Dmp - cookie synching (11-15-11)


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Wondering how advertisers can target specific ads to audiences of 1? Then you need to understand terms like SSP, DSP, DMP, and RTB - all of which are made possible by cookie synching.

Dmp - cookie synching (11-15-11)

  1. 1. Life on the Grid Not as science fiction as you may think…
  2. 2. Cross Channel Linkage • FacebookID • IP • Handle • Cookie • Domain • MAC-Address • Social-graph • UserID • Followers • OpenID • Email • Number • Name • DeviceID • Address • AppledID • Zip+4 • Geo • Phone • DMA • Store Must account for cross channel keys, horizontal scalability to handle big data sets, and optimized to handle unstructured text and social data
  3. 3. The Soft, Chewy Key to Digital ‘s
  4. 4. Cookie Scenarios
  5. 5. Value Add • Provides more points of distribution • Expands potential markets by enabling new ways to apply data • Makes it easier and lest costly to onboard
  6. 6. Ways We Can Onboard • Direct Piggyback • PII Match • Trusted 3rd Party Key
  7. 7. DMP Digital On boarding 1. Bob visits a pub site (e.g. 5 6 7 8 2. Pub site CMS (e.g., FatWire) returns HTML Match 3. HTML (from 2) includes java script DSP Analytics Portals Service that redirects to DMP container Provider tag that manages tagging of all downstream sites. 4. Multiple tags / cookies set on 3 dsps, analytic sites, and anything Ad DSP Email Networks else specified in container tag 5. “DMP.comABC” – mapped to 1 DSP’s for RTB display Your Site DMP 6. “DMP.comABC” – mapped first Bob party domain tracking for DSP Store analytics, surveys, email, 2 4 storefront, etc. 9 7. “DMP.comABC” – like mapping to a DSP, but here done for more static connections to large portals (AOL, MSN, etc.) and media partners. 8. “DMP.comABC” – mapped to specific first party sites that collect cookies and PII. Like Experian, TargusInfo, or in the past eBay. 9. Partner tags are round tripped back into DMP for syncronization.
  8. 8. Anonymous “ – “SSP.comABC” Bob” = = “Ssp.comABC” “DSP.com123” 1. Bob visits a pub site (e.g. 2. Pub site CMS (e.g., FatWire) returns HTML 9 3. HTML (from 2) includes java script that pings analytics box on its own domain (e.g., • Cookie dropped for tracking site DSP 4. HTML (from 2) also includes IMG 3 4 6 or java script tags that call out to a publisher ad server 8 5. Ad Server can either return ad 1 Pub 7 Ad content, redirect to AdNetwork, or Pub Site Analytics SSP DSP Ad Server Ad Server redirect to SSP for RTB. Bob 6. Request reaches SSP (on its own domain). 2 5 8 9 • Piggyback 1: Inbound request has cookie (to tie to DSP cookie) 7. SSP pushes offer to DSP’s 8. Winning DSP pushes request to their ad server • Piggyback 2: SSP hands cookie to DSP. If DSP has cookie for user it associates to Ssp.comABC DSP.com123 cookie. If not creates a – Bob – Bob new one. (app) (tracking) 9. Ad Ad server returns image content.
  9. 9. DMP Offline On boarding 1. When on boarding digital sources some of those, namely the match service providers, will supply PII associated to the DMP tag. 2. For offline systems that have a PII match against a known DMP online profile it is a simple matter of aligning the keys. Match 3. For unmatched records, there is Analytics Portals Service CRM DB no way to create the link until Provider “Bob” supplies linkable PII (e.g., name, address, email, etc.) via a form on a site running the DMP container tag or the tags for a Ad digital partner Email Networks Other Offline DB Store DMP 1 2 3
  10. 10. Cookie Daisy Chains 1. Sometimes you have to follow a cookie to a cookie to a cookie PII before you find the PII Partner Site Match Service Provider PII SSP DSP DMP
  11. 11. Identifying the Un-known Visitors Match 1. Over time the DMP’s knowledge DSP Analytics Portals Service base is built up and constantly Provider refreshed via it’s network. 2. While a visitor to your site may be an unknown, or even Ad anonymous, he / she may very DSP Email well be identified within the DMP Networks network. In this case, all that is known by the DMP network can be shared to your site. Your Site DMP DSP Store “?” 1 Match DSP Analytics Portals Service Provider Ad DSP Email Networks DSP Store
  12. 12. Rules to Remember • web servers of any kind can only request cookies that are set to their own domain • concept of fat table • Cookie or media linkage pools • Protect PII