating Customer Engagement : : from Strategy to Action Marcus R. Tewksbury 22

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