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Viral case study


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A good example of viral campaign: Daft Punk new album Random Access Memories

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Viral case study

  1. 1. How to measure a viral campaign?Case Study
  2. 2. During the episode of Saturday Night Live aired in the U.S. in early March, appeared a mysteriousadvertisement of 15sec:For music lovers, the reference was clear: the next release of the new music album by Daft Punk.This mysterious spot generated immediately reactions around the world:• A strong growth in the volume of search for "Daft Punk" on Google (higher than past album releases)as well as the volumes of research on youtube;• Posting on youtube, and the major social networks related to music, thousands of versions of thesong mysterious, in a sort of competition to see who would be able to achieve the best remix, startingfrom these 15 seconds;• Spread in different social networks (with Google+, it’s possible to see the way of viral spread)The start of a viral campaign
  3. 3. The start of a viral campaign: Google trendsSearchYoutube
  4. 4. Spread of SNL advert among G+ G+ users / opinionleader have helped tospread the youtube link ofthe commercial airedduring Saturday NightLive.GOOGLE+ RIPPLESThe ripple diagram shows thispost spreading as users share iton Google+. Arrows indicate thedirection of resharing. (Only recentpublic posts show up.) Circleswithin circles represent aresharing sequence, so largecircles indicate heavy resharing.
  5. 5. Spread of RAM website among Google+Randomaccessmemories.com G+ accounts of Sony music and some opinion leader have helped spread the website ofthe new album and the launch of the campaign
  6. 6. Among the official website of the new album and youtube, all collaborators of newDaft Punk project tell the story of the new work, from their point of view.On these videos (10min) collaborators evaluate positively the experience of this newalbum, nurturing the expectancy of fans.Second step: tell the storyFurthermore…12th April: new advert during Coachellafestival (fast twitter sharing and videosposted on youtube);13th April: new advert – 1 minute – airedduring SNL (and posted on youtube)
  7. 7. Spread of first collaborator video among G+ viral campaign is nowfully developed and thepoints are multiplied: therole of opinion leaders,like Sony, becomes lessimportant (fans moveindependently andcontribute to the progressof the campaign)
  8. 8. 14Kriley, registered on youtube since 2011, a channel withvery few views, post the new commercial (1minute) airedon SNL: the video on his channel reaches 6 million views.Spread of second advert among Youtube
  9. 9. Third step: Reward
  10. 10. Different aspects, in chronological order:1. Targeted advertising campaign (spot, activity on the website -videos relatedto the album realization-), which aims to generate interest in the targetaudience;2. Spread of advert / special content by music sites / opinion leaders;3. Community of Fans;4. User participation on youtube / social network music: creation /dissemination of thousands remix of the same 15sec advertWhich are the reasons of the success of thisviral campaign?
  11. 11.