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Android ipm 20110409


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Inter-process method invocation using Binder in Android.

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Android ipm 20110409

  1. 1. Inter-process method invocation in Android 2011.4.9 Tetsuyuki Kobayashi 1
  2. 2. Who am I? 20+ years involved in embedded systems  10 years in real time OS, such as iTRON  10 years in embedded Java Virtual Machine  Now GCC, Linux, QEMU, Android, … Blogs  (Personal)  (Corporate) Twitter  @tetsu_koba 2
  3. 3. Todays topic inter process communications in Android Inter process method invocation using Binder AIDL Example of inter process method invocation 3
  4. 4. Inter Process Communication Activity Activity Window Alarm Manager Manager Manager Kernel 4
  5. 5. Abstraction of Inter Process Communication More abstract Intent AIDL Binder No need to use Binder directly. AIDL requires multi-thread programming 5 In most case Intent is easy and powerful enough.
  6. 6. Invoking method via interface caller callee In the same process 6
  7. 7. Inter-process invocation caller interfacecaller interface How?callee interface callee 7
  8. 8. Inter-process invocation caller interface Proxycaller interface Binder in kernel Binder Threadcallee Stub interface callee 8
  9. 9. android.os.Parcel Delivering arguments of method”flatten” ”unflatten” transmit 9
  10. 10. Describing in UML ... <<interface>> Proxy Stub 10
  11. 11. Describing in UML ... caller <<interface>> calls implements Proxy Stub extends callee 11
  12. 12. AIDLAuto generated from .aidl file caller <<interface>> Proxy Stub callee 12
  13. 13. Use case: Who calls ”onPause” in Activity? 2:Send message Activity by Handler 3:”onPause” is called queue Looper in main thread Activity Manager Main Main Binder Thread Thread Binder Thread #1 Thread #1 Kernel 1:Call ”schedulePauseActivity” across process 13
  14. 14. Binder /etc/binder Not for general purpose. Tuned for specific transaction. Multi-thread aware  Have internal data per thead  (CF. Socket have internal data per fd.) Not use ”write” and ”read”. Write and read at once by ”ioctl”. 14
  15. 15. Transaction of Binder Process A and B have different memory space. They can not see each other.Kernel Process B Process A Binder Copy memory by copy_from _user Then, wake up process BKernel Process B Binder Process A Copy memory by copy_to_user 15
  16. 16. See also rd 3 session of Yokohama Android Platform club  1st session of Android SDK work group  KMC blog       16
  17. 17. Q&AThank you for listening!Any comments to blogs are welcome. 17