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Retail perspective - social media intelligence (9-28-11)


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Retail perspective - social media intelligence (9-28-11)

  1. 1. RETAIL PERSPECTIVE >> SOCIAL MEDIA INTELLIGENCESocial can do a lot more for your brand and campaigns than followers© 2010 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Experian and the marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this copyrighted work may be reproduced, modified,or distributed in any form or manner without the prior written permission of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
  2. 2. Marcus Tewksbury is a product strategy and business development expert with over 15 years of experience defining, marketing, and ultimately selling new B2B marketing services and technology offerings. Today, Marcus focuses on strategic accounts for Experian Marketing Services, a powerful new agency model focused on driving relevant messaging based on sound customer intelligence, where he partners with marketing executives on how to best harness their customer relationships to develop "big ideas" that open new markets and expands revenue opportunities with existing ones. Over his career he has successfully launched dozens of products that haveMarcus Tewksbury generated millions in revenue and been adopted by brands like Alterian, Baxter,Vice President, Strategy and Consulting Coach, Eddie Bauer, Hallmark, Hot Topic, Kaloo, KAO, Microsoft, Restoration------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Experian | 955 American Ln. | Schaumburg, IL 60173 Hardware, Service Master, Tower Records, ULTA, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, WestOffice: 224.698.8357 | Mobile: 312.404.4835 Marine, Williams Sonoma. Marcus is a frequent speaker, having appeared at events for the American Marketing Association (AMA), Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Integrated Marketing Summit, The Economist, Media Post, and Illinois Technology Association (ITA). His writing and presentations have appeared or been cited in numerous publications like, USAToday, Wall St. Journal, and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). He has also been a guest lecturer at numerous universities such as Georgetown, Northwestern, DePaul, U. of Chicago, and York. More on Marcus’s thought leadership can be found on his award winning blog 2
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  8. 8. AGENDA • Building Blocks (Customer Intelligence Framework) • Price of Admission (Buzz Monitoring) 1. Reverse Lookup (Facebook Append) 2. Kevin Bacon (SocialCRM) 3. Beating Vegas (Social Media Insights) • Must, Should, Could 8
  9. 9. Customer Intelligence FrameworkBUILDING BLOCKS 9
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  11. 11. Linkages • Handle • IP • Domain • Cookie • Social-graph • MAC-Address • Followers • UserID • OpenID • Email • Number • Name • DeviceID • Address • Geo • Zip+4 • Phone • DMA • Store • ConsumerView 11
  12. 12. It’s not MAGIC! 12
  13. 13. Buzz MonitoringPRICE OF ADMISSION 13
  14. 14. Anatomy of a Mention Domain Terms HandleLocationFollowers Date Post 15
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  16. 16. Facebook AppendREVERSE LOOKUP 17
  17. 17. ~7B 18
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  20. 20. Sample Match Results 37% of the cross-referenced emails match a Facebook user account 70% of matching Facebook accounts were active within the last 3 months of the 2 ½ thousand matching users were Fans of 16 Facebook page• Time of last Facebook activity for matched Facebook user accounts:• Past week: 14%• Past month: 33%• Past 3 months: 70%• Past year: 100% 21
  21. 21. SocialCRMKEVIN BACON 22
  22. 22. SOCIAL CRM ::(AS DEFINED BY A PRAGMATIC, NUMBERS DRIVEN MARKETER)Leveraging the social channels, all of them, because theyare many, to gain actionable (trigger-able) insights that canbe used to drive messaging and contact strategy in otherchannels. 23
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  25. 25. Social ≠ First ClickMeasure the social effect of an ad,email or post, not just the first clickTechlightenment’s Social Attributionplatform helps you to understandwho engaged, converted andinteracted with your brand and thevalue of those interactions acrossgenerations of activity. 26
  26. 26. We know you’ll this
  27. 27. Social Media InsightsBEATING VEGAS 28
