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Tg measurement solutions_energy_emission


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Tg measurement solutions_energy_emission

  1. 1. Measurement Solutionsfor Energy and Emission O2 NO 2 %H 2 O CO SO 2 hPa CO low CO 2 °C/°F NO H 2S NO low C xH y
  2. 2. Measurement Solutions for Energy and Emission Efficiency is a question of precise measurement technology. Reliable measurement solutions from Testo ease the optimization of thermal processes. Worldwide energy consumption has doubled since 1970, and The balance between the best possible operation of a sys- is forecast to triple by 2030. There are natural limitations to tem and the strict adherence to legal limit values can only this growth. Fossil fuels are disappearing, the prices for be kept with the help of measurement technology. In view of their extraction and use are increasing. CO2, oxides or soot increasingly strict standards, emissions must be reliably particles in exhaust gas pollute the environment, influence provable even at low concentrations. Measurement tech- climate and endanger health. It is therefore essential that nology from Testo was developed for just this purpose. Our energy is produced more efficiently, thermal processes are reliable instruments and probes offer you high measurement optimized and emissions reduced. For you as an expert for accuracy, are easy to handle and are always ready to use large and small combustion systems, as an assessor for an even under critical ambient conditions. Whether you wish to official body or as a service technician, this opens up a carry out spot-check or long-term measurements, and to broad spectrum of measuring, testing and monitoring jobs. determine the concentrations of O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2 or CxHy. In order to support our customers, flue gas analyz- ers from Testo have integrated instrument pre-settings in which the specific measurement parameters for your country are already stored. More efficiency with measurement technology from Testo: • Extensive selection of instruments and probes, easily exchangeable gas sensors • Precise flue gas analysis even at low concentrations • Absolute reliability and convenient operation • Country-specific instrument versions2
  3. 3. With the high-performance flue gas analyzers from Testo, you reliably solve any measurement task in emission testing or in the optimization of thermalprocesses. Measurement procedures stored in the instrument’s memory allow fast efficient measurments on site.Testo annually invests roughly 10 percentof turnover in Research and Development.The result is practice-tested tools for fluegas analysis in industry and trade.Thousands of our instruments are in useeach year. Testo proves its competencein energy efficiency and emissionmeasurement daily. 3
  4. 4. Energy producers Protecting resources, reducing emissions, maintaining sustainablility. With the help of Testo measurement technology, you increase the efficiency of your systems. You guarantee high energy efficiency standards along the Thanks to helpful pre-settings, our portable flue gas analyzer entire value chain, from production to consumption. You testo 350 is immediately ready for use, and guides you handle finite resources just as sustainably as renewable raw safely through typical measurement tasks on burners, gas materials or refuse. Modern system technology with a high turbines, industrial engines or co-generation plants, and degree of efficiency and environmental protection standards thermal processes. Closed chambers and cooling loops reduces fuel consumption and emissions to the necessary protect the instrument’s electronics, as well as the sensor, level. from contamination in the ambient air. Classical power stations could certainly work more This means you always obtain precise measurement results, efficiently. However, the energy produced must also be even under difficult conditions. For the purposes of easy affordable for the consumer. After all, millions of people and communication and data transfer, several interfaces are large industrial companies rely on a guaranteed, safe energy available to you – for the preparation, analysis and legally supply. For this reason, you as an energy producer operate secure documentation of your data. This is efficient long- your systems as economically and as ecologically as possi- term low-cost emission measurement. ble. Testo supports you reliably in this with easy-to-operate measurement technology. Your testo advantages in the field of energy production: Flue gas analyzer • Systems are always optimally adjusted and serviced testo 350 • High instrument availability even under difficult conditions • Robust, reliable and long-living measurement technology • Convenient data preparation and analysis4
