Testmerit partner training manual


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Testmerit partner training manual

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Testmerit partner training manual

  1. 1. TestMerit Partner Training Manual•Business Proposal•Product Detail•How to activities a Package•Marketing Material•Marketing Tips/Marketing Pitch•Ads Design•TestMerit Authorization Certificate•USP of the Product•Unique Business Offer•Business Structure•Exam Dates Info•TestMerit – General Guideline
  2. 2. Proposal – Business Partner www.testmerit.com Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  3. 3. About Us Introduction Our USP Our Mission TestMerit is working throughTestMerit is one of the first & the largest B2B network in the TestMerit aims to reach five fastest growing online field of online learning and test Lakh students through its assessment companies in preparation. TestMerit offers online test preparation India. It is established by an the most number of categories solutions. We look to fulfill IIM A-Alumnus to provide of test preparation viz. this mission with the help ofquality and affordable online MBA, Engineering, Medical, Pr 250 business associates.test preparation to students. ofessional, & Employment Tests. Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  4. 4. Our Offerings – Online Test Preparation MBA Engineering Medical Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Exam. Banaras Hindu University Common Admission Test All India Engineering Entrance Examination Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination Armed Forces Medical College Graduate Aptitude Test in Management Aptitude Test Engineering Karnataka Common Entrance Pre-Medical Test Test Delhi College of Engineering Graduate Management (DCE) Admission Test All India Pre Medical Test Maharashtra Common Entrance Medical Entrance Exams Test Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  5. 5. Our Offering – Online Test Preparation SkillProfessional Employment Vocational Assessment Common Law Indian Administrative Admission Test Service NAC-Tech PolytechnicChartered Accountants University Grant (CA) Common Commission- National Proficiency Test (CPT) Eligibility Test (NET) Industrial Training Software Industry Tests Institute National Talent Search Bank Probationary Examination Officer Specialised Skill Vocational Tests Bachelor of Education Railway Services Assessment Tests Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  6. 6. Business Opportunity• Partners on District, Region or • Online test preparation Zone Basis industry is expected to be• Selling test packages through a 1200 crore industry by 2012 network of franchise and • Total Online Learning Industry direct sellers is expected to be 5000 crore as• Marketing & Selling test the education is going online. preparation solutions to students, schools and colleges Online TestBusiness Partner Preparation Industry Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  7. 7. Reaping the Business OpportunityTarget Segments• Students – From 9th Standard till Post-Graduates• Educational Institutions – Schools, Colleges, Engineering/MBA Institutes• Others – Coaching Institutes, Private Tutors, Computer Training Institutes, Book SellersHow to Sell the Packages• Direct Selling to Students through Demo• Bulk Selling to Educational Institutions• Time-bound deals with coaching institutes, private tutors etc.• Through a network of franchiseSupport & Infrastructure• Computer with internet connectivity• Marketing staff• Small Office preferably in commercial areaInvestment• Investment is linked to business volume – We grow as you grow• Start with a investment as low as Rs. 40,000/- (Working Capital) Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  8. 8. Target Segments  Product  Marketing Students • Entrance Test Packages • Franchise Network in the Territory Schools • Entrance Tests for Undergraduate Courses (Engg.- Medical Entrance Tests) • Direct Marketing to Schools Schools • Value Added Assessment Program for School Children • Direct Marketing to Schools
  9. 9. Target Segments  Product  Marketing Engineering Colleges • Entrance Tests for Post Graduate Courses (MBA Entrance Tests) • Direct Marketing to Colleges Engineering Colleges • Skill Assessment Tests for Employability • Direct Marketing to Colleges Schools & Colleges • Internal Online Examination System (For Objective Assessment) • Direct Marketing to Educational Institutions
  10. 10. Target Segments  Product  Marketing Coaching Classes/Private Tutors • Test Packages for students • Direct Marketing to Coaching Classes/Private Tutors Corporate • Skill Assessment Tests Solution/ Customized Tests • Direct Marketing Government Organizations • Low-Cost Subject wise Assessment • Relationship Marketing
  11. 11. Join Us • Apply online on www.testmerit.com/application • Get your demo log in & study the platform • Clarify your questions by mail or by call. • Send the completely filled TestMerit application form along with DD in favor ofApplication Compark Education Pvt. Ltd. Payable at New Delhi, as per the type of association. Process • You may also visit our office for discussion & finalization. • Address – A-12, Aditya Corporate Hub, F-502, 5th Floor, RDC, Ghaziabad (NCR) - 201001, Contact • Website – www.testmerit.com • Email Id – enquiry@testmerit.in Details Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  12. 12. Thank YouWelcome to the Future of Learning! Leader in Online Learning & Assessment
  13. 13. Product Detail TestMerit