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  29. 29. Experian Social Monitoring Research Methodology STEP 1 STEP 4 Ranging STEP 2 STEP 3 Painting the Finding Following the Target the the Target Scent TrailGoal is to be simple and scalable. Heritage of consumer data, marketing analytics, and databasetechnology fuels unique approach to harnessing unstructured social data and applying it toactionable audiences. Importance of benchmarking. Meaning to most social media data is based upon relevant landmarks. These can be generated by competitive comparison or historical trending (accounting for aggregate growth of social). 30
  30. 30. STEP 1 RangingPen Portraits represent a jumping off point… the Target Income level: “Upper Middle / Lower Upper” Frequency: Transacts 3-5 month Average Basket: ~$85 Basket Count: 16 items Media Plan: “Sex in the City” Loyalty Level: Platinum Channel Coverage: 4 (Store, Social, Email, Direct) Mosaic Code: “A04 – Serious Money” “Super Mom”… for deeper insight discovery and recommendations for specific messaging 31
  31. 31. "cooking for allergies" 1 Diet 1. Childrens health ("kids" or "children") and "obesity" ("mother" or "mum") and "cleaning" 2 HealthSTEP 1 ("mother" or "mum") and "housework" ("kids" or "children") and "housework" ("kids" or "children") and "chores" 3 Household cleaning 2. Domestic issues "DD" and ("parent" or "family") 4 Family group 3. General family issuesRanging "DS" and ("parent" or "family") "DH" and "family" and "kids" "DC" and ("parent" or "family") 5 6 Health Back to work 4. Mothers issues the "mother" and "breast cancer" and "children" "daughter" and "cervical cancer" "Mum" and "anxiety" "mum" and "stress" 7 8 Stay at home Work Target "mother" and "anxiety" "mother" and "stress" ("mother" or "mum") and " back to work" "Stay at home mum" 9 10 Bullying Contraception 5. Universal parenting issues "working mum" (“mum” or “mother”) and (“home working” or “working from home”) 11 Discipline "children" and "bullying" 12 Divorce "son" and "bullying" "daughter" and "bullying" 13 Family friendly "daughter" and "the pill" 14 Fostering ("kid" or "children") and "discipline" "Child" and "custody" and "Boyfriend" 15 Holidays "Child" and "custody" and "girlfriend" "divorce" and "children" and "custody" 16 School "family" and "friendly" 17 Sex "fostering" and ("children" or "kids") ("Kids" or "children") and "holidays" 18 Travel "family" and "holidays" 19 Work ("kids" or "children") and "tuition fees" "Finding" and "Primary School" 20 Budgeting "Finding" and "Secondary School" "daughter" and "boyfriend" and "sex" 21 Let off steam 6. Social release "son" and "girlfriend" and "sex" 22 Socialising "teenager" and "sleeping together" "daughter" and "facts of life" 23 Always ultra 7. Target brands "son" and "facts of life" "children" and "games" and "car journeys" 24 Duracell "children" and "entertain" and "car journeys" "working mother" 25 Fairy ("mother" or "DH") and "let off steam" ("mum or "Mother" or "DH") and "scream" 26 Gillette ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "scream" 27 Lenor ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "rant" ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "moan" 28 Max factor "meeting other parents" "mother" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" 29 Olay "mum" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" "Managing" and "Family" and "Budgets" 30 Oral b "living on a budget" and "children" "Saving money" and "family" and "Kids" 31 Pampers "mum" and "Duracell" "mother" and "Duracell" 32 Pantene "mum" and "Fairy Liquid" "mum" and "Fairy washing powder" 33 Pringles "mum" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" 34 Feminine hygiene 8. Target categories "mother" and "Fairy Liquid" "mother" and "Fairy washing powder" 35 Hair care "mother" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" Household“Super Mom” "mother" and "Gillette" 36 cleaning "mum" and "Gillette" "mum" and "Lenor" 37 Laundry "mother" and "Lenor" 38 Skin care "mum" and "Max Factor" "mother" and "Max factor" Technology "mum" and "Olay" 39 9. Mothers and technology support "mother" and "Olay" "mother" and "Oral B" 40 Alcohol 10. Parenting teenagers "mum" and "Oral B" "mother" and "pampers" 41 Depression "mother" and "Pantene" 42 Drugs "mum" and "pantene" "kids" and "pringles" 43 Exams ("mother" or "mum") and "sanitary towel" ("mother" or "mum") and "hair care" 44 Fostering ("mother" or "mum") and "stains" 45 Piercing "family" and "stain removal" Pen Portraits help focus qualitative "kids" and "stain removal" "kids" and "washing powder" "kids" and "fabric softner" 46 47 Sex Sexualisation ("mother" or "mum") and "skin care" 48 Tattoos research on 100’s of magazines, social networks, television programs, … which results in the preselection of specific etc. terms (86 in this case) and important categories (11) 32
