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Whitebox Handheld Software Radio Kit


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A cross between a smart phone and a software defined radio with an Open Hardware & Software license. Built to set the Internet FREE from it's bondage to wires.

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Whitebox Handheld Software Radio Kit

  1. 1. HandheldSoftwareRadioKitChris Testa, KD2BMHHamvention 2013
  2. 2. But first, an update for the MakersArduino – artists coding C for $25SoC kits jump from GameBoy to DreamCastPrepare for the robotics revolution
  3. 3. Raspberry PiPros:* Cheap: $25* Big Community* Darling of MakerCommunityCons:* NDA Hardware* Drivers work inProgress* No Flash orCables included
  4. 4. Beagle Bone BlackPros:* Pretty Cheap: $45* Lots of IOs* Flash & cables included* Great Linux BSP from TICons:* More expensive than Rpi* Not as big of a Makercommunity
  5. 5. Smartphone Anatomy
  6. 6. Smartphone ArchitectureApplication SoCARM Cortex-AAndroidFPUOpenGL ESWebKitBaseband SoCARM Cortex-MModemDSPRTOSDataAudioVideoRFVGAFiltersMixers???????BPFAMPAntWiFiCameraFlashVibratorCodec Speaker3x MicGyroScreenUSBSD CardDigitizer
  7. 7. System on a Chip (SoC)
  8. 8. Classic Software Radio ArchitectureEmbeddedController(USB)FPGADDCDUCHost PCCommodity GPPGNURadioOpenBTSSIMDADCDACQuadratureDemodQuadratureModAmpAmpEthernet
  9. 9. FPGA SoCMfg Series Cores Flavor MMU FPU SIMD MACCActel SmartFusion Cortex M3 FlashActel SmartFusion2 Cortex M3 Flash YAltera Cyclone V 2x Cortex A9 SRAM Y Y Y YAltera Arria V 2x Cortex A9 SRAM Y Y Y YXilinx Zynq 7000 2x Cortex A9 SRAM Y Y Y Y
  10. 10. I/Q Transceiver ICMfg Part # Fmin MHz Fmax MHz ADC DAC LO Amps AntCML CMX991 100* 1000 YLime LMS6002D 300 4800 12-bit 12-bit YMaxim MAX2813 2400 2500 Y Y Y
  11. 11. Smart Software Radio DeviceBasebandFPGA SoCDDCDUCADCDACQuadratureModDemodMixersLOAmpAmpApplication SoCARM Cortex-AAndroidFPUOpenGL ESWebKitDataAudioVideoWiFiCameraFlashVibratorCodec Speaker3x MicGyroScreenUSBSD CardDigitizer
  12. 12. Alpha Prototype
  13. 13. Alpha Results, Issues
  14. 14. Code & Schematics Released over UDPChange Log:* Kernel Drivers* 10MHz REFIN Option* 5MHz – 1000 MHz* IF SAW Filter* 10-bit ADC/DAC* DAC Low Pass* ADC/DAC DC Offset* Impedance Match* USB Power Option* Plug Compatible w/SmartFusion2HDL Signal Generator in Python
  15. 15. Further WorkTAPR Special Interest Groups:* APRS* Digital High Frequency* DSP* Ham IEEE 802.11* Linux* BBS* WeatherHardware:* Better Analog Front End* New I/Q Transceivers* Amps, DuplexersSoftware:* Kernel Development* DSP* Protocols & Modulations* Audio Codec, Spkr, Mics12 Units – Should you have one?Stop by TAPR booth for demo &To register interest in project!
  16. 16. Thank You!Like Whitebox on Facebook! (Steve & John) Systems of Michigan – Prabal Dutta, Ye-Sheng KuoUniversity of Utah – Thomas SchmidUniversity of Maryland – Aaron SchulmanBruce Perens, John Klingelhoeffer, Pat Ryan, Justin Kuhn,Eric Pinson, Bob McDonough Jr.EEVBlog, Signal Path Blog, The Artists Way