Prepare for london olympics 2012


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Prepare for london olympics 2012

  1. 1. 2012London Prepare for London Olympics 2012 Produced By
  2. 2. Tips for London Olympic Games PreparationIt is the third time that the Olympic Games will take placeon London from 27 July to 12 August 2012. Now, theOlympic torch relay is in progress and the open ceremonyhas been becoming more and more nearer. Very exciting,right? Your company slogan
  3. 3. Tips One: Arrange Your Time LegitimatelySo for most people, the best way to get the Olympic information is through the live broadcast on TV or computer. However, in the daily life you must go to work, study, or many other things which will make you have no time to enjoy these exciting games in front of your TV, computer at home. Therefore, if you want to enjoy London Olympics instantly and freely, please arrange your time legitimately. Your company slogan
  4. 4. Tips Two: Prepare Tool for Record Olympic EventsIf you cant go to the scene and you have enough time to watch the live broadcast, just prepare a video recorder to record all Olympic events completely. In this way, you can view and enjoy all games when you back home.Fantastic, right? However, here is another problem is the price of a professional Video Recorder is too expensive for personal use, so if you dont have a Recorder, you can go to the Internet and download the video to your computer directly, but maybe you cant find the resource at the first time. Your company slogan
  5. 5. Tips Three: Enjoy London Olympics on iPadIf you want to watch the games while you are on the go, then iPad will be your first choice. No matter is the new iPad or iPad 2. Both of them are a perfect device for viewing videos. Besides the high resolution and large display screen, the iPad allows users to watch online videos via WiFi. As long as you have a network, you can watch the London Olympics live broadcast anytime anywhere.Or you can record the YouTube video directly with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software on your iPad. If you have downloaded sport game videos from the Internet and want to enjoy it on iPad, you can also use the Video Conversion program to convert the video to your iPad compatible formats. Your company slogan