We measure it.TESTOsolutionsThe measurement data monitoringsystem testo Saveris in greenhousesClimate control and measurem...
The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris in greenhouses                                                       ...
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Testo temperature and humidity in greenhouses


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Testo temperature and humidity in greenhouses

  1. 1. We measure it.TESTOsolutionsThe measurement data monitoringsystem testo Saveris in greenhousesClimate control and measurement data monitoring in the greenhouses ofthe North West German Forestry Research Institute* Photograph: Testo AGThe cuttings and microcuttings from in-vitro cultures in the provide the scientists at the foresty institute with angreenhouses of the Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche overview of the development of all important parameters.Versuchsanstalt* (NW-FVA) require tailor-made climaticconditions in order to be able to develop optimally. The T h e b e n e fi t s a t a g l a n c e :prerequisites for fast growth and excellent quality are • Uninterrupted, centralised monitoring of temperatureconstant temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees and humidity valuescentigrade, and an air humidity close to 100 percent (high • Use of robust, highly accurate humidity transmittershumidity). testo 6681 humidity transmitters and testo 6614 under high-humidity conditionshigh-humidity probes monitor the temperature and • Precise control of high-pressure mist systems in thehumidity values in the greenhouses accurately and reliably. greenhousesThe transmitters simultaneously control the high-pressure • Fast alarms by SMS and e-mail when limit values aremist systems which ensure the necessary humidification exceededof the plants. If upper or lower pre-set temperature and • Automated reporting: Daily, weekly and monthlyhumidity values are exceeded, the measurement data reports in PDF formatmonitoring system testo Saveris alarms the person • Display of the current measurement data on a PCresponsible for the process by SMS and e-mail. Daily and • User-friendly transmitters and measurement dataweekly reports, also created automatically by Saveris, monitoring systems*North West German Forestry Research Institute
  2. 2. The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris in greenhouses We measure it.The task The solutionThe Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche Versuchsanstalt* Seven testo 6681 humidity transmitters with testo 6614 high-humidity probes monitorneeded measuring instruments in order to be able temperature and air humidity in the NW-FVA* greenhouses. The high-pressure mistto monitor the temperature and humidity in its systems are controlled, and switched on and off according to the pre-set humidity limitgreenhouses precisely and reliably, despite the values, via relay outputs. The transmitters are connected to the company network andtough high-humidity conditions. An additional the measurement data monitoring system testochallenge was to provide the senstitive, in-vitro- Saveris via Ethernet. Saveris compiles thegrown forestry plants and cuttings optimally with measurement data into tabular and graphic dailywater, depending on their development stage. For and weekly reports, and alarms those responsiblethis purpose, the high-pressure mist systems for the process via SMS and e-mail when limitneeded to be switched on and off automatically values are exceeded. In addition to this, the datadepending on the respective required humidity are visible via intranet. Saveris wireless probeslimit values. Other requirements of the NW-FVA record among other things the temperature andwere fast alarms when upper or lower humidity humidity values outside the greenhouses.limit values were exceeded, as well as up-to-dateinformation provided to the scientists thanks toregularly created reports. testo 6681 humidity transmitters regulate and monitor the Photograph: NW-FVA air humidity in the greenhouses.*North West German Forestry Research InstituteBenefits for the customerWhether poplar, willow, wildcherry, birch or aspen – cultivatingfast-growth, especially high-per-formance forestry plants is nolonger a problem at the NW-FVA,even under high-humidity condi-tions. Simultaneously to the mon-itoring of the ambient conditions,the high-pressure mist systemsare fully automatically controlledby the transmitters, and the sen-sitive experimental plants opti-mally provided with water. Riskswhich arise from the cultivation of allow the scientists efficient Cultivation under high-humiditycostly cuttings from different tracing as well as quick and conditions: The in-vitro-grown plants must first become acclimatised to theareas of Europe are thus thorough analysis of causes of soil and the conditions outside theminimised. Clearly designed error. sterile laboratory conditions. Images: NW-FVAmeasurement re-ports ensuretransparency. TheyThe customerDie Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche itics. The central mandates are the in Hann. Münden supplies, amongVersuchsanstalt (NW-FVA) is a long-term observation and moni- other things, high-quality plant-joint research facility of the states toring of forests, applied reasearch ings for poplar, willow, wild cherry,of Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony- as well as knowledge transfer. The birch and aspen.Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein. Göttingen and Hann. MündenThe NW-FVA conducts practical sites employ 129 permanent staff. Photograph: NW-FVAforestry research and advises for- Under the brand names silvaSE- Grounds of the department ofest owners and forestry business LECT ® und nwplus ® , the depart- forestry genetic resources of theoperators, administrators and pol- ment of forestry genetic resources * NW-FVA with greenhouse facility. *North West German Forestry Research InstituteTesto LimitedNewman Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2UREmail: saveris@testo.co.uk www.testolimited.com