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Social Networking For Testers


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I have done this presentation a couple of times recently. People who have attended have asked for the information so here I have made it public.

I will be happy to answer any questions about the slide. My email address is: testerswain(at)

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Social Networking For Testers

  1. 1. @testerswain Is there anyone out there? • Online searches • Online communities • Using social networking sites • Voluntary community testing • Tester blogs • Tester gatherings • What can I get out of it?
  2. 2. @testerswain a search for ideas
  3. 3. @testerswain keep on searching
  4. 4. @testerswain online communities Software Testing Club Test Republic Quality Testing QAForums Tea Time with Testers LinkedIn: Software Testing & Quality Assurance UK Test Management Forum LinkedIn: Methods & Tools Yahoo Groups: SQAtester Yahoo Groups: Agile Software Testing Yahoo Groups: The Software Quality Engineers Forum! Facebook: Software Testing Club XING: Software Testing
  5. 5. @testerswain • QAForums – “The most popular Software Testing and Quality Assurance discussions site” with 180,000+ members • Software Testing Club – “A global and professional community for software testers that apply a seriously fun approach to our industry” – 8,868 members (at 14:00 23/06/2011)  @rosiesherry, @rob_lambert, @pkirkham, @stephen_j_hill, @AGareev
  6. 6. @testerswain people • LinkedIn ( ) • Twitter (@testerswain) • Facebook (hmmmm???) • Blogs ( @cartoontester, @Rob_Lambert, @JerryWeinberg, @skallott, @testingclub, @tonybruce77, @michaelbolton, @testobsessed, @karennjohnson, @LondonTester, @Stephen_J_Hill, @eviltester, @workroomprds, @AntonyMarcano, @darren_mcmillan
  7. 7. @testerswain shared learning experience • Weekend Testing (Bangalore) • Weeknight Testing (London) • Zappers (Bristol, London, Zurich & Bangalore) “…just the bringing together of the community for a shared learning experience was the most valuable part of it for me. Who would have thought so many people would turn out to test and learn…in their own spare time.” [Rob Lambert, aka The Social Tester]
  8. 8. @testerswain tester gathering network • London Tester Gathering – London Tester Gathering: Lessons Learned 12/11/2010 – By Darren McMillan ( • Leeds Tester Gathering • STC Meetup’s: – Nottingham, Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge – • UK – Test Automation • Agile Testing (London)
  9. 9. @testerswain Other bits and bobs • Talks from the skillsmatter events: – gathering-2011 • EuroSTAR 2011 (21 – 24 November) – “The most successful and widely acknowledged gathering of European Software Testing Professionals.“ – • CAST 2011 “Context-Driven Testing” ( 8 – 10 August) – Seattle, WA, USA – This year will be the “first Context-Driven Testing conference to ever be held”.
  10. 10. @testerswain More bits • The IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) • TestExpo (22 September) hosted by Sogeti • SIGiST Conference • UNICOM Next Generation Software Testing Conference • SQS/ignite conferences
  11. 11. @testerswain More bob‟s? • Mind Mapping 101 – 20 June 2011 by Darren McMillan @darren_mcmillan – posts/2011/6/20/mind-mapping-101.aspx • Manual Testers Dont Grow on Trees – Tulin Pledger (Original Software) @TulinPledger – Webinar: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 (4 to 5pm BST)  Remove Your Manual Testing Bottlenecks  Increase Test Coverage  Capture Business Knowledge During Exploratory Testing “Manual testing is here to stay and this webinar will explore how you can ensure your manual test processes are as efficient and productive as possible.”
  12. 12. @testerswain what‟s in it for me? • For sharing ideas, innovations and develop new opportunities between members • New/Familiar Faces • Speeches and Tales • Contractors/Consultants „nd Permies • Chat (work and non-work) • Beer! • The learning experience • Get things out of it by putting things into it
  13. 13. @testerswain About Us • Ash Gaming is a leader in its field, focusing solely on providing innovative, best-of-breed games to the betting and gambling sector. Our customers are large operators, bookmakers and platform providers. • You can view our games on our YouTube channel: email: web: skype: cjswain
  14. 14. @testerswain Example
  15. 15. @testerswain