  14. 14. School Student Packages Package of CBSE-6 Unit Tests Question Bank 45 Test 433 Question Package of CBSE-7 Unit Tests Question Bank 54 Test 510 Question Package of CBSE-8 Unit Tests Question Bank 61 Test 796 Question Package of CBSE-9 Unit Tests Question Bank 28 Test 620 Question Package of CBSE-10 Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank Solved Papers 14 Test 34 Test 743 Question 15 PDF Package of CBSE-11 Unit Tests Question Bank 63 Test 1579 Question Package of CBSE-12 Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 20 PDF 9 PDF 55 Test 2329 Question Package of NTSE Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 2 Test 20 Test 57 Test 2442 Question Package of Math Olympiad Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 Test 18 Test 253 QuestionPackage of Physics Olympiad Solved Papers 7 Test
  15. 15. Entrance Exam Packages Package of KCET Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 10 5 45 3806 Package of IIT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 9 Test 10 Test 42 Test 8812 QuestionPackage of AIEEE Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 6 Test 10 Test 40 Test 5776 QuestionPackage of BITSAT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 4 Test 11 Test 46 Test 3612 QuestionPackage of AIPMT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 9 Test 6 Test 66 Test 7507 QuestionPackage of AIIMS Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 10 Test 6 Test 73 Test 3189 Question
  16. 16. Entrance Exam Packages Package of CACPT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 4 12 84 322 Package of Gate (Mech. Eng) Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 10 30 1000 Package of Gate (Comp.Sc) Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 3 9 27 279 Package of Gate (Electrical) Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 7 15 457 Package of MAT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 10 35 1500 Package of CAT Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 10 41 1779 Package of IAS(Sociology) Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 5 25 1000Package of IAS(Administration) Solved Papers Model Paper Unit Tests Question Bank 5 5 25 1000
  17. 17. Log in Platform Demonstration
  18. 18. Step By Step Demo ofTestMerit - Platform www.testmerit.com
  19. 19. Click here for Log in
  20. 20. Enter Email Id & Password forLog in if you havealready registered member Click here for Register
  21. 21. Enter Allinformation to get registered
  22. 22. Select YourCourse Package Here
  23. 23. Enter Your 8 digit AlphanumericCode on Scratch Card here
  24. 24. Click Add toActivate the Course
  25. 25. Select from here Solved Paper, Model Paper Or Click on Take Test Unit Test as per to Start the Test your req.Note: Only Free & Promotional Packages are active in Demo Log in
  26. 26. Click Here to Start the Test
  27. 27. Click Ok to Start the Test
  28. 28. Time Clock Weight age of QuestionMultiple ChoiceType Question Mark For Later to answer later Answer Sheet
  29. 29. Divided in Sections
  30. 30. You can Savethe Test andattempt later
  31. 31. Confirmationto Submit the Test
  32. 32. TestAssessmentHome Page
  33. 33. Your assessment Report.1.Total Assessment Report2.Performance with Time3. Marks with Time
  34. 34. Individual Question wise Analysis
  35. 35. Subject wise Analysis
  36. 36. Subject Wise Analysis
  37. 37. ComparisonOn Difficulty Levels
  38. 38. GeographicalComparison
  39. 39. GraphicalComparisonbetween theattemptees
  40. 40. Solution of the all question Solution hint of the question
  41. 41. Negative Marks
  42. 42. Online Education & Assessment Is A Way Ahead Join the Stream With TestMerit
  43. 43. TestMerit Poster
  44. 44. TestMerit Flex (Back Lid)
  45. 45. TestMeritHandbill - 1
  46. 46. TestMeritHandbill - 2
  47. 47. TestMeritHandbill - 3
  48. 48. TestMeritHandbill - 4
  49. 49. TestMerit Canopy
  50. 50. Marketing Pitch
  51. 51. TestMerit – Value PropositionTestmerit is in the process of creating Franchise-basedcenters across India.One can buy preparation packages and/or take mock testsat these centers.Lack of Internet and Card Penetration (paymentmechanism for B2C sites) makes a compelling businessSense to have physical presence.
  52. 52. Business Model & ManagementDrivers of Business Model: Management – Vikas Gupta • Distribution • Founder & CEO, Compark • Alliances Education • Content • Founder Director, Compark E- • Pricing Services, (One of the largest integrated E-Services company with 1500 centers across India) • PGDM, (IIM-Ahmedabad) • CS (ICSI)
  53. 53. Market Opportunity – Entrance Test IndustryCAT is going online in 2009 • 3.5 Lakh students appear in CAT and the number is growing 15-20% every year. • CAT - being the most prestigious entrance examination among undergraduate students – breaks away the bias in favor of paper an pencil test.MAT is going online in 2009 • 3 Lakh students appear in MAT every year. MAT will sensitize smaller colleges/institutes to online testing.It is expected that two of the biggest entrance examination (IIT-JEE, AIEEE) will be online very soon. • Approx. 5 lakh students (more importantly school going students population) will be exposed to online testing early in their academic life. This will contribute heavily to online testing in the next 3-5 years.
  54. 54. Market Opportunity – Entrance Test IndustryEntrance tests going online addresses the psychologicalbarrier among students to learn online and take testsonline.At present undergraduate student population is beingdriven towards online testing due to CAT/MAT goingonline.In the next couple of years, school students will startonline testing as early as during their matriculation. It willpropel growth in online testing.