  5. 5. Measurement solutions from Testo help you to operate your systems as economically as possible. With the handy and user-friendly flue gasanalyzers testo 340 (fig. centre) and testo 350, you handle even the most demanding measurement task in energy production. The gas sensorsare pre-calibrated and can be exchanged, replaced or complemented by other measurement parameters without test gas adjustment – directly at themeasurement site.Roughly 89 million barrels of petroleum oil are used worldwideevery day. The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects thatdemand could increase annually by 1.2 million barrels per day by2016. According to the IEA, the consumption of natural gas couldincrease from just under 3300 billion cubic metres at present byaround 500 billion cubic metres over the same period. If the oil priceincreases by only 1 US dollar per barrel, that would cause increasedworldwide costs of a total of 32.5 billion dollars per year. If the gasprice increases at the same rate, these costs would almost double. 5
  6. 6. Energy-intensive processes Energy costs efficiently under control. Secure your competitive advantages with the optimum adjustment of your system. Testo has the right measurement solutions. Energy is “produced” and “consumed”, although strictly speaking, it simply changes its form, from chemical to thermal, from thermal to mechanical, from mechanical to electrical. During this conversion, energy is “lost”. However, system technology is becoming more and more efficient. Effectivity and fuel exploitation have increased steadily in the past decades. The first power stations which combined gas and steam turbines reached effectivities of a good 30 % at the end of the 1950’s. The gas turbine commissioned in the Irsching power station in Germany in May 2011 sets a new world record for effectivity, at 60.75 %. The gas consumption per kilo- watt/hour produced is roughly a third lower than the average of all gas-powered stations worldwide.6
  7. 7. With increasing energy costs and stricter environmental protection regulations, the efficiency of thermal processes is becoming more and moresignificant. Flue gas analyzers (e.g. testo 350, fig. left) and thermal imagers from Testo support you in the optimum adjustment and monitoringof your production plants, contributing to the competitiveness of your company.The production of base materials such as steel, cement, Flue gas analysis supports you in the optimization of theglass or chemicals is energy-intensive. Most plants work degree of effectivity, thus reducing fuel consumption andaround the clock. Energy consumption is therefore a deci- increasing the availability of your systems. With the testosive cost factor, and relevant to your competitiveness. At the 340 or the testo 350, ideal tools adapted to the measure-same time, ever tighter legal limit values and guidelines ment requirements are available to you. Thanks to helpfuldemand the reduction of the pollutant emission. For this pre-settings, you can safely carry out typical measurementreason, you invest in energy-efficient, emission- tasks in flue gas analysis such as the testing and monitor-reducing technologies. However, these only develop their ing of defined gas atmospheres in a combustion room, orfull effectivity in optimally adjusted plants. Production quality officially prescribed emission limit also highly dependent on them. Testo supports expertdepartments, works customer service staff and those respon- In addition to this, Testo thermal imagers guarantee thermo-sible for production and quality assurance with precise and grams in high resolution, even for measurements at highreliable measurement technology. temperatures up to 1200 °C. An investment in Testo meas- urement technology is your first step on the way to system- atic energy management. Your Testo advantages in energy-intensive processes: • Optimum energy efficiency and emission controls Flue gas analyzer • Durable, user-friendly measuring instruments testo 340 • Easy exchange of pre-calibrated gas sensors for changing applications or regulations • High measurement accuracy in non-supervised long-term measurements • Thermography for preventive maintenance 7
