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Testo - Food


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Testo - Food

  1. 1. Measurement Solutionsfor the Food Sector °C °F %RH pH %TPM
  2. 2. Measurement Solutions for the Food Sector Precious goods deserve the greatest care – “From Farm To Fork”! Whether crisp salads, fresh milk or a tender beef steak – Testo simplifies the implementation of the HACCP concept. Production & Quality Transport Supermarkets Chain restaurants Kitchens Restaurants Assurance From the raw material to the finished consumer product – Testo’s calibratable measurement technology simplifies the safe and economic implementation of the HACCP concept. Regardless of the production chain link for which you are responsible. Testo measurement technology offers you: • Continuous temperature monitoring of the Risk management analysis is the production chain greatest challenge in guaranteeing • Precise, clean and fast measurement as well as food safety over the entire production documentation of all measurement results chain - “From Farm to Fork”! • All instruments certified according to EN 13485 and all data loggers according to EN 128302
  3. 3. In food processing, every step must be provably monitored without interruption: If it isn’t documented, it doesn’t exist. Reliable measurementtechnology – for example the data logger testo 175 T1 (fig. left) or the infrared thermometer testo 805 (fig. right) – ensures objective data and simplifiesefficient control.In the end, only premium quality and perfect flavour count. The measuring instruments and data loggers from TestoThe customer naturally takes food safety for granted. fulfil HACCP requirements, GMP standards and otherYet there are hidden risks in the handling of foodstuffs at all international norms as well as the calibration requirementsproduction and sales levels. Testo measurement technology of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). Testo instru-helps you to avoid them. ments can be operated easily and intuitively by all users. Even under the toughest application conditions, theyWhether you are taking a spot check or long-term measure- constantly provide exact and objective measurement valuesments, monitoring temperatures or other measurement that you can safely rely on.parameters such as pH values and cooking oil quality:Testo offers application-optimized, secure measurementsolutions for all areas of the food industry. 3
  4. 4. Production & Quality Assurance The measure of all things: a safe product. On the efficient path to quality, thanks to Testo nothing is left to chance. In highly standardized procedures and production Whether you are carrying out stationary or mobile checks processes, each step follows strict specifications. Legal of temperatures, air humidity or analytical measurement regulations and control authorities demand absolute parameters such as pH value: Testo provides you with opti- hygiene, and the consumer best quality. High-quality, easily mally calibrated and standard-compliant measurement perishable raw materials must be processed efficiently and technology which you can rely on a hundred percent. Fast, without loss. Your key customers are price-sensitive and robust instruments for use in tough working conditions. your profit margins are closely calculated. You cannot afford Highly specialized analysis measuring instruments for to make mistakes even under high time-pressure. We have examinations in laboratories. The Testo specialists for cus- solutions for each of these challenges. Welcome to Testo, tomized probe construction develop solutions for individual the specialist for measurement technology in the food requirements, including expert consultation on site. sector. We observe all trends and nurture good contacts to the German Federal Association of Food Inspectors. We always know exactly what is important for measurements in the course of your in-house checks. Which measurement solution do you need? Your Testo advantages in production and quality assurance: • Application-optimized measurement technology for all areas of use • Mobile and stationary measurement solutions • Calibratability of all measuring instruments in our own laboratories and on site in your business • Comprehensive probe range for all applications4
  5. 5. In food production, care is of the essence. Temperature checks in production processes are equally important for quality as the fulfilment of hygienerequirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions. Testo measuring instruments such as the one-hand temperature and pH measuringinstrument (fig. centre) are precise, ready to use at any time, and simplify monitoring.According to the UN, the world’s populationpassed the seven billlion mark on the 31st ofOctober 2011, and there are 83 million peoplemore each year. How can seven million people befed, when many countries are already sufferingfrom food shortages and high prices?Measurement technology helps to produce safe Temperature measuringfoods and use precious resources better. instrument (1-channel) testo 110 5
  6. 6. Transport & Supermarkets Uninterrupted safety from A to B. Testo measuring instruments are accurate helpers in the transport, storage and sale of foodstuffs. Always ready to go: Ideally, you keep your measuring instru- ments where they will be used. That way, they are always at the corresponding ambient temperature, and do not require an acclimatization time.6
