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Social Campaign Template


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Looking for a template for building a social media campaign?

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Social Campaign Template

  1. 1. Surprise & Delight 2011Extending the successful concept from last year to include social measures© 2010 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Experian and the marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this copyrighted work may be reproduced, modified,or distributed in any form or manner without the prior written permission of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
  2. 2. SOCIAL CRM ::(AS DEFINED BY A PRAGMATIC, NUMBERS DRIVEN MARKETER)Leveraging the social channels, all of them, because theyare many, to gain actionable (trigger-able) insights that canbe used to drive messaging and contact strategy in otherchannels. 3
  3. 3. Purpose Simple proposition… Recognize the “Best Customers” with a highly “Relevant Gift” 4
  4. 4. Campaign Outline o Audience o Insight o Deployment o Measurement 5
  5. 5. Identifying whom are we trying to TARGETAUDIENCE 6
  6. 6. Traditional Approaches Would focus principally on customers who spend the most 7
  7. 7. Power of WOM / Tribes / Social Householding The impact an individual customer has on a brand extends beyond their personal spend. This is a known fact. 8
  8. 8. Proxies for Influence Profile match Gender Location & Language Time & Date Last FB Login Fan Page Panels 9
  9. 9. Defining Segment 1. On Facebook (Match) 2. Active (Last Login) 3. Engaged (Fan’d pages) 10
  10. 10. Audience Portrait o On FB: Yes / No o Active on FB: Yes / No o Engaged on FB: Yes / No o Monetary Value: ? o Replenisher: ? o Frequency: ? o Basket Size: ? 11
  11. 11. Driving response through increased relevancyINSIGHT 12
  13. 13. Frequency & Monetary Value Frequency Few Many Small “Aspire” “Addict” Basket Big “Convenience” “Pamper” 14
  14. 14. “S”FM Contact Strategy Aspire Pampered Addict Social Influence Convenience Frequency Monetary Value 15
  15. 15. Targetable Portrait Demographics & Geographics Age: 32 Location: Chicago o On FB: Yes / No Education: College Marital Status: Single o Active on FB: Yes / No o Engaged on FB: Yes / No o Monetary Value: ? o Frequency: ? o Basket Size: ? “Pampered” Insight: Group is motivated by recognition and •Premium brands image within the group. Feel over shadowed by •Country club member •Enjoys entertaining their large living friends. Activate this with •Quality relationships •Safety, security promoted “exclusive” events and one of a kind gifts. 16
  16. 16. Initiating the campaign and delivering the messageDEPLOYMENT 17
  17. 17. Addressable Audiences… Everywhere! While the insight is derived from social, the campaign particulars can focus on multiple other channels. The key is on reaching the right audience with the right message regardless of channel. • Channel • Flights • Offer • Creative 18
  18. 18. Offer Strategy - What’s in a Name? Focus of campaign is all around social. Regardless of delivery channels used to initiate or deliver the message it should be considered and planned for that WOM will be a part of the campaign. To aid in tracking of the campaign in the organic WOM world a unique campaign name or tag element should be used. 19
  19. 19. Offer Strategy - Viral? Coupons and discounts delivered online have the risk and advantage of being broadly shared. In the case of this campaign, that could be a wonderful test of the target segments social influence and reach. The more people that partake in a given individuals specific promotion could be an excellent proxy. This should be an aspect of the offer strategy. 20
  20. 20. Demonstrating the resultsMEASUREMENT 21
  21. 21. Lift Classic Test & Control Offer No Offer 22
  22. 22. Social 1. Logins 2. Fan Count (total) 3. Fan Count (growth rate) 4.Viral – informs and guides offer strategy. Setup an offer for different groups that can be shared (but not searched). 23
  23. 23. Response Top Responder This covers multi- Socially channel, no? Active Stubborn Responder Top ResponderNon Social Stubborn Responder 24
  24. 24. ROI We should calculate it in some way? What is the value of reaching the most valuable social customers? Is lift just lift? Or is lift a combination of lift and social elements. Wondering if response is really an effective metric here? That is more about how efficiently the initial message is deployed. Interesting, but secondary importance. 25
  25. 25. © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.