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02 -my_sql_roma-may2011

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>MySQL Enterprise MonitorLuca OlivariSales Consulting Leader - MySQL
  2. 2. DBAs and Developers Challenges• Expensive SQL?• Scalability and Performance Issues?• Scale DBAs to manage more servers?• Where, When, How to ...?
  3. 3. MySQL Enterprise Monitor• Single, consolidated view into entire MySQL environment• Automated, rules-based monitoring and alerts (SMTP, SNMP enabled)• Query capture, monitoring, analysis and tuning, correlated with Monitor graphs• Visual monitoring of “hot” applications and servers• Real-time Replication Monitor with auto-discovery of master- slave topologies• Integrated with MyOracle Support A Virtual MySQL DBA Assistant!
  4. 4. MySQL Enterprise Monitor Architecture Service Agent written in C Individual Servers and supports all MySQL w/Agent Enterprise platforms • Configuration • Advisor Scheduling • Alerts/Notifications • Visual Monitoring Service Service Manager written in • Query Analysis Manager Java servlets exposed as Collects MySQL and web services. Supports OS specific metrics, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX and Query content/stats Microsoft WindowsEnterprise Master-Slave ReplicationDashboard Enterprise Dashboard • Advisor Monitoring • Event based Alerts Web-based, written in JSP • Advice/Corrective Actions Repository holds historical Repository performance data for Holds historical MySQL and OS data, Query Statistics analysis
  5. 5. Monitoring Queries with Connector/J, NET Application Server MySQL Database (SQL statements & result sets)‫‏‬ 3. Connector/J, NET 3306 4. Plugin for Connector/J, NET 2. MySQL Agent (SQL performance data: statements, examples, EXPLAINs, aggregated stats)‫‏‬ (MySQL & OS monitoring data)‫‏‬ 18080 1. MySQL Enterprise Monitor (Service Manager, Dashboard)‫‏‬List of components to download & configure:1. MySQL Enterprise Monitor & Query Analyzer2. MySQL Agent3. Connector/J v5.1 or newer/ Connector/NET v6.2 or newer4. New! MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/J, NET
  6. 6. Monitoring with Rules
  7. 7. MySQL Enterprise Advisors Administration MySQL Cluster Performance • Monitors and Advises on • Monitors and Advises on Optimal Configuration • Monitors and Advises status/ performance of on Optimal MySQL Cluster Data Performance Variable Nodes. Settings Custom Replication • Built by DBA to • Monitors and Advises on Enforce Organization specific best practices. Master/Slave Latency. Upgrade Security • Monitors and Advises on • Monitors and Advises Bugs/Upgrades that affect on Unplanned Security current installation Changes/Loopholes Schema Memory Usage • Monitors and Advises • Monitors and advises on Unplanned Schema on optimal Change memory/cache settings 140+ Rules, 40+ GraphsSave you time writing, deploying, versioning, maintaining custom scripts.Visualize problems and tuning opportunities you cannot find yourself.
  8. 8. Graphs • 40+ graphs immediately virtualize system behavior • MySQL and OS data availableBinlog Cache - Connections - CPU – DB Activity – Transactions – Disk IO – Disk Space – Hit Ratios – InnoDB … - Load – MemoryUsage – MyISAM … - Network – Opened Tables – Query Cache – Row Access – Table Locks - ...
  9. 9. Automated Replication Monitor• Auto-detects, groups/maintains Master/Slave topologies• Consolidated, real time status/sync check• Notification of any sync issues• Saves you time by monitoring and collecting replication status/sync data from MySQL command line.
  10. 10. Integration with MyOracle SupportMySQL Enterprise Monitor• Collect MySQL diagnostics and upload to MOS SR• Track SRs from Enterprise Dashboard• Saves DBA time • collecting data for Support team, tracking status
  11. 11. MySQL Query Analyzer• Centralized monitoring of queries across all servers• No need to rely on Slow Query Logs, SHOW PROCESSLIST, VMSTAT, etc.• Aggregated view of query execution counts, time, and rows• Saves time parsing atomic executions for total query expense• Visual “grab and go” correlation with Monitor graphs
  12. 12. Query Execution Drill Downs Example query exec with variable substitution Trace query exec back to source code Full exec EXPLAIN
  13. 13. Relief for AdministratorsEasy browser UI and Integration in SNMP frameworks• quick overview, easy to use, same tools as always140+ pre-defined rules enforce best-practice administration• No more waste of time to develop monitoring, adapt to new version, …Regular rule updates to monitor new features• Fast adoption of new features without much effortComprehensive documentation• Assistance for junior MySQL adminsQuery Analyzer• Easier to spot application problemsSupport integration• Save time in handling support issues, faster solution, better uptime
  14. 14. Thank You!Making MySQL Better Everyday