Testo customised probes 108 thermometer


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Testo customised probes 108 thermometer

  1. 1. We measure it. Customised probesfor your applicationThe application The solutionProbe shaft length and probe shaft diameter CustomisationIn an industrial kitchen, the cooling temperature needs to be The probe shaft length of the waterproofmeasured in a container of paste-like food products. The core immersion/penetration probe is adapted. Since measurementtemperature can only be reliably and precisely measured from takes place in paste-like food products, the diameter of thea depth of at least 500 mm. Therefore probe shaft also needs to be increased. Thisthe probe needs to be immersed in the ensures that the extended probe shaft maintains itscontainer to a depth of 500 mm. The robustness. Testo AG manufactures a probewaterproof immersion/penetration customised to the local environment: the probeprobe, item number 0603 1293, will be shaft of the waterproof immersion/penetration probeused for this measurement. However, 0603 1293 is extended from 112 mm to 550 mm,this has a probe shaft length of only and its diameter is increased to 6 mm in stages.112 mm as standard. The temperature Temperature measurements can now be carried outmeasuring instrument testo 108 is used in paste-like food products without a problem.to record the temperatures.More info Testo Limited Newman Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2URFor detailed information and answers to your queries relating to Tel 01420 544433 E-mail info@testo.co.ukcustomised probes, please contact our experts on 01420544433 or visit www.testolimited.com