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In depth music_magazine_research_and_analysis[1][1]


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In depth music_magazine_research_and_analysis[1][1]

  1. 1. By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. Music MagazineFront Cover 1.
  3. 3. Masthead The masthead above stands out in the original magazine that this has been cropped from due to many techniques that have been used. The colour used for the masthead is effective due to the bright and bold colour of yellow. Also, this links in well with most of the Caribbean flags for example Jamaica which also involves this type of colour. Furthermore, the black strokes around the masthead create a shadow effect which allows the masthead to stand out from the rest of the magazine techniques that have been used. Also there is a 3-D effect that has been created due to the two techniques used which are the shadow effect and the stoke effect. The font of the masthead used looks quite monsonary due to the block shaped letters that have been used. Also the style of the font gives the target audience the feeling of the rocky paths that are known in the Caribbean because, the font looks like there are slight cracks in between the letters to give us the effect. This also links well with the rocky background that has been used to emphasise the type of environment this genre of music actually comes from. Moreover, the actual title of the masthead which is ‘Reggae Vibes’ automatically insists the genre of music that will presented in the whole magazine which is a good technique to use. Also, the number ‘13’ that appears between the two letter is quite unique and breaks conventions because u would not see this in a day to day magazine, but I feel that it works quite well in some ways because it links the main image to the rest of the magazine.
  4. 4. Main ImageThe music magazine that I am analysing on this PowerPointonly uses one image which is quite conventional whencreating magazines however, I am going to avoid doing thisand I will be using more than one image for my Reggae MusicMagazine.This main image that has been used also uses the techniquelike many other conventional magazines called directaddressing which makes the audience feel as if the image islooking at them personally which draws the reader and targetaudience in. However, I don’t really like the image that hasbeen used for this magazine because I feel as if the image aslet the rest of the front cover down. This is because, the imageis only just of a male character with dreadlocks posing on arocky wall which in the viewers eyes would not symboliseanything to do with the Reggae genre of music. On the otherhand, I do like the type of clothes that the main image iswearing because it links in and matches the actual colourscheme of the magazine which have been shown on the coverlines and the masthead. For my music magazine I will try toget a male or female character with the attributes of a personfrom the Caribbean however I will try and improve this byadding different props in the images such as instruments etc.
  5. 5. Cover LinesThe image to the left is of the cover lines from the‘REGGAE’ magazine front cover. As you can see the typeof words used for these particular cover lines are veryinformal. This is because the target audience for thegenre of music actually use quite informal language fortheir day to day life. I have seen this through my ownparents who are from the Caribbean culture.Furthermore, the font used for the cover lines shown alsoreflect the masthead because the cover lines also lookquite gritty and take the shape of rocks with cracks andso forth. The background of the front cover also allowsthe font for the cover lines to blend in due to both assetsusing the same kind on in-dents and cracks. Also, thecolour scheme of the cover lines link with the colour ofthe main images wardrobe (which is the vest he iswearing). This shows the audience that the main imagemust have something to do with the cover lines and theactual magazine itself. Moreover, the cover lines also haveslight descriptions underneath in white to describe thecover line itself which is a great technique to use to drawin the target audience.