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Portfolio - Table of Contents


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This PDF is embedded with hyperlinks (all blue text) to over 240 different examples of my work categorized by practice or process-related headings.

Published in: Design
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Portfolio - Table of Contents

  1. 1. TODD E WYATT PORTFOLIO-ALL : By Category PRODUCTION (P_*) PROJECT MGMT (PM_*) STAFF Develop (SD_*) BIZ Development (BD_*) RISK MGMT (RM_*) DATA MGMT (DM_*) Abbreviations CA_Supplemental Sheets Seminars Code Expertise_Email Approved vs Reviewed Archiving Architectural Terms Deliverables Design Applications Health Care Tools CSI_Email Condo Liability Process – Presentation Building Types Checklists_By Phases Bluebeam Success Stories Ideas_Email Glazing Spec Project Folder Structure Finish Materials Sets and Content Detailing Strategies Marketing Idea_Email QC Reviews Code Management Systems Logs Openings Medical Equipment A100s – Floor Plans Code Resources - Overview Diagrams Change Orders Detailing Categories A300s – Sections Fire Rated Resistance Matrix Adjustable Shelving RFI Exterior Wall Assemblies Parameters A500s – Details ICC Code Hdwr Locations Review - Light Table - Example Floor Assemblies Schedules G000 – Cover Costs Plumbing Specifications Interior Wall Assemblies By Type Mark G100s – Life Safety Plans Resources – Email Specialties DBMS Report Opening Assemblies Email Resilient Base Occupancy and Use Classes General Notes Format Zen of Detailing Example Risk Management Report Occupant Load Worksheet Casework Insert in Revit Evaluation Visibility_Email Directions WCBC Casework_TI Print to PDF PM Workshops NCS BIM Committee_Email Report 2006 IBC Modifications Ceiling Plans Questions Case Study – Agenda Tax Deductions Risk Mgmt & Mitigation Plan Modifications Life Safety Plans Translation of Spec Sections Case Study – Template YouTube Account Design Team Meetings Costs Telecom Data and Power Submittals Change Orders Quality Assurance Plan Archiving Tenant Improvement (TI) Electronic Review Stamp RFIs Standard of Care and Copyright Enclosure Example TI_Redlines Hard Copies vs PDFs Shop Drawings HUMAN RES (HR_*) Horizontal vs Vertical Wall Types SC PA Role SMEP Roundtable Project Worksheet Legends Templates Production Carpooling Idea DESIGN APPS (DA_*) Folder Management Ceiling Plans Code Email Life Safety Plans Evaluation General Folder Life Safety Plans Construction Bulletin Supplemental Dwgs Criteria Matrix A000 vs G000 Report Telecom Data and Power CB Example Wall Types Example CAD File Naming Structure Schedules Field Reports Quality Control Methodology Details Project Folder Casework - By Room Project Mgmt Plan QC Review Process Metrics Casework Email Finish Materials Punchlists Water Mgmt - Flashing Humor Detailing Objectives Hyperlinks Hardware Graphic Surveys CD Advertising Graphics Options Hardware Key Keynotes DA-QC Standards Top 10 No Heat Accessible Clearance Boxes Intranet Project Milestones – % Matrix Room Project Folders Managing Non-billable Projects Casework by Phase QC Pages Project Milestones - Tasks Matrix Training - PDP Training Phase and Task Codes Detail Grids Miscellaneous Specialties Requirements Recurring Mtgs - Firmwide Dimensioning ROT Duplex Printing Tags Schedule - Annual Resource Library Floor Finish Terminations Newforma Casework DESIGN (D_*) Schedule - Recurring Presentation Frames Code Emails Door # and Hdwr Set Representatives Imperial Library General Folders Finish Best Practices PROJECTS (PR_*) Vision - Realistic Hours Modeling Project Numbers Tools Air Barriers Non-intelligent Tags Outlook Roof Drainage Calculation EIFS Cameos Revit Meeting Response Rule Code Email Template Types - Building Components Parking Structures ED_Deerfield Elementary Finish Mgr – Base Length Meeting Invite Format Door Nomenclature Precast Insulated Panels CM_TRW HP Keynotes Reference Inventory Frame Nomenclature Planning Tools HC_IMH Options Resource Library Lab Cswk Nomenclature Casework Examples HC_GPRMC Lineweight Charts File Naming Specialties Nomenclature Hardware Checklist HC_SMH Parking Structure Revit vs ADT Target Hours Wall Graphic Magnetic Sheets HC_WFH Franklin Sheet Sets Wall Nomenclature Room Data Sheet HC_WFH SOC Design Team – Detailed Window Nomenclature POE RS_First Place Subsets Design Manifesto Consultation Typical Spaces Strategy QA - ISI Review Toilet Rooms - Redlines