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Testo 330

  1. 1. Many measurement menus for analyses on heatingsystems, incl. solid fuel and gas pipe test menusIntegrated sensor monitoring4 years warranty without maintenance contractDilution up to 30,000 ppm CO (testo 330-2 LL)Zeroing in flue possible (testo 320-2 LL)High-resolution colour graphic displayLogger function (up to 2h continuous measurement valuerecording)TÜV-tested according to EN50379, Parts 1-3Professional fluegas analyzertesto 330-LL – Up to 6 yearssensor lifetimeThe testo 330 LL is the professional flue gas analyzer. Itfulfils the highest demands and can cope with allmeasurement tasks on heating systems. Multiple country-specific measurement menus are stored in the instrument. Itis possible to select from an extensive program of flue gasprobes, which often replaces an additional measuringinstrument. Other fuels can be defined by the user asdesired. Apart from this, gas pipe tests or solid fuelmeasurement can also be carried out with the testo 330 LL.The high-quality instrument is especially excellent thanks tothe successful combination of outstanding sensortechnology, long life and security. It has three high-qualitymeasuring cells for O2, CO and NO as well as a temperatureprobe integrated into the flue gas probe for the directmeasurement of temperature, O2, CO and NO. Theabbreviation „LL“ stands for „Longlife“. The sensors of theinstrument series testo 330 LL have an extended lifetime ofup to 6 years. At least one O2and CO sensor replacementcan be saved in the course of the typical working life.www.testo.comWe measure it.°CHPAO2CO/H2NOΔPX18.01.10 14:35Testo AGLPGCondensing boiler122.3 °C ATOptions Start Values5.8% qAtesto-330-P01 01.02.2013 08:41 Seite 1
  2. 2. Longlife sensorsThe sensors of the instrument family testo 330 LL have alifetime of up to 6 years. At least one sensor replacement issaved in the course of the typical working life.Graphic presentation of the measurement dataFine presentation of the measurement procedures as a fluegas matrix and line diagramStamp of approvalThe testo 330 LL is TÜV-tested according to 1. BImSchV EN50379, Parts 1-3, TÜV-tested solid fuel measurement for O2and CO.Sensors exchangeable by the userEasy exchange of the sensors by the user – no adjustmentnecessaryCO dilutionIn CO measurement, the automatic dilution to min. 30,000ppm CO takes place from 8,000 ppm (only for testo 330-2 LL).Long battery lifePowerful Li-ion reachargeable battery – no batteryreplacement. Up to eight hours lifetime with pump running.Battery chargeable separately in instrument, no memoryeffect, no deep discharge.Efficient exchange of probesFast and easy exchange of probes via the probe coupling. Allgas paths are connected to the instrument at once with thebayonet connection.Robust designRobust and ergonomic instrument – ideally suited even torough surroundings.AttachmentIntegrated magnets for fast attachment to burner/boiler.testo 330 LL We measure it.Product propertiestesto-330-P02-03 01.02.2013 08:42 Seite 2
  3. 3. Sensor monitoringIntegrated traffic light system which continuously monitorsthe sensor functionality.MemoryUp to 500,000 measurement values can be saved in thememory of the testo 330 LL.Draught and gas zeroingIntegrated draught and gas zeroing with probe removal: theprobe can remain in the flue during zeroing (only for testo330-2 LL).High-resolution colour graphic displayThe measurement menus and measurement values arepresented in detail and always easily legible.Fast sensor zeroingAutomatic zeroing of the sensor in only 30 seconds afterstart-up, and which can be cancelled if not required.Flexibility with modular probesA range of probe lengths and diameters ensure a high degreeof flexibility for all applications. To exchange the probe shaft,it is simply placed on the probe handle and engages.Condensate trapIntegrated condensate trap – very easily emptied.Probe filterEasy exchange of probe filter.Logger function for long-term measurementsLogger function for easy long-term recording of themeasurement curve.testo 330 LL We measure it.testo-330-P02-03 01.02.2013 08:43 Seite 3
