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Testo deutsches museum pr


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Testo deutsches museum pr

  1. 1. We measure it.TESTOsolutionsThe measurement data monitoringsystem testo Saveris in museumsMonitoring and documentation of temperature and humidity valuesin the Deutsches Museum in MunichThe Deutsches Museum is one of the most important muse- tive pianos, harpsichords, spinets and virginals. Probes fromums of natural sciences and technology worldwide. Many of the measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris todaythe more than 100,000 objects at the three sites in Munich monitor the indoor climate. Measurement, documentation andare extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity: For alarms (when limit values are violated) are all carried out au-example, the wood in historical coaches must be protected tomatically.from cracking, the metal in vintage cars from corrosion, andastronauts’ space suits from mould. Data loggers from Testo The benefits at a glance:AG clearly display the current ambient values and deviations • Uninterrrupted monitoring of temperature and humidityfrom the limit values. The values are saved and archived in values with the Testo data loggersthe form of reports or climatic diagrams. The reports allow • Reliable, manipulation-proof recording of climate valueslenders to quickly assess whether contractually stipulated limit • Large, easily legible display; longlife batteries; storagevalues are being adhered to. space for up to 1 million measurement values • Automatic measurement, documentation and alarmsIn the musical instrument collection, the museum staff have (audible, optical, by SMS or e-mail) with testo Saverisgone a step further. Humidity damage such as shrinkage cracks • User-friendly, intuitively operable measuring instrumentsin the sounding boards are a significant danger for the sensi- with software solutions
  2. 2. The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris in museums We measure it.The taskTemperature and humidity measurements are required in the the measuring instruments must be flexibly applicable and easyDeutsches Museum for various reasons: to use.• Exhibits such as the keyboard instruments of the musical in- • The adherence to agreed temperature and humidity values must strument collection are particularly sensitive to temperature and be provable to lenders. For this reason, the climate data must be humidity. Climate values and limit value violations must be reli- clearly, uninterruptedly and graphically documented in weekly or ably monitored, stored and documented. monthly reports.• Some exhibition rooms can develop into climatically critical areas depending on the weather conditions. Against this background,The solution The testo 175 H1 data loggers are characterized by a wide measurement range, a high level of accuracy and by reliablility, flexibility and operational convenience. Longlife Ethernet testo SaverisTM Base batteries, a battery status display, a large storage ca- USB or Ethernet pacity, as well as a wall bracket included in delivery, are further benefits. Added to this are easy progamming by testo SaverisTM converter V 2.0USB cable, readout of data also by SD card, and report creation Ethernetin the form of climatic graphs among other options.With the measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris, the testo SaverisTMDeutsches Museum has fully automated the monitoring of ambi- wireless probe msp/Q/07.2012ent conditions, initially in an especially critical area, the musicalinstrument collection. If upper or lower limit values are exceeded, External temperature testo SaverisTM and humidity probes, testo SaverisTM Softwaretesto Saveris alarms the sanitation and heating technicians of the Ethernet probe e.g. for glass casesmuseum by SMS or e-mail. The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris with its componentsBenefits for the customer The customerThe Testo data loggers are used for stationary and single-point The Deutsches Museum, foundedmeasurements at the Deutsches Museum. They record the 1903 in Munich, is today the mostambient values in depositories, exhibitions, showcases and glass heavily frequented museum in Germany, with 1.3 million visitorsdisplays. With their help, it is possible at any time to determine annually. It displays objects from around 50 areas of the naturalwhether valuable exhibits are in danger due sciences and technology over an area of Subject to change without humidity, heat or cold, whether the 73,000 m². The objective of the museum’shumidifying system in a room needs to be management is to bring scientific and tech-switched on, or whether an exhibition may nical insights closer to the visitors in an un-even need to be temporarily closed due to derstandable way. In addition to the mainthe high summer temperatures. The au- building on Museum Island, further attrac-tomation and alarm options of the measure- tions are the aviation museum Flugwerftment data monitoring system testo Saveris Schleissheim and the traffic centre at There-additionally offer the highest level of produc- sienhoehe, as well as the Deutsches Mu-tivity and convenience. seum Bonn. Testo Limited Newman Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2UR E-Mail: