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What is social media find out exactly what is social media...


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What is social media find out exactly what is social media...

  1. 1. Social Media“Risks & Rewards”Start Sharing & Socializing?Lisa Marie Wark,
  2. 2. Founder/Owner: Lisa MarieWark & Assoc.President: BuyYourApp.comFounder/President Revage Medical Spa, LLCMedspas.comPrinciple: Glow Spa, LLCSVP Marketing: CenturyWellness ClinicSVP Marketing: Cancer Screening &TreatmentCenter of NevadaAffiliated AssociationsFounding Member: Medical Spa AssociationMember: International Spa AssociationPublic Member: Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners
  3. 3. “Social Media is the BIGGEST shift since theIndustrial Revolution” – Erik Qualman, Socialnomics“The OLD way of advertisingis no longer working….Like it used to….”
  4. 4. 86 % of viewers don’t trust traditional advertising any longer
  5. 5. Advertising use to be “Pay to Play”NOW it’s “Play to Play”
  6. 6. Only 18% of traditional TV campaignsgenerate a positive ROI90% of people skip adsvia TiVo/DVR
  7. 7. 24 out of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencingrecord declines in circulationNewspaper Advertising is down 18.7%
  8. 8. The Consumer Shift is Happening Now!
  9. 9. def (Wikipedia) - Social media is media designed to be disseminated through socialinteraction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.It refers to the means of interactions among people in which theycreate, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities andnetworksSocial Media IS NOTA fadA replacement for traditional advertisingThe first step and only stepThe magic bulletFREEA monologue/Sales Pitch about YOUSocial Media ISA Democratization of Marketing, a powerful new venue to integrateEngagement in conversation with your patients.Going where your patients already are or where they want to beTime-consumingListening and dialogue… All about THEMWhat is Social Media?
  10. 10. The most three most trusted forms of advertising are:Recommendations from people I know - 90%Consumer opinions posted online - 70%Branded websites - 70%What Social Media has done is make the traditional two-way word of mouthmarketing accessible and available to everyone with a computer (or phone).FROM THIS TO THISThe question is, how do we engage a patient to influence others?Word-of-Mouth Goes Virtual
  11. 11. For the Healthcare Industry TRUST is Key
  12. 12. 47% of People Trust Ads on TV70% of People TRUSTconsumer recommendationsFor purchase decisions90% of People TRUSTRecommendations fromPeople they know
  13. 13. For Medical Professionals/PracticesBloggingFacebook/TwitterLinkedInYouTubeMobile ApplicationThe Stats - The Why - The HowThe BIG FIVE
  14. 14. • Fastest GrowingSegment onFacebook is 55-65year old females• 74% of NorthAmericans use theInternet• Over 50% of theworld’s populationis under 30 yearsold
  15. 15. • 96% of Millennialshave joined a socialnetwork• One in every ninepeople on Earth is onFacebook ( Thisnumber is calculatedby dividing theplanets 6.94 billionpeople by Facebook’s750 million users)• People spend 700billion minutes permonth on Facebook
  16. 16. Why Facebook?The stats speak for themselvesMix of paid (Highly targeted)And unpaid (permission marketing)FacebookAKA THE BIG ONE
  17. 17. • Each Facebook userspends on average 15hours and 33 minutes amonth on the site• More than 250 millionpeople access Facebookthrough their mobiledevices• More than 2.5 millionwebsites have integratedwith Facebook• 30 billion pieces ofcontent is shared onFacebook each month
  18. 18. • Twitter ishandling 1.6billion queriesper day• Twitter isadding nearly500,000 usersa day
  19. 19. def - The platform that allows users to send a receive 140 character messages knownas tweets. You opt in to follow users whose content you want to receive.The stats“Twitter” was the top word of 2009, according to the Global LanguageMonitor.Average age is 39100 million-ish usersOnly about 20% are activeTwitterIt’s not about what you had for breakfast. Ok, maybe sometimes.
  20. 20. • 47.6% of users use LinkedIn 0-2 hours per week• 26% use it from 3 to 4 hours a week• 12.2 % use it for 5-6 hours per week (that is nearly 1,400 minutes per month)
  21. 21. The Stats50 million+ usersThe largest truly business-oriented siteAverage age is 44LinkedINYour Virtual Resume
  22. 22. • YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011)• YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don’tinclude videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)• Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years)
  23. 23. The Stats2 billion videos watched dailyThe number two search engine after GoogleYouTubeCute kittens everywhere get their 15 minutes.