  4. 4. testo 330 LL We measure it.Ordering dataOrder suggestiontesto 330-1 LLOrder suggestionlonglife set for servicetechnicians and assessors withthe fine pressure probetesto 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with longlife gassensors, incl. rechargeable battery and calibrationprotocoltesto 330-1 LL 0632 3306Option: H2-compensated CO sensor √Option: Bluetooth √testo 330-2 LL 0632 3307Option: H2-compensated CO sensor √Option: Bluetooth √International mains unit 100-240 V AC / 6.3 V DC 0554 1096flue gas probe modular 300 mm, Ø 6 mm 0600 9763Combustion air temperature probe 190 mm 0600 9787testo BLUETOOTH®printer 0554 0553PC analysis software easyheat 0554 3332USB connection cable instrument-PC 0449 0047Fine pressure probe 0638 0330testo 330-2 LL 0632 3307Option: H2-compensated CO sensor √Option: Bluetooth √Order suggestiontesto 330-2 LLtesto 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer with longlife gassensors and integrated draught and gas zeroing,incl. rechargeable battery and calibrationprotocolThe gas pipe test is integrated in thetesto 330 LL (see ill.). Orderaccessory 0554 1213,and if not included in the set,accessory 0554 1203.Part no.Option: Fine draught measurement, Resolution 0.1 Pa, measurement range to 100 Pa (instead of the standard draught measurement)Option fine differential pressure measurementOption: NO sensor, meas. range 0 to 3000 ppm, 1 ppm resolutionOption H2-compensated CO cellOption COlowsensorOption BluetoothOption NOlowsensorPart no.0632 33060632 3307testo 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with long life gas sensors, inkl. O2-/CO-sensor; without H2-compensation, incl.rech. battery and calibration protocol; with graphic displaytesto 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors and built-in draught and gas zeroing; incl. O2-/CO-sensor;without H2-compensation, rech. battery and calibration protocol; with graphic displayAccessories for measuring instrumentOrder suggestionlonglife set for customer serviceand maintenance engineerstesto 330-2 LL 0632 3307Option: H2-compensated CO cell √Option: Bluetooth √International mains unit 100-240 V AC / 6.3 V DC 0554 1096Flue gas probe modular 300 mm, Ø 6 mm 0600 9763Combustion air temperature probe 190 mm 0600 9787testo BLUETOOTH®printer 0554 0553Hose connection set 0554 1203Basic system case flat 0516 3330Order suggestionlonglife set for assessorstesto 330-2 LL 0632 3307Option: H2-compensated CO sensor √Option: Bluetooth √International mains unit 100-240 V AC / 6.3 V DC 0554 1096Flue gas probe modular 300 mm, Ø 6 mm 0600 9763Combustion air temperature probe 190 mm 0600 9787testo 308 smoke count measuring instrument 0632 0309Probe attachment for testo 308 0554 0616Basic system case high 0516 3331testo-330-P04-05 01.02.2013 09:04 Seite 4
