Testo pavlovsk state museum saveris


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Testo pavlovsk state museum saveris

  1. 1. We measure it.TESTOsolutionstesto Saveris protectsunique Russian artefactsMonitoring of temperature and humidity at the Pavlovsk State MuseumOlder works of art especially are extremely sensitive to The benefits at a glance:fluctuations in the ambient conditions in the rooms in • Uninterrupted and centralised monitoring ofwhich they are exhibited and stored. The installation of the temperature and humidity valuestesto Saveris data monitoring system at the Pavlovsk • The system is installed without the need to interferePalace State Museum in Saint Petersburg allows the con- with the structure of the building by excessive wiringstant and accurate monitoring of temperature and hu- • The system components are largely invisible,midity values, in order to protect the priceless artefacts maintaining the cultural integrity of the sitehoused in the collection. The experts from Testo found • The system was configured so as to overcome thesolutions to the problem of installing the system without special structural peculiarities of the old building,damaging the substance or appearance of the 18th-cen- such as very thick walls and obsolete wiringtury building complex.
  2. 2. testo Saveris protects unique Russian artefacts We measure it.The task The solutionA data monitoring system was required, with which temperature and Testo installed 40 testo Saveris probes and 10 testo Saveris converters.humidity data could be recorded, stored and analysed. The installation Unavoidable wiring work, amounting to a total of 600 m, was carriedhad to involve an absolute minimum of interference with the UNESCO out in the basement of the museum. PLC (Power Line Communication)site’s valuable building substance due to wiring, so wireless transfer adapters were used to allow digital data communication betweendata was a central requirement of the customer. The system also components using the existing electrical network, while power wasneeded to be able to ensure unhindered communication of readings, supplied to the system components via PoE (Power over Ethernet). Thedespite a wall thickness of up to 1 metre and out-of-date existing thickness of the walls meant that wireless data transfer was limited towiring. In addition to this, the system components were to be installed 1 to 2 adjacent rooms. This problem was solved by establishingas invisibly as possible, in order not to disturb the cultural integrity of wireless communication vertically through the wooden intermediarythe building’s appearance. floors. Finally, testo Saveris Professional software was installed for the purpose of analysing the data gathered by the system.The customerThe Pavlovsk Palace State Museum Reserve in Saint Petersburg:• UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site (since 1991)• Built in the XVIII century by Charles Cameron (personal architect of Catherine the Great), for Tsar Pavel I and his wife Maria Feodorovna• Houses over 45,000 artefacts• Exhibition room area: 4,924 m2• Storeroom area: 1,606 m2• Up to 5 storeys• Visitors in 2010: 1,084,263The customer’s benefitThe flexibility of the testo Saveris data monitoring system providesunrestricted configuration possibilities, enabling reliable, precise andnon-intrusive recording of temperature and humidity values in allbuilding types and under the most adverse architectural pre-conditions.The testo Saveris system ensures not only the conservation ofirreplaceable museum artefacts, but also of the building in which they testo Saveris data monitoring system for temperature and humidity supportsare situated. conservation measures at the Pavlovsk State Museum in Saint Petersburg.Extremely thick walls, obsolete wiring and culturally valuable building substance presented special challenges for the installation of the temperature and humidity datamonitoring system testo Saveris at the Pavlovsk State Museum Reserve in Saint Petersburg, Russia.Testo LimitedNewman Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2URE-Mail: info@testo.co.uk · www.testolimited.com