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Ppt rob k


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Ppt rob k

  1. 1. C-SPAN Strategic Overview & FY 2011 Goals July 20, 20101
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda  Review Strategic Plan and Initiatives – Updated for BOD meeting June 2010  Themes for FY 2011  FY 2011 Departmental Goals – Format – Timetable  Personal Goals – Lessons learned from FY 20102
  3. 3. Strategic Overview: A Multiplatform C-SPAN In the face of the changes sweeping the media industry, C-SPAN is at a crossroads if it is to remain a viable and competitive service for our affiliates and the general public. While maintaining our roots as a service founded and supported by the cable industry, we envision a multiplatform C-SPAN that builds upon our success in linear television. -- from the C-SPAN Strategic Overview approved by the Board of Directors, September 2008  Three robust linear television channels (SD & HD) Today Future C-SPAN “C-SPAN Prime” C-SPAN2 House and History C-SPAN3 Senate and Books  Expand mission to other platforms – VOD – Web (including Video Library and govt.-produced video) – Radio / audio  Continue to invest in marketing and the “Cable Message”  Plan for management transition3
  4. 4. Strategic Initiatives In connection with the Strategic Overview, in September 2008 the Board approved the following initiatives including incremental costs above “baseline” assumptions: 1. Launch HD feeds of the C-SPAN Networks 2. Editorial enhancement: C-SPAN3 and History 3. Website development 4. Re-evaluate marketing programs4
  5. 5. 2011 Themes Foundations of C-SPAN’s Success  Quality product  Innovation  Clear mission  Good value for cable industry  Dedicated staff  Responsible use of resources5
  6. 6. 2011 Themes Do What Matters for a more competitive C-SPAN Departmental, unit and personal goals should significantly, measurably contribute to one or more of the following objectives:  Produce strong editorial / technical products that support our mission  Ensure that our products are ubiquitously delivered to platforms that matter: • Cable / Satellite / Telco / Hotel / Radio / Audio / Web  Effectively connect with our key markets on an ongoing basis: • Viewers / the politically active / Cap Hill & DC / social studies teachers / affiliates & board / targeted media / C-SPAN staff  Support these efforts with a top notch infrastructure • HR / Finance / Administration/ Technology6
  7. 7. Departmental Goals  Use FY 2010 Format: ONE page – Foundations for departmental success – Initiatives for FY 2011  First Draft: – Consult Rob / Susan as needed. – Complete by Friday, July 30.  Review first draft with Rob and Susan  Revise as needed  DH Meeting to present and discuss draft goals (late August)  Revise as needed and finalize.7
  8. 8. Personal Goals  Emphasis on measurable  Appropriate goals can be 1. Delivering on the basics in measurable ways 2. Initiative based goals  Recommended number of goals: 4-6.  Work on personal goals can begin immediately. Discussion8