  5. 5. testo 330 LL We measure it.AccessoriesPart no.Part no.Spare gas sensorsAccessories0393 00020554 10960516 33300393 00510515 01070516 33310393 01010554 11030516 03290393 01030554 05490393 01510554 05530554 05680554 12060554 01160554 03070554 12030554 12130554 12080554 33850554 33320554 12100449 00470520 0003O2sensor for testo 330-1 LL/-2 LLMains unit international 100-240 V AC / 6.3 V DC for mains operation or battery charging in instrumentBasic system case testo 330-1/-2 LL for analyzer, probes and accessoriesCO sensor (without H2-compensation) for testo 330-1 LL/-2 LLSpare battery 2600 mASystem case with double baseCO sensor, H2-compensated, 0 to 8000 ppm for testo 330-1 LL/-2 LLCharger for spare batteryTools system case with tools section without content, can be interlocked to basic system caseSpare COlowsensor for testo 330-1 LL/-2 LLTesto fast printer IRDA with wireless infrared interface; 1 roll thermal paper; 4 AA batteriesSpare NO sensor, 0 to 3000 ppm for testo 330-1 LL/-2 LLBLUETOOTH printer set with wireless BLUETOOTH interface; incl. 1 roll thermal paper,rechargeable battery and mains unitSpare thermal paper for printer, permanent inkReadout adapter for automatic furnaces testo 330-1/-2 LLAdhesive pockets testo 330-1/-2 LL for printout, paper barcode labels; 50 offSmoke tester with oil; soot sheet; for measuring soot in flue gasHose connection set with adapter for separate gas pressure measurementPressure set for testing gas line testo 330-1/-2 LL version 2010Differential temperature set; consisting of 2 Velcro probes and temperature adapterSpare dirt filter, modular probe; 10 offeasyheat PC analysis software, shows measurement in form of diagrams, tables and manages customer data.Full version easyheat and testo 330-1/-2 LL, for the presentation of measurement procedures asdiagrams, tables and for managing customer data. Please order USB cable 0449 0047 separately.USB connection cable testo 330-1/-2 LL / testo 335, instrument to PCISO calibration certificate/flue gas0393 0152NOlowspare sensor 0 to 300 ppm, 0.1 ppm, ±2 ppm (0 to 39.9 ppm) ±5% of m.v.testo-330-P04-05 01.02.2013 09:04 Seite 5
  6. 6. testo 330 LL We measure it.ProbesPart no.Part no.Part no.Part no.Part no.Modular flue gas probes, available in 2 lengths, incl. positioning cone, NiCr-Nithermocouple, 2.2 m hose and particle filterProbe accessoriesAdditional probes0600 97600600 97610600 97620600 97630600 97640554 97600554 97610554 87640554 97640554 57620554 57630554 12020632 12600632 33300632 33310632 12400430 01430638 03300563 33450600 9765Flue gas probe modular, incl. cone for attachment; thermocouple NiCr-Ni; hose 2.2 m; particle filter;length 180 mm; Ø 8 mm; Tmax. 500 °C; TÜV-testedFlue gas probe; length 300 mm; Ø 8 mm; Tmax. 500 °C; TÜV approval; probe stop; NiCr-Ni thermocouple;2.2 m hose and particle filter includedFlue gas probe; length 180 mm; Ø 6 mm; Tmax. 500 °C; probe stop; NiCr-Ni thermocouple; 2.2 m hose andparticle filter includedFlue gas probe; length 300 mm; Ø 6 mm; Tmax. 500 °C; probe stop; NiCr-Ni thermocouple; 2.2 m hose andparticle filter includedFlue gas probe flexible; length 330 mm; Tmax. 180 °C; short-term 200 °C; bending radius max. 90 °C formeasuring at inaccessible points; probe stop; NiCr-Ni-thermocouple; 2.2 m hose and particle filter includedProbe shaft; length 180 mm; 8 mm; Tmax. 500 °CProbe shaft; length 300 mm; Ø 8 mm; Tmax. 500 °CProbe shaft length 335 mm, incl. cone, Ø 8 mm, Tmax 1000 °CProbe shaft flexible; length 330 mm; Ø 10 mm; Tmax. 180 °CProbe shaft multi-hole; length 300 mm; Ø 8 mm; for mean CO calculationProbe shaft multi-hole; length 180 mm; Ø 8 mm; for mean CO calculationHose extension; 2.8 m; extension cable for probe and analyzerDual wall clearance probe for O2supply air measurementGas leak detection probe; 0 to 10000 ppm CH4/C3H8Ambient CO probe, for detecting CO in buildings and rooms; 0 to +500 ppmAmbient CO2probe (requires connection cable 0430 0143)Connection cable for ambient CO2probeFine pressure probe: highly accurate probe for the measurement of differential pressure andtemperature, as well as Pitot tube measurement of flow velocities (see technical data)Heating check with fine pressure probe, capillary