  7. 7. When the customer takes the fresh product out of therefrigerated display, most of the work has already beendone. How he stores his food at home is in his own handsfrom now on. Until then, however, it is in yours. Onlyimpeccable goods may reach the customer. Prescribedtemperature limit values must be strictly adhered to. Overthe entire cold chain: HACCP concepts allow no leeway.Testo has developed measurement solutions especially for Temperature data loggerthe requirements of transporters, warehouses operators and (1-channel)supermarkets, which in terms of safety and easy operation testo 174Tare oriented towards the conditions in which they are used.Testo data loggers continuously record temperatures inrefrigerated and deep-freeze rooms, and additionallymonitor the product temperature. All data gathered arecompletely traceable and are documented in compliancewith the law. Our monitoring system testo SaverisTM isparticularly innovative. It informs you in real time when limitvalues are exceeded, wherever you happen to be in theworld. We implement individual, customer-specific solutions Your Testo advantages in transport andwhich are configured on site by our application technicians. supermarkets: • Continuous monitoring of the cold chain andIn supermarkets, our “little helpers” offer you pocket-sized documentation of the measurement dataprecision: The accurate Testo thermometers are a light-weight, constant day-to-day companion. With Testo • HACCP risk “temperature limit value deviation”measurement technology for checking incoming goods, safely under controlyou measure reliably even at difficult-to-access places, • Individual, customer-specific solutions with the datawithout contact using infrared, and therefore damage-free. monitoring system testo SaverisTMTesto takes work off your hands safely.A long way: Wherever your goods are, in transport, in storage and in sales, Testo instruments help ensure they arrive fresh and undamaged at theirdestination. For example the data monitoring system testo SaverisTM (fig. left) or the infrared thermometer testo 826-T1 (fig. right). 7
  8. 8. Chain restaurants Between 14 and 22 percent TPM (Total Polar Materials), cooking oil develops its best potential. Regularly checking the TPM value not only fulfils legal requirements, but also allows the user to benefit from the optimum lifetime of the oil. This increases the quality of the deep-fried goods and saves costs.8
  9. 9. Quality and efficiency according to themotto: “Safety first!”Testo simplifies perfect standards with system.You know exactly what to expect every day. From your sup- Our portable infrared thermometers allow you reliably topliers, who deliver goods with a high level of convenience. check the goods from your suppliers for correct temperatures,At your workplace, where you produce according to standar- Testo data loggers document the uninterrupted maintenancedized procedures. From your customers’ expectations, of the cold chain. The patented Testo cooking oil tester allowsbecause the dishes you prepare always look immaculate. fast check measurements, simply during ongoing operations.You maintain this level regionally and internationally, at 20 or You use the oil optimally, guarantee constantly high product20,000 sites. For chain restaurants, we develop precise quality, and reduce your operating costs.measurement technology which guarantees absolute security You can safely check finished dishes using one of theworldwide. Apart from this, the Testo instruments exactly suit convenient Testo instruments for core temperature measure-your working procedures. ments. We also support you in quality tests in the laboratory. By the way: in many countries, the authorities themselves use the calibrated Testo measuring instruments for inspections.The high level of organization in chain restaurants requires measuring instruments which can keep up with the speed of an exactly regulated workingday. Data loggers and portable measuring instruments such as the testo 175 T2 (fig. centre) and the testo 104 (fig. right) fulfil international norms andguarantee uniform quality in Hamburg or Düsseldorf, in London or Paris, in Windhoek or Shanghai. Your Testo advantages in chain restaurants: • Precise, easy-to-handle, robust measurement solutions • Testo is a worldwide presence with subsidiaries and customer service Cooking oil tester • Consultation for in-house testing testo 270 9
  10. 10. Kitchens & Restaurants Safety is the most important ingredient. Calibrated measurement technology from Testo makes it possible. A modern lifestyle requires ever increasing flexibility and mobility. This is one of the reasons why the consumption of foods away from home is increasing. The demands made by restaurant guests regarding variety and freshness are high. The gastronomic trade can only meet these demands with absolute quality and, above all, food safety.10
  11. 11. In a kitchen, many raw materials are processed simultaneously, prepared dishes must be kept warm for longer periods, and food service must then beespecially quick. With Testo measurement technology such as the handy waterproof mini-thermometer (fig. centre), you always have the temperatureunder control.Creating a dish from top-quality ingredients is the art of Your storerooms, for example, can be continuouslycooking. Doing all that for hundreds of employees in a large monitored with our data monitoring system testo SaverisTM,company, for patients or airline passengers, is the art of which provides comprehensive alarm management.organization. Concentration and efficiency are required, and The patented Testo cooking oil tester allows fast checkthe atmosphere can become tense. If you can’t stand the measurements of the TPM value directly in the hot oil.heat, get out of the kitchen. But since germs love warmth, You use the cooking oil optimally, guarantee constantly highan HACCP concept must guarantee food safety. quality, and reduce your operating costs. The capacitive oil sensor is embedded breakproof in metal.Testo measurement technology supports you in its imple-mentation and control, as systematically as you work And our practical folding thermometers are your insuranceyourself. Our instruments, which are available in all prices between the kitchen and the counter. These handy com-classes, are reliably calibratable and easy to handle. They panions are always ready to use and are ideally suitable forallow you to securely measure and document temperature, fast temperature checks at a buffet. They are waterproofrelative humidity, pH value, cooking oil quality and time. and dishwasher-safe, and therefore absolutely fit for use in kitchens. Your Testo advantages in kitchens and restaurants: • Fast and reliable measurement technology • Hygienic cleanliness thanks to waterproof housing or the protective TopSafe • Calibration according to the highest standards • Comprehensive probe range for all applications Core temperature measuring instrument testo 106 11
