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TestMerit Demo Presentation


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Online Entrance Packages Log in Demo

Published in: Education
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TestMerit Demo Presentation

  1. 1. 6f08 Enter Your  Enter Your use name and  password  here
  2. 2. Click to My  y Subscription
  3. 3. Select a Package 
  4. 4. Enter Your  Click the Adds  promotional  Button Packages code here
  5. 5. Click the test as mention in the  Click the test as mention in the name of promotional and free Tests
  6. 6. Click on Start  button 
  7. 7. Click ok to  continue on  the test the test
  8. 8. This is your test y
  9. 9. Click here to  Submit your Test
  10. 10. Your assessment Report. Your assessment Report 1.Total Assessment Report 2.Performance with Time 3. Marks with Time  
  11. 11. Individual Question wise  Individual Question wise Analysis
  12. 12. Subject Wise Analysis