hoses, straight Pitot tube, surface temperature probewith connection cable, USB cable, PC software easyheat (full version) and bagSolid fuel set (probe shaft, adapter, upgrade CD)Combustion air temperature probesAdditional temperature probes0600 97910600 97870600 97970600 36920604 01940430 0143Combustion air temperature probe, immersion depth 300 mmCombustion air temperature probe, immersion depth 190 mmCombustion air temperature probe, immersion depth 60 mmMini ambient air probe; for separate ambient air temperature measurement; 0 to +80 °CVery fast reaction surface probeConnection cabletesto-330-P06-07 01.02.2013 09:04 Seite 6
  7. 7. testo 330 LLTechnical dataWe measure it.General technical dataStorage temp. -20 to +50 °COper. temp. -5 to +45 °CPower supply Rechargeable battery pack 3.7 V / 2.6 AhMains unit 6 V / 1.2 AMemory 500.000 readingsDisplay Colour graphic display with 240 x 320 pixelsWeight 600 g (without rechargeable battery)Dimensions 270 x 90 x 65 mmWarranty Instrument/probe/gas sensors(O2, CO) 48 monthsNO, COlowsensor 24 monthsThermocouple and rech. battery 12 monthsMeas. range Accuracy ±1 digit ResolutionTemperature -40 to +1.200 °C ±0.5 °C (0.0 to +100.0 °C)±0.5 % of mv (remaining range)0.1 °C (-40 to 999,9 °C)1 °C (remaining range)Adjustment time t90Draughtmeasurement-9.99 to +40 hPa ±0.02 hPa or ±5% of mv (-0.50 to +0.60 hPa)±0.03 hPa (+0.61 to +3.00 hPa)±1.5% of mv (+3.01 to +40.00 hPa)(the greater value applies)0.01 hPaPressuremeasurement0 to 300 hPa ±0.5 hPa (0.0 to 50.0 hPa)±1% of mv (50.1 to 100.0 hPa)±1.5 % of mv (remaining range)0.1 hPaO2measurement 0 to 21 Vol. % ±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 Vol. % 〈 20 sCO measurement(without H2compensation)0 to 4.000 ppm ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)±5% of mv (401 to 2.000 ppm)±10% of mv (2.001 to 4.000 ppm)1 ppm 〈 60 sCO measurement(H2-compensated)0 to 8.000 ppm ±10 ppm or ±10% of mv (0 to 200 ppm)±20 ppm or ±5% of mv (201 to 2.000 ppm)±10% of mv (2.001 to 8.000 ppm)1 ppm 〈 60 sautomatic dilution in testo320-2 LLCO determination(H2-compensated)0 to 30000 ppm ±100 ppm (0 to 1000 ppm)±10% of mv (1001 to 30000 ppm)1 ppmEfficiency(ETA)0 to 120% 0.1%Flue gas loss 0 to 99.9% 0.1%NOlow0 to 300 ppm ±2 ppm (0 to 39.9 ppm)±5% of mv (40 to 300 ppm)0.1 ppmCO2determinationDigital calculation from O2Display range0 to CO2max±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 Vol. % 〈 40 sOption: COlowmeasurement0 to 500 ppm ±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm)±5% of mv (101 to 2.000 ppm)±10% of mv (2.001 to 3.000 ppm)0.1 ppm 〈 30 sOption: NOmeasurement0 to 3.000 ppm ±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm)±5% of mv (101 to 2.000 ppm)±10% of mv (2.001 to 3.000 ppm)1 ppm 〈 30 s〈 30 sDifferentialpressure, flowvelocity andtemperature via thefine pressure probe±10.000 Pa0.15 to 3 m/smax. -40 to +1,200 °C(dependent on probe)±0.3 Pa (0 to 9.99 Pa) plus ±1 digit±3% of m.v. (10 to 10.000 Pa)±0.5 °C (-40 to 100 °C)±0.5 % of m.v. (rem. meas. range)plus probe accuracy0.1 m/s0.1 °CAmbient COmeasurement (withCO probe)0 to 500 ppm ±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm)±5% of mv (>100 ppm)1 ppm Approx. 35 sGas leak measurementfor combustible gases(with gas leakdetection probe)Display range0 to 10.000 ppmCH4/C3H8Signal Optical display (LED)Audible alarm via buzzer〈 2 sec.Ambient CO2measurement (withambient CO2probe)0 to 1 Vol. %0 to 10.000 ppm±50 ppm or ±2% of mv (0 to 5.000 ppm)±100 ppm or ±3% of mv (5.001 to 10.000 ppm)Approx. 35 stesto-330-P06-07 01.02.2013 09:04 Seite 7
  8. 8. testo 330 LLwww.testo.com09812824/msp/A/01.2013Subjecttochangewithoutnotice.We measure it.testo-330-P08 01.02.2013 09:06 Seite 8