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Tribute to my Pastor


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Testimony - Bro Chris Christens
Poem - Sis Grace Christens

  • Greetings, precious Brother Chris. I didn't know to Brother Joseph Coleman, but I heard some of his sermons and, by video, I saw him to be a great man trying to stimulate the people with his ministry and, evidently, experience in Christ Jesus’ revelation. I'd have liked to know to Brother Coleman, but he never came for my country, Peru. I understand that he visit Chile. I'm trying to understand the doctrine what he vigorously taught, The Thunders, in my language, Spanish, because I don't understand your language when I listen, but a little by reading.

    God be with you, Brother Chris, and with your family and saints there, in Christ Jesus. Amen.

    Brother Emilio

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Tribute to my Pastor

  1. 1. Chris & Grace CHRISTENS Page 1 of 22011-0106 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them! (Psalm 139)Brother Joseph Coleman was my Pastor. He was a humble man, a simple man, yet hechanged my life profoundly – more than ANYBODY I have ever known.Joseph Coleman is my Brother and has been like a father to me for 30 years (since 1981when I was 20 years old.) I have never met a more honorable, kind, patient and caringperson.Brother Joseph Coleman has NEVER given me the slightest cause to distrust him. He hasNEVER lied to me or anyone I know. He has always encouraged me, helped me, and liftedme up when I was down.Brother Joseph Coleman is the finest Christian I have ever known. He is a perfect examplefor anyone seeking direction in Christ-like behavior as a gallant soldier of the cross, afather, son, husband, brother, grandfather, friend and Minister of the Gospel of JesusChrist.Brother Joseph Coleman loved his family. His example as a father taught me how to be abetter father to my children. He loved God’s people and for 30 years, I have witnessed thesacrifices he has made for the love of the people. He was remarkable in everything he did.I miss you terribly my friend, but I am comforted in that one glorious day, soon, when theTrumpet shall sound and time shall be no more, we will once more meet in the Presence ofour Lord Jesus Christ in that 1000 year honeymoon. I look forward to shaking your handagain!Sister Elaine, thank you for sharing your husband with us.Sister Joanne, Sister Rebecca, Brother Jonathan: Thank you for sharing your father withus. It has meant the world to us, being a part of Brother Coleman’s Ministry.I have seen the sacrifices you have made and the troubles you have seen sharing BrotherColeman with the people. Sister Grace and I cannot begin to understand what you havebeen through these last few difficult months. Be encouraged. It was obvious how BrotherColeman was proud of you, caring deeply with a father’s unique love for all his children.We celebrate his life with you and we mourn this great loss. God Bless You!---Brother Chris Christens
  2. 2. Chris & Grace CHRISTENS Page 2 of 22011-0106Dedicated to Brother Joseph Coleman.He came to this Earth from the back part of God’s MindA Sent-One, while death, darkness yet lingered onDeceit, sickness was spread throughout the worldLies still spoken, grasping, gripping silent soulsThey could not take the Word, too painful to bearThey were in their comfort zone, death lingered thereBut God’s Bride, she welcomes the WordShe hungers and thirsts, to feed her longing soulReproach, correction hones her skillsAnd digs out those demons, Philistines on the hillSecond Timothy spirits tried to bind herAt last, her deliverance, Revelation of the 7-ThundersFirst a Seventh Angel Messenger for the ageWho fed us God’s Word, turned a new pageBut God did not stop with Malachi 4Someone picked up that mantel…He sent the Bride moreOh…Who was brave enough to take the lead?There must be someone to fight for our need!Lord Jesus, You sent that manOne who could lead, one molded by your HandFirst after the Prophet he made the sacrificeHe gave his all, including his lifeSword in hand, watchful at attentionHe died out to self by prayer and consecrationAnd when his work on Earth was done, You welcomed him“WELL DONE MY SON, JOSEPH PERFECTION COLEMAN!”2011-0106Sister Grace ChristensGod Bless You my Pastor – you are sorely, sorely missed!