  24. 24. GoodContentTargetedAudienceSustainableResultsMedia Strategy 101
  25. 25. Social Media StrategyObjectives:1. Strengthen and Protect Your Brand/Reputation2. Foster a Network of Followers & Champions/Influencers3. Extend Opportunities of Engagement4. Identify Real Trends by Listening to conversations5. Shape conversations about medicine
  26. 26. def ( - "A type of website with regular entries ofcommentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video."Blogging• Approximately200 millionblogs• The majority ofweb usersinteract withblogs everysingle day
  27. 27. Why blog?Constantly updated contentGives visitors a reason to check out your site again and againBecome an EXPERT in your fieldSearch Engine OptimizationENGAGEMENT with customersBlogging
  28. 28. How blog?Common Blogging PlatformsBlogger, Blogspot, WordpressMinimum of 2x per month1000 words or less per entryBlogs are NOT press releasesEACH post should have some interactive/multimedia elementPollsVideo, PhotosLinks to other relevant sitesListsEnable comments and only filter them if they are explicit or spamIntegrate all of your other social media platforms(“Add to Any”;“Tweetmeme”; “Meebo”)Blogging
  29. 29. The Stats400 million usersThe average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than onGoogle, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined.Average age is 38#2 visited site (after Google)The New Oxford American Dictionary voted “unfriend” as the 2009 Word ofthe Year.FacebookAKA THE BIG ONE
  30. 30. How to Facebook?EVERYDAY – Respond to inquiries, add fans, post on otherpages, share links.WEEKLY – Feed your blog posts.Use the paid advertisingFriend pages are for individuals; Fan pages are for businesses.Dont sell, sell, sellLighten upFacebookAKA THE BIG ONE
  31. 31. Why LinkedIN?No brainerThe best Rolodex everLead generationLinkedINYour Virtual Resume
  32. 32. How to LinkedIN?Make a personal page for everyone in the company. Link them to yourcompany profile.EVERYDAYFollowup on messages/requests; Check in on your contacts;Post a status update.WEEKLYFeed your blog posts; Answer questions; Make recommendations;Join groups.Use the search feature for lead generation.Get seriousLinkedINYour Virtual Resume
  33. 33. Why Twitter?Users in the prime spending period of their lives.Smaller amount of users, but VERY ENGAGED and CONNECTED.Real time search capabilities for lead generation and customer serviceTwitter results now turn up on the front page of Google.TwitterIt’s not about what you had for breakfast. Ok, maybe sometimes.
  34. 34. How to Twitter?DAILY – post links, “retweet” content, share your blog.Engage prominent personalities.Feed your blogPress release distributionsearch.twitter.comIf youre not going to make a committed effort to use a twitter account,don’t make one.TwitterIt’s not about what you had for breakfast. Ok, maybe sometimes.
  35. 35. Why use it?For the visual learnersSearch Engine OptimizationYouTubeCute kittens everywhere get their 15 minutes.
  36. 36. How to use it?Post at least quarterly; share other Youtube content monthly.Invest in a video camera, hire a video production company, or use "photo-based" video software.How-to tutorials, video tours of your office, event wrap ups.Post videos as "replies" to already existing and related content.Integrate into your blog with embed feature.YouTubeCute kittens everywhere get their 15 minutes.
  37. 37. What is your time worth?DIRECT SALESExample:$250/week(5 hours/week x $50/hr)$500/year(Average client spend)2% closing ratio(Through the website – WITHOUT an incentive)100 visitors/month(Approximate increase in site traffic to break even)Are your social media efforts bringing 100 extra site visits/month?Return on Investment“Half of my advertising spend is wasted, but I don’t know which half.”
  38. 38. PROMOTIONAL EVENTExample:$2,500 overall event budget$750.00 spent on social media advertising(15 hours x $50/hr)$500/year(Average client spend)10% closing ratio50 attendees(Amount needed to break even)Did your social media efforts bring 50 attendees or more?Return on Investment“Half of my advertising spend is wasted, but I don’t know which half”
  39. 39. OTHER METRICS WORTH MEASURING(BESIDES DIRECT SALES)SEO RankingMedia Placements“Buzz” – Retweets, followers, comments, Facebook page activity,channel subscriptions, pingbacksCustomer retention/referralsReturn on Investment“Half of my advertising spend is wasted, but I don’t know which half”
  40. 40. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.GeolocationCorporate policy & proceduresThe end of email marketing?Trends for the Future
  41. 41. 1. Formalize your brand strategy.2. Put together a comprehensive marketing plan.3. Take a critical look at your current website.4. Set benchmarksGoogle Analytics; Alexa“How did you hear about us?”SEO Ranking5. Make a decision on time investment.6. RELAX!7. Set up your accounts.8. Take some time learning the tools and the lingo.9. SHARE10. CAREWhat do I do next?(10 steps)
  42. 42. Mashable.comSlideshare.netSocialMediaToday.comJeff Bullas’ BloggerSocialnomicsNeilsenAnd, of course, Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, andYoutube.Additional Resources
  43. 43. Lisa Marie Wark,