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  1. 1. A TRIBUTE TO GOD’S OBEDIENT ONEWe are short of words to say concerning the passing on of our dear brother.Words and time fail us to say all that is in our hearts.If we were poets, we will surely run out of words to describe this event because the happeningon Thursday, 5 January, 2012 is not yet real to us.The message preached in our local church on the 25th of December, 2011 was symbolic. Its titlewas ‘The Voice of the Archangel Moving into the Elect Bride to be Called for the ResurrectionNot Many Days from Now with the scriptures; John 20:19-29 and 2 Timothy 4:1-8. Thecontents of this message was not real to us until we heard of the home going of our brother,friend and father in the Lord, Brother Joseph Coleman. Oh! Event made clear by prophecy.We are beneficiaries of the prayer said over Brother Coleman by the prophet Brother WilliamMarrion Branham in the message…THE.INDICTMENT_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-19 SUNDAY_ 63-0707M“Upon Brother Coleman we also lay our hands, as witnesses, Lord, to givesanction to his call, that we, this church, this group of people, believe in himas a servant of Christ. And we ask that You bless him and give him a great, mightyministry, that he will win souls for You, Lord, and deliver the captive, and--andbreak the powers of Satan, around the lives of the people that he associates with.Give to him, Lord, a fruitful life, good health and strengthness. And, too, when hecomes to the end of the road, God, grant that he can look down a long trail and seewhere, by the grace of Jesus Christ, hes been able to break every fetter of theenemy, to the honor of God.Heavenly Father, may these men now so live and work in the harvest of God. MayYour blessings rest upon them and be with them until the time that we all gather atthe feet of our great Master. In Jesus Christs Name we ask it. Amen.”If we were not born in the time of Moses, Abraham, Gideon, Joshua, Daniel, Meshach,Abednego, William Branham (heroes of faith), we thank God that in our life time we knew you,Brother Coleman, though not in flesh, but the preaching of the Word. We always thought thatwe would meet you on this side of the resurrection but we never knew it would be in theresurrection morning.You lived what you preached. We have heard you once say if you had your last breath you willuse it to preach the gospel and that is exactly what you did. What an exemplary life!
  2. 2. Brother Coleman, let us assure you that your labor over this bride is not in vain and shall neverbe. We will keep on walking in the Light, the Beautiful Light.One thing is sure, THE MESSAGE GOT HOME, no matter what the critics have to say. You have fought the good fight of faith, You have finished your course, You have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge shall give you at that day.Our consolation is in St. Luke. 24:50-51 “And He led them out as far as to Bethany, and he lifted up His hands and blessed them. And it came to pass, while He blessed them, He was parted from them And carried up into heaven.”Rest well! Pastor HonestyRest well! Elohim’s Obedient OneRest well! Pastor ShekinahRest well! Bro Joseph Perfection Charity ColemanTill we meet at Jesus feet.Yours in His Vineyard,Brother & Sister ‘Gbola OparindeLocal Christian AssemblyIbadan, Oyo State,Nigeria