  8. 8. Supervisory authorities On duty for a clean environment. With measurement solutions from Testo, you monitor emission limit values safely and objectively. Because fireplaces can be a source of danger, centuries ago authorities began laying down rules stating that they must be monitored, and how this should be done. In the age of the industrial revolution, houseowners paid tradesmen to clean their chimneys, usually sending children into the narrow flues. Factory owners dealt with this themselves, because they were aware that better combustion processes improve product quality and lower costs. Originally, hardly any attention was given to the purity of the air, whereas today it is of much greater significance.8
  9. 9. Emission of pollutants such as particulate matter and sulphuror nitrogen oxides endanger the environment and health.Greenhouse gases negatively affect climate, and carbonmonoxide causes fatal poisoning.As an assessor with a supervisory authority, or an environ-mental engineer, you are responsible for the compliancewith ever stricter legal limit values. Rely on the portable flue Flue gas analyzergas analysis instruments from Testo such as the testo 330. testo 330They guarantee reliable results in daily use, even underextreme conditions.All Testo measuring instruments are ergonomically designedand intuitively operated. Features such as the easy menustructure, high-resolution displays for the graphic presenta-tion of the measurement results, direct printout on site, orthe integrated logger function for legally incontestablemeasurement value reports make your work easier. Andthanks to specially developed hard and software, you adapt Your Testo advantages in supervisory authorities:your measuring instrument exactly to your requirements. • Tested and certified measurement and analysisMeasurement technology from Testo exceeds your require- instrumentsments because we ourselves place the highest possibledemands on the precision of our instruments and sensors. • Extended measurement menus for special measurement tasks (e. g. gas line tests, smoke count measurement) • Special solutions for legally applicable measurements • Convenient graphic data preparation • Country-specific instrument versionsThe proof of low concentrations is only possible with exact measurement technology: The smoke count measuring instrument testo 308 (fig. left)digitally determines the smoke count to one digital place with constant sampling. By heating the measurment spot, it achieves the highest level ofaccuracy, and avoids measurement errors caused by condensate. 9
  10. 10. Works customer service Energy efficiency, system security and consultation, in the service of the customer. We offer you safe measurement solutions for the optimum adjustment and maintenance of combustion systems. Energy is everywhere: Industry produces extensive quanti- You see measuring instruments as technical support equip- ties of electricity and process heat in large combustion ment – the more suited to practice the better. So do we. For systems. Roughly a third of the total consumption is for the this reason, Testo measuring instruments, for all their func- heating, air conditioning and ventilation of buildings. Inno- tionality, are uncomplicated to operate, durable and long- vative technical solutions for heating make energy produc- living. You can produce measurement result reports as tion more efficient and lower pollutant emission. However, required directly on site. And if you do happen to be only regular inspections guarantee the optimum functioning dissatisfied, you can rely on us one hundred percent: of the systems and the compliance with legal emission limit Because we place great value on first-class service. values. As a service technician for energy systems or combustion plants, the most important thing for you is customer satis- faction thanks to excellent support. In routine servicing or Your Testo advantages for works customer serv- when eliminating errors, you rely on precise measurement ice: technology. • Optimum adjustment of thermal plants or energy systems With the portable flue gas analyzers from Testo, you carry out all measurement tasks in the commissioning and adjust- • Convenient thermography from a safe distance ment of boilers, burners, gas turbines and industrial • Portable instruments, suitable for industry and engines. Our thermal imagers provide high-resolution insensitive to dirt images for preventive maintenance on generators, engines • Time savings thanks to fast operational readiness or switching cabinets, even under critical application and helpful instrument pre-settings conditions. The prerequisite that thermal systems always work with optimum effectivity is careful maintenance. With the precise flue gas10 analyzers from Testo, you identify even the smallest deviations from the target value, and can immediately initiate suitable measures.
