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UBER Analytics Preparation Course v.3.1 & 6.16: Essay Questions - TEST4U


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We have developed the, first and only, UBER Analytics Preparation Course that implements in-application questions and covers the syllabus of version 3.1 & 6.16 of the official UBER test.

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UBER Analytics Preparation Course v.3.1 & 6.16: Essay Questions - TEST4U

  1. 1. FREE practice test download it from ESSAY QUESTIONS UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & 6.16 Last updated: January 2017
  2. 2. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (guidelines) Essay questions are rumored to account for about 20% of the overall score (depending on the regions)  Prepare some answers before actually taking the test  Read a lot of articles on UBER or on public transport systems across the globe.  Follow the essay instructions. Do not exceed the boundaries given to you.  Do not copy answers or essays found on the Internet. Use your own ideas .  Install the UBER app and try the service. Having experience in using the UBER service can help you .
  3. 3. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 1. Uber is considering two options to give incentive to drivers to be available during Christmas:  Option 1: $60 for a driver to be online for at least 8 hours, accept 75% of requests minimum, complete at least 6 trips and has a rating 3.8 or better during the time frame. (cost $700)  Option 2: $4/trip for all drivers that complete 10 trips and have at least 4.5 rating. (cost $800) Which option would you go for and why?
  4. 4. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 2. In no more than 5 sentences try to persuade a driver to join UBER. 3. Why is it important to promote social contact between UBER drivers. What would you do to facilitate these relationship? 4. What in your opinion are the key issues concerning sharing economy? 5. What is surge-pricing? Outline the main reasons why it is a good or a bad choice for UBER. If it is bad provide with an alternative.
  5. 5. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 6. We need you to write a 2-paragraph email to UBER drivers, about an upcoming major event. Decide if you will send the email to all drivers or just a part of them. 7. You are tasked with increasing by 15% the driver population in your city. Describe how you would achieve that. 8. UBER is expanding in your country and specifically in your city. What are the main problems it would face? How would you overcome them?
  6. 6. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 9. A competitor is offering the drivers half the commission of UBER. Write 2 paragraphs to persuade them to remain with UBER. 10. UBER needs to promote thein new UberEATS service in your city. How would you persuade the restaurant owners to participate? 11. UBER is opening up a city remotely (i.e Leeds will be operated by Manchester). What could you do to make the drivers of both cities feel equal?
  7. 7. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 12. What of the app features you would like to be fixed? What feature you would like to see added to the app? 13. What key performance indicator (metric) would you use to assign new drivers ? 14. What is UberRUSH service and how you would persuade drivers to join?
  8. 8. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 15. There are plenty of complains from riders, during Christmas, that there are not enough drivers available. Write an email to all the drivers in your territory, to motivate them to be online during Christmas. 16. UberPOOL has just launched on you territory. People are skeptical of sharing a car with a stranger. What would you do to persuade more people to use the service?
  9. 9. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 17. There has been a terrorist attack. People are trying to evacuate the area. Due to high demand, surge pricing is automatically applied. Complaints start to appear about Uber on social media. What would you do? 18. UberEATS service charges a delivery fee, which other food delivery services don’t charge. Make the argument to a potential customer, to justify this delivery fee.
  10. 10. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 19. UberRUSH service has just launched in your territory and although a number of businesses signed up for use of the service, the response of individual customers is not what was expected. You need to write a two paragraph text that will be implemented to the UBER newsletter, to show the people how to use this service in their everyday life.
  11. 11. FREE practice test download it from Essay Questions (samples) 20. You want to promote to a wedding planner magazine, the UberEVENTS service. Write a 4-paragraph article for the service. Write about how it works with details about its advantages on both the planner and the guests.
  12. 12. FREE practice test download it from Do you want to succeed on the UBER Analytics Test? Then download the only in-application practice test. It is free for a limited amount of time. Just visit