  12. 12. Product overview Quality is measurable. Take a look at the Testo world of measurement for the food sector. Temperature data logger Infrared temperature Temperature data logger (2-channel) measuring instrument (1-channel) with internal and external sensor infrared and core temperature in mini-format connection measuring instrument in one testo 174T testo 175 T2 testo 826-T4 The mini data logger testo 174T In addition to an internal sensor, The HACCP- and EN 13485- can be simply placed with the the testo 175 T2 has an external compliant thermometer testo 826-T4 goods, and continuously, securely probe input (NTC) with which the has laser measurement tech- and inconspicuously monitors the core temperature of the goods nology (with measurement spot temperature. The data can can, if required, be checked. marking) as well as a penetration subsequently be read out via a The testo 175 T2 conforms to probe. In addition to this, limit separate USB interface and EN 12830. values can also be stored. transferred to a PC. °C °F °C °F °C °F Production Transport & Supermarkets Temperature measuring Humidity/temperature Infrared temperature Measurement data monitoring instrument (1-channel) transmitter measuring instrument system universally applicable for industrial humidity for distance measurements for the continuous monitoring of measurement temperature and humidity testo 110 testo 831 testo 6681 testo SaverisTM The testo 110 is a highly accurate, The 30:1 lens means that the universally applicable temperature The industrial humidity transmitter measuring spot diameter of the The intuitively operated measuring instrument. The testo 6681, in combination with testo 831 is only 3.6 cm at a measurement data monitoring optional TopSafe reliably protects the probe series testo 661x, fulfils distance of 1 m. With two system testo SaverisTM measures it from dirt, water and impact, and the highest demands and has a measurements per second, the the temperature and humidity optimizes it according to the number of additonal features which instrument is also so fast that values of sensitive goods and HACCP and EN 13485 will delight practitioners. scans of pallets, for example, products in the environment, in guidelines. can be carried out in a matter of processes and during transport. seconds. °C °F °C °F %RH °C °F °C °F %RH12
  13. 13. Cooking oil tester Temperature measuring Core temperature measuring Waterproof mini thermometerfor measurement directly in a instrument (1-channel) instrument according to protection class IP 67deep-fryer the temperature measurement ideally suitable for the food sector allrounder The waterproof mini-thermometertesto 270 testo 106 is small and convenient and testo 926 quickly ready to hand. It can beThe user-friendly cooking oil The HACCP- und EN 13485- cleaned in a dishwasher safely,tester testo 270 is a portable In addition to the broad range of compliant core thermometer testo and is therefore especiallymeasuring instrument for classical probes with a cable, a 106 is particularly fast and robust. suitable for use in the food sector.determining the quality and wireless radio probe can also be If required, upper and lower limittemperature of cooking oil directly used with the temperature values can be stored in thein a deep-fryer. This allows the measuring instrument testo 926 instrument; as soon as thesemoment for a replacement of the if required. Limit values can be values are violated, a warningcooking oil to be exactly stored in the instrument easily. signal sounds.determined. °C °F %TPM °C °F °C °F °C °F Chain Restaurants Kitchens & RestaurantsFolding temperature ph/temperaturemeasuring instrument measuring instrumentthe waterproof folding The testo 206 series is ideallythermometer suited for applications in liquid and semi-solid media.testo 104 testo 206The instrument has a robust metalfolding joint and a very stable, The instruments stand out thankslong temperature probe, and is to the combination of a pH immer-compliant with HACCP as well as sion probe and a temperatureEN 15485. probe for precise and fast temperature compensation. °C °F °C °F pH More products at 13
  14. 14. We are Testo The essence of precision. On the job for you worldwide. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and customized. At Testo we have made it our business to recognize these customer requirements in industry and trade, and to translate them permanently into new technologies. We carry out our own intensive research, and for decades have been at the Certified reliability cutting edge of the market. Real innovations in sensor Quality assurance allows no leeway. Testo Industrial systems as well as advances made in microelectronics, Services offers certified calibration according to all valid measurement data storage or communication with other guidelines, as well as the qualification and validation of media such as a PCs and portable terminals benefit all Testo portable and stationary measurement technology. The customers. calibrations take place in Testo’s own accredited high-tech laboratories at our facility, or directly on site at the Competent service customer’s business. Testo offers professional and reliable consultation for all questions pertaining to measuring technology. We provide In the interest of health users quick assistance also after the purchase is made – Testo offers you secure measurement technology for the worldwide. control and monitoring of foods in every process phase. All our measuring instruments and data loggers fulfil the strict Research and development regulations of the HACCP concept, the GMP guidelines and Testo invests roughly 15 percent of turnover in Research other international norms. and Development annually. Staff from many different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, electro- technology and process technology conduct applied research in sensor and measurement technology. Testo maintains international cooperation with universities and research institutes, and is represented in a number of committees which are concerned with innovative measure- ment technology for various fields.14
  15. 15. Worldwide presenceWhere HACCP guidelines are involved, Testo expertiseprovides you with support: globally. For us, what countsis being close to the customer and supporting him on site.We achieve this with 31 subsidiaries worldwide and over80 distribution partners. Testo is represented all over theworld with more than 2300 employees. 15
  16. 16. Our customers worldwide rely on Testo’s 50 years of experience and quality. Subject to change without notice. 0981 1044/msp/Q/