  11. 11. Thermal imager testo 885Thermography is a visualization process which makes infrared radiationvisible. This allows a thermal image to present the heat distribution onthe surfaces of electrical and mechanical components. Thanks to theSuperResolution technology, high resolution thermal imagers from Testoprovide a considerably better image quality than conventional instru-ments. This new technology achieves four times more measurementvalues and a 1.6 times higher geometric resolution. Thanks to this, thethermal image shows considerably more details and guarantees greatersecurity in thermographic measurements. 11
  12. 12. Product overview Quality is measurable. Take a look at the Testo world of measurement. Here is a small selection for the field of energy and emission. Smoke count measuring Flue gas analyzer instrument with memory for 500,000 readings with infrared interface testo 330-2 LL V2010 testo 308 The main advantages of the testo The testo 308 is designed for easy 330-2 LL V2010 are its high-reso- electronic smoke count measure- lution display for the graphic ment. The measuring instrment is presentation of the measurement especially user-friendly due to the data, Long-Life sensors, space for simple menu structure and the 3 gas sensors and extended ergonomic handle. measurement menus, such as gas line tests, solid fuel measurement – for professionl analysis of heat- ing systems. Smoke O2 CO 2 CO/H2 NO °C hPa no. Measurement Solutions Flue gas analyzer Flue gas analyzer The special-class introductory in compact design instrument testo 340 testo 327-2 The testo 340 is the ideal flue gas The testo 327-2 is the introduc- analyzer for emission checks and tory measuring instrument for pro- for monitoring thermal processes fessional flue gas analysis, and It can be fitted with up to 4 gas has space for 2 gas sensors. It sensors by the user. measures combustive resistance, °C, O2, CO2, CO, flue draught, differential temperature and differential pressure. O2 CO COlow NO O2 CO2 CO hPa °C NOlow NO 2 SO 212
  13. 13. Thermal imager Flue gas analyzer with a large rotatable, with removable control unit fold-out display testo 350 testo 876 Professional flue gas analyzer for With the large rotatable fold-out long-term emission measure- display of the thermal imager ments with integrated gas prepa- testo 876, you always have the ration and retrofittable with up to right image section in view, and 6 gas sensors. Application- can thus test materials and compo- specific menu structure guaran- nents reliably and non-intrusively. tees easy operation. The telephoto lens function and many useful analysis options offer you even more possibilities when carrying out thermographic measurements. O2 CO COlow NO NOlow NO 2 SO 2 CO 2 H 2S CxHy °Cfor Energy and Emission Reference flue gas analyzer Thermal imager for industrial exhaust gases in ergonomic camcorder design testo 360-3 testo 885 The testo 360-3 is a suitability- Thanks to the high-resolution tested flue gas analyzer according detector in combination with the to TA Air, 13. and 17. BImSchV, SuperResolution technology, an and equippable with up to 7 gas excellent image quality is sensors. The measurement accu- achieved (640 x 480 pixels). The racy is comaparable with station- thermal sensitivity of 30 mK de- ary measurement technology. tects even the smallest tempera- ture differences. O2 CO NO NO 2 SO 2 CO 2 CxHy %H2O °C More products at 13
  14. 14. We are Testo The essence of precision. Made in Germany – on the job for you worldwide. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and customized. At Testo we have made it our business to recognize these customer requirements in industry and trade, and to translate them permanently into new technologies. We carry out our own intensive research, and for decades have been at the cutting edge of the market. Real innovations in sensor systems as well as advances made in microelectronics, measurement data storage or communication with other media such as PCs and portable terminals benefit all Testo Certified reliability customers. Quality assurance allows no leeway. Testo Industrial Services offers certified calibration according to all valid guidelines, Competent service as well as the qualification and validation of portable and Testo offers professional and reliable consultation for all stationary measurement technology. The calibrations take questions pertaining to measuring technology. We provide place in Testo’s own accredited high-tech laboratories at users quick assistance also after the purchase is made – our facility, or directly on site at the customer’s business. worldwide. Research and Development Testo invests roughly 10 percent of turnover in Research and Development annually. Staff from many different disci- plines such as physics, chemistry, biology, electrotechnol- ogy and process technology conduct applied research in sensor and measurement technology. Testo maintains inter- national cooperation with universities and research institutes, and is represented in a number of commit- tees which are concerned with innovative measurement technology for various fields.14
  15. 15. Worldwide presenceClimate protection, energy efficiency, legislation and guide-lines play a global role, and Testo always provides you withexpert support. For us, what counts is being close to thecustomer and supporting him on site. We achieve this with31 subsidiaries worldwide and over 80 distribution partners.Testo is represented all over the world with more than2300 employees. 15
  16. 16. Our customers worldwide rely on Testo’s 50 years of experience and quality. Subject to change without notice. 0981 1074/msp/Q/