  32. 32. STEP 1 "cooking for allergies" ("kids" or "children") and "obesity" ("mother" or "mum") and "cleaning" ("mother" or "mum") and "housework" 1 Ranging Diet 1. Childrens health ("kids" or "children") and "housework" ("kids" or "children") and "chores" "DD" and ("parent" or "family") "DS" and ("parent" or "family") 2 3 the Health Househo ld 2. Domestic issues "DH" and "family" and "kids" "DC" and ("parent" or "family") "mother" and "breast cancer" and "children" "daughter" and "cervical cancer" 4 Target cleaning Family group 3. General family issues "Mum" and "anxiety" "mum" and "stress" "mother" and "anxiety" "mother" and "stress" 200000 1. Nearly 100K domains 5 Health 4. Mothers issues ("mother" or "mum") and " back to work" "Stay at home mum" 2. Focused on “Family” themes Back to 6 work "working mum" (“mum” or “mother”) and (“home working” or 180000 3. Spanned 3 years 7 Stay at “working from home”) 4. Evaluated some 2M conversations home "children" and "bullying" 8 Work "son" and "bullying" 9 Bullying 5. Universal "daughter" and "bullying" "daughter" and "the pill" 160000 parenting issues ("kid" or "children") and "discipline" Contrace "Child" and "custody" and "Boyfriend" 10 ption "Child" and "custody" and "girlfriend" 11 Disciplin "divorce" and "children" and "custody" "family" and "friendly" 140000 e "fostering" and ("children" or "kids") 12 Divorce ("Kids" or "children") and "holidays" Family "family" and "holidays" 13 friendly Fosterin ("kids" or "children") and "tuition fees" "Finding" and "Primary School" 120000 14 "Finding" and "Secondary School" g "daughter" and "boyfriend" and "sex" 15 Holidays "son" and "girlfriend" and "sex" 16 17 School Sex "teenager" and "sleeping together" "daughter" and "facts of life" 100000 "son" and "facts of life" 18 Travel "children" and "games" and "car journeys" 19 Work "children" and "entertain" and "car journeys" "working mother" 20 Budgetin g ("mother" or "DH") and "let off steam" 80000 ("mum or "Mother" or "DH") and "scream" Let off ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "scream" 21 6. Social release steam ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "rant" Socialisin ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "moan" 22 g "meeting other parents" "mother" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" 60000 Always "mum" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" 23 7. Target brands ultra "Managing" and "Family" and "Budgets" 24 Duracell "living on a budget" and "children" 25 Fairy "Saving money" and "family" and "Kids" "mum" and "Duracell" 40000 26 Gillette "mother" and "Duracell" 27 Lenor "mum" and "Fairy Liquid" Max "mum" and "Fairy washing powder" 28 factor "mum" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" 20000 29 Olay "mother" and "Fairy Liquid" "mother" and "Fairy washing powder" Trend line 30 Oral b "mother" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" 31 Pampers "mother" and "Gillette" 32 Pantene "mum" and "Gillette" "mum" and "Lenor" 0 March 08 June June June October March October March October May December May December May December September September September August November August November August November April February April February April July January 09 July January 10 July 33 Pringles "mother" and "Lenor" Feminine 8. Target "mum" and "Max Factor" 34 "mother" and "Max factor" hygiene categories 35 Hair care "mum" and "Olay" "mother" and "Olay" -20000 Househo "mother" and "Oral B" 36 ld "mum" and "Oral B" cleaning "mother" and "pampers" 37 Laundry "mother" and "Pantene" Holiday Summer Vacation Back to School "mum" and "pantene" 38 Skin care "kids" and "pringles" Technolo ("mother" or "mum") and "sanitary towel" 9. Mothers and 39 gy ("mother" or "mum") and "hair care" technology support ("mother" or "mum") and "stains" 40 Alcohol Depressi 10. Parenting teenagers "family" and "stain removal" "kids" and "stain removal" "kids" and "washing powder" "kids" and "fabric softner" … where search terms are ranged against domains, 41 42 43 on Drugs Exams ("mother" or "mum") and "skin care" themes, authors, date ranges and everything else that can… qualitative, semantical research is then validated 44 45 Fosterin g Piercing be targeted to focus the analysis on relevant, interesting 46 Sexand refined through “gossip” search investigation… 47 Sexualisa tion conversations 48 Tattoos 33