  55. 55. First Steps to Enter in Online Education Market• Conducting Assessment of Students for Engineering Aptitude In CBSE & ICSE Board Schools• Conducting Assessment of Students for Management Aptitude In Colleges & Institutes• As a Online Testing Solution for Unorganized Coaching Centers.• Creating Online Assessment Points of CAT/MAT/IIT-JEE/AIEEE (Education Cyber Café Structure)
  56. 56. Viability of the Model For • Greater AccessibilityCustomers • Low Cost of Coaching For • Multiple E-learning solutions • TutorialsChannel • Skill/Psychometric AssessmentPartners • Admission Guidance
  57. 57. Always Open forInnovations & Suggestions Testmerit Better Understanding of Self
  58. 58. Ads Design
  59. 59. TestMerit Authorization Certificate
  60. 60. TestMerit Business Structurewww.testmerit.com
  61. 61. About TestMerit TestMerit is an online education portal for providing cost effective entrance examination practice to students. Students can prepare for the following entrance examinations by purchasing the practice packages:www.testmerit.com
  62. 62. Partner of TestMerit TestMerit Partner State Partner: Territory Partner: State Partner (SP) is is responsible for responsible for marketing marketing and and promotions of the promotions of the online online packages in State. packages in District. TP SP main role is to main role is to develop develop and appoint and appoint Franchise. Territory Partner & Franchise.www.testmerit.com
  63. 63. State Partner Role of Business Partnerwww.testmerit.com
  64. 64. Target Customer for State Partner 1 2 3 4Coaching Institutes: Computer Institutes: Cyber cafes: Entrepreneurs:These institutes have These institutes have The cyber cafes are also Entrepreneurs havingpotential customer of computers, space and ideal to become the marketing skills andthese packages internet, to become testing solutions by flair for Onlinealready, the students. testing centers for the using our packages. education Business.They can introduce our students preparing for They have the They can be appointedpackages in their entrance exams as infrastructure and as as Territory Partner tocoaching system and CAT/MAT/IIT/AIEEE. they business is going appoint Franchises inuse technology in down, it would be a the District.coaching and conduct very good & valuableonline testing of service for them.students. www.testmerit.com
  65. 65. Territory Partner & Franchise Brand Ambassador of TestMeritwww.testmerit.com
  66. 66. Business Models for Territory Partner & Franchise Testing Center Selling PointIn this model franchise can act asTesting Solution Center for In this model, only singlestudents. Franchise can invite computer, Internet and 50-students to test their entrance 100 sq feet space is required.preparation and offer You have to just registerweekly/monthly schemes of students and sell the requiredtesting packages. In this model packages (Rs.500 –Rs.3500)he should have multiplecomputers & internet facility. www.testmerit.com
  67. 67. Product USP
  68. 68. Unique Business Offer TestMerit
  69. 69. Exam Dates Info
  70. 70. TestMerit - General Guideline
  71. 71. General:•We have already sent the marketing material, agreement and deactivated packages on youraddress•You have to send us all the copy of agreement signed by you as Territory Partner with yourfranchises in proper format within a week of signing the same.•You need to work in coordination with company and take full support from HO and nearestRM.•All payment received on Compark Education Pvt. Ltd. name should by conveyed to HO byemail and hard copy should be sent by courier asap. For Relationship & Proper Training:•There should be a regular meeting and coordination between you and your appointedpartners.•Proper Demo of the product and regular marketing training to your partners•Demo packages are already mailed to you.•All related email ids and contact no. should be conveyed to all your partners.•The information of any appointment should be email to HO with his complete detail asName, company name, email id, mobile no. and address. Proper Marketing Policy:•There should be a clear Marketing Policy in the district by you.•No miscommunication and misrepresentation by any of the TestMerit Partner.•Focus of TestMerit partner should be more on fair business and good turnover.
  72. 72. For Marketing Issue:•For any issue related to marketing you have to contact to HO.•Any misconduct and miscommunication by any partner about the company or product will betreated strictly.•The soft copy of the marketing material should be shared with all partners.•Marketing Material will be sent to partner within 10 days of the payment realization. For Operational & Technical Issue:•Operational & Technical Issue if any should be email on info@testmerit.com asap.•All the scratch card packages will be deactivated initially and will be activated within 12 hourson request by partner. (Request should be by email on info@testmerit.com mentioning theSerial no. of the package)•You will be given an email on www.testmerit.net as location@testmerit.net and all the officialcommunication by HO will be done on the same.We expect an active participation from you on all fronts and your regular feedback from themarket on product, process and marketing.Looking forward for a fruitful business together
  73. 73. Address – A-12, Aditya Corporate Hub, F- 502, 5th Floor, RDC, Ghaziabad (NCR) - 201001, Landline No.- 0120 - 6422227 Website – www.testmerit.com Email id – enquiry@testmerit.in