  33. 33. STEP 2 Identifying the biggest influencersFinding the Author Handle No of Lead Conversation Themes posts Scent MomA 128 Look after your self tips Adoption - 2 kids 13 and 17 - MomB 106 positive , active on adoption advice and support School, teaching, teen behaviour, MomC 105 advice on dealing with difficulties at school Bereavement, travel, teenagers, MomD 96 general chat MomE 89 Schools, anxiety, anti-man Mom1 87 Positive single parent Aspergers interest – generally Mom2 86 supportive, active in general forums Teenage kids, bad relationship, Mom3 84 negative outlook Identify key influencers, categorical elements of authors. Are Mom4 79 they motivated by a key issue? Do they achieve a topic Money, schools saturation to make them a notable outlet? Etc. Mom5 69 Family conflicts 34
  34. 34. STEP 2 Identifying the top domainsFinding the Scent Domain People in Author set authorit Overall posting at Total y influence domain postings ranking score* Domain Type 12,903 48,320 1 128,421 Parents forum Financial TheMotleyFool 4,988 12,301 4 44,778 forum National USAToday 1,231 6,551 10 37,814 newspaper Discussion 2 2,646 10 32,588 board 10,312 13,519 10 33,824 Microblog News 88 3,739 10 20,800 News forums Social forum (aimed at Ning 2,049 4,360 3 17,470 student but universal) National NYTimes 34 2,794 10 18,581 Newspaper Entertainment Influence and authority are 4,317 MyLife 1,818 mathematically 14,509 10 derived from an / Lifestyle forum analysis of the contributor’s social graph. Understanding the shape of their graph (star, sun, etc.) helps estimate reach, impressions, etc. 35
  35. 35. STEP 2 Finding source of sustained interaction and influence Finding the Top 500 Influencers Scent 2010 435 59 domains showing sustained influence Triangulating the time 6 44dimension across influencers and domains helps pinpoint 15the exact location and people to target for the greatest effect. 468 11 430 Top 500 Influencers Top 500 Influencers 2008 2009 36
  36. 36. STEP 3Following Mind mapping the key the influencers and the primary Trail themes 37
  37. 37. STEP 3 Identifying and establishing contact with the most influential Following the Trail Identify the main Evaluate which socialcategories that the most channel (community, influential focus on. WOM, syndication, etc.) has the greatest penetration. 38
  38. 38. 1 Rich set of themes within the context of family from morals to National and local news… money. Talking about the family means talking about the whole of 5 STEP 3 Family life Relationships 11 life. This is broken down in the Key Themes analysis. Following Politics -12 -5 Time management the Teenagers -1 2 Growth of teenage threads in key forums – core unmet need Trail Holidays -34 35 Health and wellbeing Religion -9 Holiday -34 School/education -38 Growing focus on doing things as a Family friendly activities -26 3 family Sex 32 35 4 Growing openness to discuss sex and Bullying sexuality House/home 4 6 Law/legal -12 Technology support 21 5 Peer technology support on choosing and usingFinding Discipline Emotional release -15 technology 6 Growing trends in being active and involved with womens/ familythe Campaigns Child safety -10 32 6 politics / fundraising / activism issues Consumer focustrending Fostering 34 35 7 Growing voice for consumer rights Being a working mum Growing lobby promoting 29topics 8 Me time fostering -22 Growing focus on the challenges of being a working Cooking 9 27 mum Fashion 15 10 Food and cooking in trending as hobby as well as practical Housework/cleaning -11 living Money 34 Alcohol 33 Skin care 35 Stay at home mum 32 Household products 32 Internet security 25 Home working 26 Conversation trends to watch – low volume but high Hair care 34 growth Cars 32 Feminine hygiene 36 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 39
  39. 39. STEP 4 Painting the Target “Molecule Theory” CRM Platform Trends Date Brand Preference Clusters Sentiment Segment Domain Variable Opt-in Product Handl Lifecycle e Aggregate CodeWhile value is created from insight generation that can be leverage in creationof new social campaigns, there is huge potential to appending social insights toknown, addressable audiences who can be reach via digital and traditional. Social Mention
  40. 40. Action plan on where, when, and how you could get startedMUST, SHOULD, COULD 41
  44. 44. © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.